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== Actions ==
== Actions ==
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[[Category:Board Meetings]]

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See Action List

Roll Call

Board Members

This meeting was quorate


Full Minutes

Time Name Minute
20:02 Nachimir Nottinghack members meeting about to start, November 7th 2012.
20:05 kimjonggill joined the chat room.
20:06 Nachimir Roll call: James H., David H, Craig P, Daniel, Andrew A, Kate B, Russell, Nicola L., Matt Ll, Dominic M, David C., Dan W, Gill Z. (Board: Quorate).
20:06 Nachimir Michael W joins.
20:07 Nachimir James H apologises for not getting the minutes up on tyhe wiki yet.
20:08 Nachimir Item 5. Pledge Drives
20:08 Nachimir (James apologises for agenda jumping around a bit).
20:09 Nachimir David C: Have spent some money fixing up the wood lathe, would like those expenses repaid.
20:09 Nachimir Looking back, we had quite a lot of pledges for a wood lathe. One person who pledged has left the country since.
20:09 Nachimir Is is reasonable for pledge drives to be ongoing and open ended, or should they have a target/cut off date?
20:10 Nachimir Dominic asks: What's been spent on the wood lathe? David C: About £66, and Wendy has contributed about £100 to chucks etc.
20:11 Nachimir Dominic suggests we just pay it out of hackspace funds.
20:11 Nachimir (Michael E. joins)
20:12 Nachimir Votes against: 0.
20:12 Nachimir Expenses for David C, carried. Action: DM to talk to Wendy about her contributions.
20:13 Nachimir David C and James ask the original question again: Should pledge drives have an open end, or a target/cutoff?
20:13 Nachimir Matt Ll: sometimes, we look around ebay for months to get something, and I don't think the hackspace should sit on people's money.
20:13 Nachimir Andrew A suggests something like kickstarter.
20:14 Nachimir James H: I don't see sitting on people's money as necessarily a bad thing, if we set up a separate account for it.
20:14 Nachimir Micheal E: Why don't we try a few different things and see what works?
20:14 Nachimir (some discussion of cutoff), suggested: 6 months.
20:15 Nachimir Michael W: [Has to be case by case, some things are bigger and more difficult to get
20:15 Nachimir Matt Ll: Andrew T planning on putting a pledge system into HMS.
20:16 Nachimir James H: The wood lathe thread raised more than we've spent on the wood lathe.
20:16 Nachimir Messaging has to be careful if we resurrect the thread: People shouldn't feel obliged to honour their pledges given they're that old.
20:17 Nachimir Action: David C to message list regarding wood lathe.
20:18 Nachimir David H: Integration with HMX would be good thing: Can be added to people's bills if a pledge hits target, and people will know they can't pledge lightly.
20:18 Nachimir *HMS
20:19 Nachimir David C mentions pillar drill pledge. Russell mentions we shouldn't go to machine mart, as newer machines are badly constructed. Something older and reconditioned would probably be better for our money.
20:20 Nachimir [Discussion
20:21 Nachimir Action: DM to find out how much we have pledged for a pillar drill.
20:21 Nachimir (Mouse joins).
20:22 Nachimir Action: DM and Russell to assess options for pillar drills.
20:22 Nachimir James says: "Putting the 3 phase back in is a 10 minute job".
20:22 Nachimir Item 2: Actions update.
20:22 Nachimir Chairs back, DM: All chairs are at the popup shop until it closes.
20:23 Nachimir Video: Nothing sorted beyond the conversation me and Jake had at the time. Action: David H to check.
20:24 Nachimir Quotes for stickers and cleaners, DM: Not done it. Actions, ongoing.
20:25 Nachimir Hack the space cancelled this month due to power out. Next month: 2nd December, list in events: Action for Kate B.
20:25 Nachimir Cost shelves to replace blue racking: Matt Ll. Ongoing Action.
20:26 Nachimir Hazard analysis matrix on blue room table, Michael E.: Yep.
20:26 Nachimir Get rid of brown chairs: Not yet, but will. Action, David C.
20:27 Nachimir Need someone to take on and produce risk assessments for the space: Who? Michael E: Whoever on the mailing list said we needed them. James: Happy to hunt them down.
