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|<span style="color: #AAAAAA">21:10</span>||<span style="color: #00C322">Nachimir</span>||Meeting closed.
|<span style="color: #AAAAAA">21:10</span>||<span style="color: #00C322">Nachimir</span>||Meeting closed.
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Roll Call

Board Members

This meeting was quorate


Full Minutes

Time Name Minute
20:04 Nachimir Nottinghack meeting about to start, 05/09/2012
20:04 Nachimir 1. Roll call: Board members: David H, David C, Kate B, Jake, Matt Lloyd, Dominic M, and James H (via Skype).
20:05 Nachimir Members: Michael E, Spencer, Gillian, Russel H, Danial, Craig, Tristan, Justin, Fiona, Patrick J.
20:05 Nachimir 1. Actions from last meeting:
20:05 Nachimir (Geeksareforlife, busy taking minutes. Send Dominic a link please)
20:06 Nachimir Psychology Dan joins meeting.
20:07 Nachimir Spray booth: In progress.
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20:08 Nachimir Actions list not up to date…
20:09 Nachimir Action 1, David: Annual return: Halfway done, have all details ready.
20:10 Nachimir Dominic: Bizspace say we need to sign within the next two weeks for the year. Everyone: Yes, sign it (Action for Dominic)
20:11 Nachimir Code change: David and Matt notifying tonight, changing codes next week (Action for Matt and David).
20:11 Nachimir David drafting board expense policy: Done. Can cover in AOB.
20:11 Nachimir Matt Lloyd to become treasurer: Dominic to talk to bank about getting him set up with account access.
20:11 Nachimir 2. Events
20:12 Nachimir (EMF camp first listed. It went very well. Other hackspaces said we were scarily well organised).
20:12 Nachimir Other events: Halloween and Festivus.
20:14 Nachimir James H: EMF this year was awesome, but could have been improved. In 2014, we'll be organising the workshops, and the hackspace tent. That's going to cost us, so all in favour?
20:14 Nachimir Lots of yeses.
20:14 Nachimir Matt gives brief outline: EMFs workshop tent was just used for soldering, spilled over into Nottinghack village.
20:15 Nachimir James: We'd end up organising part of EMF as Nottingham Hackspace. EMF would cover a lot of costs, but we'd be doing what we did on a bigger scale. hiring van etc.
20:15 Nachimir Jake: EMF planning going to start in seven months time, should have back on the agenda at that time.
20:15 Nachimir Dominic: Should have a subgroup to liase with EMF.
20:16 Nachimir James: Now we're covering our fixed outgoings on member's fees, workshops and events are going to give us the money to get the shiny stuff we want. We should have a go kit for smaller events, so more members can go out and represent nottingham hackspace. We should buy an event shelter.
20:17 Nachimir Kate: We should buy a smaller event shelter, because (e.g.) the GReen Festival has strict outlines on the amount of space. Would have to look at pricing.
20:17 Nachimir James and Dominic: We should get the bigger one.
20:18 Nachimir David: We have options for smaller shelters already.
20:19 Nachimir James: Votes for? Yes to buying it in February or before Kate quits her job. (General agreement).
20:19 Nachimir David C: Discount in off season? Kate: Employee discount is better.
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20:20 Nachimir James: Maker faire, we should start organising and planning this now. Contact all spaces in the UK, have our own space but ask them if they'd like to join us.
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20:21 Nachimir Dominic: Is it worth positioning something bigger, even an outdoor thing?
20:21 Nachimir David: Weather not that great. James: Not that much outdoor space if in same venue as last time.
20:21 Nachimir James: Action: taking on planning for Maker Faire. David C: Date? James: 26th and 27th of April.
20:22 Nachimir James: Propose another subgroup, James happy to lead.
20:22 Nachimir Jake: Are we going to be teaching soldering? Could clash with what they're planning already? James: Wouldn't want to compete with them.
20:22 Nachimir James: Could sell kits. More likely to promote hackspace if that's the case. Especially stuff for kids.
20:22 Nachimir Kate: Colouring!
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20:23 Nachimir Jake: Ok. Halloween and Festivus?
