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Tony suggests a "beacon" for people on open hack night so that a member can point a potential member to someone happy to give a tour.  Green gnome agreed.  Tony to make.
Tony suggests a "beacon" for people on open hack night so that a member can point a potential member to someone happy to give a tour.  Green gnome agreed.  Tony to make.
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[[Category: Member's Meetings|^Year 1^]]

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Action Overview

Action Agenda Point Responsible Due Date
Setup board meeting agendas on wiki 2 JH 3 weeks in advance of each meeting
Formalise "No Sleeping" rule 4 DH 07/12/2011
Chase savings account 3 DM 07/12/2011
Sort Paypal accounts 3 MLl 07/12/2011
Set up Pro Forma for receipts 3 ME 07/12/2011
Transfer Lease to HSNOTTS 3 DM 07/12/2011
Apply for small business rate relief 6 ME 07/12/2011
Make sales box 7 MLi and ME 07/12/2011
Link with other Hackspaces re surplus 7 David 07/12/2011
Cost coin mech for vending machine 7 JH 07/12/2011
Insurance 8 JH 07/12/2011
Induction for members to give tours 8 DH 07/12/2011
Make green marker for open nights 8 Tony 07/12/2011

1. Roll Call

Board Members

This meeting was quorate


2. Incorporation Update

MLi explained that we are now a company limited by guarantee, number (07766826) is displayed in website footer. Board of trustees named as directors. Company articles and memorandum of association specify that we are a not-for-profit.

4. Future Board Meetings

JH propoed that future board meetings held in this format, after open hack night. This will mean higher attendence, as historically we've struggled to have enough board members and member attendence was also low. No objections. JH agrees to have agendas on the wiki at least 3 weeks in advance, any member can add items to the talk page

JH also proposed penalties for board members not attending multiple meetings as in other governance structures. Several board members voiced objections, all agreed no issue at the moment. Not carried.

5. New Rule: Sleeping

DH proposed rule that hacking should take precendence over people napping in the space. DM raises that Bizspace gives us 24 hour access, but under the lease could revoke it. We are not insured for overnight stays and have had to get rid of things like sofa beds. Legally this rule should be "Sleeping at the space is not permitted"

This was carried unanimously

3. Financial Update

MLl gave a update on our finances (October). Details will be availble on the wiki shortly. Top line is that we are ok.

MLl raised the fact that our paypal can receive and make payments, but in all other respects is locked down, as well as our second paypal account. Although not urgent now, MLl agreed to sort.

MLi raised that we are currently not keeping all receipts for outgoings. Proposed that we implement a system so that anyone requesting money from the space provides a receipt and fills a pro forma. ME agreed to make pro forma, David to bring in box files to keep them in.

DM to transfer lease from his name to HSNOTTS

6. Business rates

ME explained that council can offer a maximum of 50% for not-for-profit relief, but suggested we instead apply for small business relief, which would be 100%. ME to apply.

MLl suggested that based on current growth pattern, if we had to pay 50% rates, it wouldn't break the bank.

7. Web Store

ME (and others) thanked David for cataloguing the massive amount of ICs that have been bought into the space. David explains he is not finished yet! ME proposed that once we know exactly what we have we can build workshops around them, provide discounted stock to other Hackspaces and sell surplus on the website.

ME explained it doesn't have to be a fully functional web store, just details of what we have to offer.

JH suggested ebay, ME: someone would then need to look after it and we would pay ebay charges for listing things that may not sell.

DM suggested that any member that wants to take charge of ebay is welcome to.

DM also mentioned that we've had bad behaviour with donations - "guarding the precious things". We should use what we need and make best use of hat we don't, which could mean selling it to support the space.

MLi suggested that getting the vending machine running should be a priority to sell things like EL wire. JH explained that although work is progressing it is slow going. DM asked for timescale, JH committed to Christmas 2012. Members felt we should get it up ASAP, JH to get quotes for coin mechanism to run in parallel to the cashless device.

MLi suggested we just need to display what we have to sell. ME and MLi to work on "selling box"

8. AOB

MLi: Non-member usage

MLi has a friend who would like to use the space for an art-type discussion group for one night a week for six weeks. DM doesn't want political activity at the space, MLi says that it is not really political. Tony asked if it would affect hacking, MLi says not. DM asked how many people, MLi: at most 10.

A number of suggestions are bought forward and discussed. People worried about access. Consensus reached that we can accomodate with a trial in the blue room, on condition that they are very aware that people will still be using the space to hack, including the printers in the blue room and using power tools. MLi to go back to them.

David: Health and Safety

David raises the issue of health and safety as a new member. DM explains it is the responsibility of each member to ensure that they are safe. We provide the infrastructure and ensure safety equipment available.

DM raised that we still need to get insurance. JH to investigate

(After the meeting, David handed JH notes on what he intended to raise on H&S. JH to add to next meeting, as much more items to talk about)

DH to add something about H&S to new member pack

Talk moved to potential member tours (on open hack nights). Lots of members don't feel confident to do. DH to plan induction for members who would like to give tours, approach mailing list about this.

Tony suggests a "beacon" for people on open hack night so that a member can point a potential member to someone happy to give a tour. Green gnome agreed. Tony to make.