20:28 Nachimir Dominic: Since no one is volunteering, should we pay someone to come in and do some?
20:28 Nachimir Andrew A: How much would it cost?
20:28 Nachimir DM: Don't know.
20:28 Nachimir Kate: Happy for someone to be paid to do it.
20:28 Nachimir Dominic: Action, look into getting someone to do risk assessments.
20:30 Nachimir [discussion of insurance
20:31 Nachimir Kate: Action: I'll do the quote for stickers if Dominic lets me know what's needed.
20:31 Nachimir Item 4: Young Hackers Members.
20:31 Nachimir James H: We've had a number of enquiries from children, 16 - 18, about membership. At the moment, rule is that their parents become members and they come with supervision.
20:32 Nachimir I'd like to open up to 16 - 18 as young hackers.
20:32 Nachimir Dominic: I'm for it, member with full access, and no supervision, though on a case by case basis. Possibly in the form of some agreement with their legal guardian.
20:33 Nachimir James: Would be exactly the same as a normal membership, but we'd insist on parent or guardian coming with them to see the space and understand, and signing an agreement that says we are not responsible beyond our ordinary duty of care for those children.
20:34 Nachimir Michael W: Some 16 year olds can be emancipated. Can marry, legally leave care.
20:34 Nachimir Mouse: Sometimes, we have alcohol in the space, I wouldn't want that to be banned as a result.
20:35 Nachimir Michael W: Only thing in law is that you can't sell it to them.
20:35 Nachimir Kate: Wouldn't want to end up in press as "hackspace gets kids drunk". Mouse: I wouldn't want people to feel awkward about drinking at social events.
20:36 Nachimir James: Suggested option of time limited entry to the space. Personally, not necessarily for that, but wanted to bring it up as something that had been discussed.
20:37 Nachimir Dominic: We're not saying these thing will happen, but want to show we've thought about and addressed them.
20:37 Nachimir James: Would like to get proper legal advice. Dominic: Fine, get a quote (Action, Jame H.)
20:37 Nachimir Kate, yes, would like proper legal advice.
20:38 Nachimir Don't worry so much about reputational damage, but someone's mother coming here and screaming at us because little Johnny had a beer. We should be able to show that we';ve thought of and planned for this kind of thing.
20:38 Nachimir James: Legal advice before anything else.
20:40 LWK_mac joined the chat room.
20:40 Nachimir Andrew A: At the national museum of computing, we have young members, but they're vetted because we have to look after them.
20:40 Nachimir James: I do't want to have to look after them. If the legal advice states we have to look after under 18s, then I'll be against it. We can't be in loco parentis for anybody.
20:41 Nachimir Michael W: I used to do a lot of rocketry, and we didn't let children handle any high power rocket motors until they'd sat an exam. So did adults, but we made it tougher for kids, and introduced it at a lower power, to make sure they understood basic safety rules.
20:42 Nachimir Dan W: Suggestion on legal advice. Possibly, we could get some advice from Nottingham Trent University.
20:43 Nachimir Action: David H to talk to NTU marketing. Dominic: Would rather pay a lawyer.
20:43 Nachimir Item 3, financial update.
20:43 LWK_mac ==Quick summary==
20:43 LWK_mac Start bank balance: £3511.08
20:44 LWK_mac Out: £1616.09
20:44 LWK_mac In: £1775.29
20:44 LWK_mac End: £3670.28
20:44 LWK_mac Paypal Start: £43.76
20:44 LWK_mac Paypal End: £43.76
20:44 LWK_mac Cash Start balance: £84.02
20:44 LWK_mac Cash In: £568.49
20:44 LWK_mac Cash Out: £180.27
20:44 LWK_mac Cash End: £472.24
20:44 LWK_mac ==Members==
20:44 LWK_mac Start: 128
20:44 LWK_mac New: 7
20:44 LWK_mac Ex: 7
20:44 LWK_mac End: 128
20:44 LWK_mac Average membership due: £12.72
20:44 LWK_mac ==In/out Breakdown==
20:44 LWK_mac ===Outgoings===
20:44 LWK_mac BizSpace: £1,180.08
20:44 LWK_mac Talk talk: £28.74
20:44 LWK_mac Insurance: £65.39
20:44 LWK_mac Loan: £208.33
20:44 LWK_mac Other: £133.55
20:44 LWK_mac ===Income===
20:44 LWK_mac Membership dues: £1523.29