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20:24 Nachimir Dominic: Last year we were going to have a halloween party, but it kind of got railroaded by invite to Mayhem. That's run by one of our members, Gareth. Last year, we went to a really late showing of a hammy horror film. Was good fun. Idea this time: We have a party here on Sat 3rd Nov, then go to a late showing at a special price for Nottinghack members.
20:25 Nachimir Kate: It pains me to have a halloween party after halloween. Sat 27th would be a better day, not clash with Mayhem, and it's an event we could promote to everybody.
20:25 Nachimir Jake: Tend to agree with Kate.
20:26 Nachimir James: Third option, actual halloween is on our open hack night.
20:26 Nachimir David H: Let's all dress up for that open hack night as if we've had terrible accidents with the machines.
20:27 Nachimir Jake: Resolution? > Kate taking on Halloween, Dominic taking on Festivus.
20:27 Nachimir (Dominic explains festivus). Think we might be better off doing it on the 22nd rather than the 23rd.
20:28 Nachimir General assent. Action: Kate taking care of halloween, Dominic taking care of Festivus.
20:29 Nachimir 5. STEM popup shop.
20:30 Nachimir Dominic: Rick Hall contacted us, good friend of Hannah Fox, and Tim Hunkin. Running drop in shop in cornerhouse, from 15th - 31st of October. Asked us to participate, but there's no funding.
20:31 Nachimir Opportunity or us to run workshops: Zoetropes, pinhole cameras, soldering. Good opportunity to promote the hackspace.
20:31 Nachimir Invites for people that might want to get involved.
20:31 Nachimir Dominic: We can do a few days, we don't have to do the whole two week stretch.
20:32 Nachimir Jake: We need definite volunteers. Dominic: We have 120 members, I can put out a more formal request.
20:32 Nachimir James: Materials costs?
20:32 Nachimir Dominic: No funding, going to ask if we can charge them for kits, etc.
20:34 Nachimir James: MAterials costs: We should at least make the money back.
20:34 Nachimir 6. Update on board membership and annual return.
20:34 Nachimir David C: Obv, things are progressing given earlier discussion.
20:35 Nachimir 7. Update on lighting and spray booth projects.
20:36 Nachimir Tristan: Max has been away, but we're cracking on with it.
20:36 Nachimir David C: Is there anything you need help with?
20:36 Nachimir Dominic: Would be good to get a summary up on the google group, just "Here's where we are, here's what's happening next".
20:37 Nachimir Matt Ll: Lighting hasn't been touched since Derby MMF, because we're done Manchester MMF and EMF Camp.
20:38 Nachimir Michael E: Just spoke to Max, he's been working away. Plans to come in tomorrow and do the door, then extraction and lighting within next week.
20:38 Nachimir 8. Tidying up after using the hackspace, how can we improve matter?
20:38 Nachimir David C: I come in a lot during the day. Quite often, after the OHN, people have been in and leave tools, projects, materials, wastage, stuff out.
20:39 Nachimir Drill bits left in drill press, etc.
20:39 Nachimir Also, drill press has been broken: Someone set depth stop, someone else forced it and broke it. Belt sander has had a guard broken off it since yesterday.
20:40 Nachimir Doesn't seem to be a general mood to tidy up or put stuff away after things have been used.
20:40 Nachimir Jake: Maybe we could put signs up?
20:40 Nachimir Dominic: Not a fan of signs. David C: Signs won't work. Not something we need to make a big fuss of, but it's noticeable. It's going to become a bigger problem, and start having fallout between members.
20:41 Nachimir James: David, do you know who it is, and should we be having conversations with those people?
20:41 Nachimir David C: We're all guilty, but let's try to be less cavalier with our use of the space.
20:42 Nachimir Dominic: We talked before about hiring a cleaner. I don't want to do it, yet I can't tell someone else to do it unless I hire them.
20:42 Nachimir Action: Price up a cleaner, Dominic.
20:44 Nachimir Fiona: For instance, ladies night. I cleaned the toilets. They are a state. I hate the thought of new members coming in, and going "Urgh". Hoovered up last week; it matters.
20:45 Nachimir Jake: Any objections? Justin: I say put the cleaner on a trial period. David: Think it depends on price.
20:45 Nachimir 9. Hack the space day
20:46 Nachimir David C: Thought it was probably time we spent some time sorting, tidying, fixing, etc. Need to sort out after ripples from the spray booth disrupting everything.