20:44 LWK_mac Petty Cash Deposits: £207.00
20:44 LWK_mac Workshops: £
20:44 LWK_mac Donations: £
20:44 LWK_mac Events: £
20:44 LWK_mac Pledges: £45
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20:49 Nachimir Kate asks average. Matt Ll: Descending continually. Dominic: We're one of the cheapest spaces to be in at the moment. (General discussion: We need to raise our average).
20:49 Nachimir Item 6. Minimum membership?
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20:49 Nachimir Item 6: Safety gear.
20:49 Nachimir (oops).
20:50 Nachimir Mouse has proposed buying more ear defenders for the workshop. JameS: How many do you think we should get? Mouse: 5 or 6 pairs.
20:50 Nachimir James: Any objections to authorising @0 - 30 quid for ear defenders?
20:50 Nachimir Russell: Are they over ear?
20:50 Nachimir Budget £20, authorised.
20:51 Nachimir David C raised: We should have some masks for the spray booth. Also, disposable dust masks for the woodworking area.
20:51 Nachimir Any objections? None.
20:51 Nachimir Action: Matt Ll to sort out.
20:52 Nachimir James: David C, do you think we should have a different kind of mask for the spray booth? Russell, yes, has to be a painters mask.
20:52 Nachimir Dominic: If it's less than £50, I think we should get it.
20:52 Nachimir We need this stuff.
20:53 Nachimir Michael W: Carbon filters have a life. Russell: We have a mechanism for dating them when you put them in.
20:54 Nachimir Dominic: Proposes that we have a large enough stock of them that we replenish, that we rarely ever worry about them. Want to get to point where we're providing PPE and it's no issue.
20:55 Nachimir Item 7: Minimum membership.
20:55 Nachimir A few times in past, a minimum membership of a fiver has been mooted. Generally not adopted on basis that fewer rules are better.But soemthing happened that reminded me.
20:55 Nachimir Member emailed "I'm not using the space much, but want to keep access. So, I've dropped my monthly payment to a penny. I trust this is the right way to go about things?".
20:56 Nachimir Discussed with board and replied: No it's not. Kate pointed out that's about 2 minutes of electricity. Arguable that 24h access alone costs more than a penny per month per member.
20:56 Nachimir Craig P: Perhaps we have a minimum for 24h access?
20:56 Nachimir James H: Goes back to Mouses question earlier of minimum membership for a box.
20:57 Nachimir Dominic: Once we start making rules, we possibly lose a lot of value to people. Looks bureaucratic.
20:57 Nachimir James: Have always thought we should have some kind of threshold for certain things.
20:58 Nachimir Gill: In a situation where someone's paying a penny, we're then in a position where we have to politely ask them to pay more.
20:59 Nachimir Dominic: We'd have to set that price, and things would continually make it vary: inflation, etc.
21:00 Nachimir Mouse: Actually against having stated mimimums, because pay what you want is a great selling point.
21:00 Nachimir Examples/guidelines a good idea.
21:00 Nachimir Dominic: Could use penny thing as an example on this.
21:01 Nachimir Kate: Rather than listing as "X gets you X", have something like the cost of hacking, but more detailed.
21:01 Nachimir Mouse: Danger though if you're going to start putting values on things, because people then think "Oh, I only have to pay this much".
21:01 Nachimir Gareth Howell joins.
21:02 Nachimir Action: David and Kate to work some examples out for this. No minimum membership fee.
21:03 Nachimir Dominic: Penny a month is basically breaking the rule on "don't be a contemptible fellow".
21:03 Nachimir AOB
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21:08 Nachimir (Disconnected from IRC at 21:05)
21:08 Nachimir Kate: I have some other business. I have somebody who can possibly start doing bike workshops again in the spring.
21:08 Nachimir Everyone: Excellent.
21:08 Nachimir Russell H: Gas for the welder? James H: Warren took that away but hasn't returned. Do you want to take that as an action? Russell: Will talk to Warren, I do have an interest in sorting that.
21:08 Nachimir No other stuff, meeting adjourned.