20:46 Nachimir Dominic: Can we find a date? (Conflict).
20:46 Nachimir James: I think we should turn this into a monthly thing?
20:46 Nachimir Dominic: How about the first Sunday of the month? Matt: Sunday is a great day to piss off the church…
20:47 Nachimir Jake: I don't think it needs to be that often? Dominic: I think if it's that regular, it's straightforward for people. 120 members, we should be able to get plenty coming.
20:48 Nachimir Spencer: 10 members per day, each member does one day per year? dominic: Yes, "We're not going to make you, but it would be great if you could do one day a year".
20:49 Nachimir Dominic and James: David C to organise? David C: Only free in afternoons on those days. (discussion) Lot's of decisions to make, David C to organise. 7 Oct probable date for first.
20:49 Nachimir 10. Club Mate.
20:49 Nachimir Dominic: A number of people asked about Club Mate. Tricky to get and expensive, but it sells well.
20:50 Nachimir Jake: I don't like it, but I think we should stock it.
20:50 Nachimir James: How much do it cost for a pallet? Dominic: A lot…
20:50 Nachimir 500ml, 20 bottle to a crate, 40 crates per pallet. Crates: £19.88 each including delivery.
20:50 Nachimir Nearly 800 quid.
20:51 Nachimir Half pallet: £22.someting per box, about £460.
20:51 Nachimir Not suggesting we do that, I'll drive the van up and buy some boxes.
20:53 Nachimir Spencer: What's the margin for the hackspace on it? Dominic: 330ml are what London have, and sold for £1.40. Dominic got 500ml bottle, sold for 1.50. 33% return for space.
20:53 Nachimir James: Would take twelve weeks to sell half pallet and make £260 profit.
20:55 Nachimir (Lots of discussion)
20:56 Nachimir Warren: Club Mate is cheapest in Manchester, which I drive to. I could bring small quantities over. Dominic: I could fit half a pallet in my van.
20:57 Nachimir James: Though it's a little bit more expensive, why don't we get six boxes from Manchester, see how it goes, and that can drive our decision on half pallet/pallet, etc.
20:57 Nachimir Item X: Financial update:
20:57 LWK Quick summary
20:57 LWK Start bank balance: £2,882.22
20:57 LWK Out: £2,081.42
20:57 LWK In: £2,611.18
20:57 LWK End: £3,411.98 (bank was reported as £3991.59)
20:57 LWK left the chat room. (Excess Flood)
20:58 Nachimir LWK's reckoning is out, need to find out why financial tracking is not accurate.
20:59 LWK joined the chat room.
20:59 Nachimir Snackspace turnover, plus many events and workshops, have made the cash account have quite a high turnover.
20:59 Nachimir We've used far too much electricity in August.
21:01 Nachimir Members: Started month with 107, 14 new, 3 ex, end of month membership: 118. Average membership: £13.18. Total dues: £1573
21:01 Nachimir We're at break even.
21:02 Nachimir Bank balance up £529, overall worth up £550. Still need more members.
21:03 Nachimir Kate: Point out Warren and (other guy). They want to run lockpicking workshops. Willing to do one 1st or 4th saturday of the month. Kate happy to work with them on setting up and advertising. That way, more people in. Was always popular before.
21:03 Nachimir Dominic: Little bit of money for the space, little bit for the organisers, and a good quality workshop for the attendees.
21:04 Nachimir Warren: Amount of money it needs to make is my diesel and a sandwich, not more. Sale of picks is popular, percentage could go to hackspace.
21:04 Nachimir James: Should get some of those picks in the vending machine.
21:04 GeeksAreForLife sale or return!
21:04 Nachimir Action for Kate. Dominic: Lock picks in vending machine.
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21:05 Nachimir Michael E: Some interest in having some floating arduinos for people to play with when they come in. Dominic: How many kits do we have? Shall we use those two spares as floating demo kits for people to play with? Jake: Michael, happy to take the lead on that?
21:05 Nachimir David C: Mott hall is open again.
21:05 Nachimir *Moot hall
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21:10 Nachimir David outlines expenditure rules for board members. Action: Write up and put forward at next meeting.
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21:10 Nachimir Meeting closed.