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Roll Call

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Full Minutes

Time Name Minute
20:04 Nachimir Nottinghack meeting about to begin, 02/01/2012. Roll call: James H, David H, David C, Lionel G, Matt L, Kate B, Dominic M, Craig P, Daniel S, Michael E, Matt Ll, Justin S, Gill Z, Ian, Andy C. No non-members. Jake H sends apologies.
20:04 Nachimir Russell joins.
20:04 Nachimir Actions update
20:04 Nachimir 1. Bank access for Matt Lloyd. Not done yet.
20:04 Nachimir 2. Liase with other hackspaces - in progress.
20:04 Nachimir 3. Festivus party: Done
20:06 Nachimir (Mouse joins) 4. Obtain quote for cleaner - not done.
20:06 Nachimir 5. Pick up six crates of club mate from manchester.
20:06 Nachimir Not done.
20:07 Nachimir 6. Draft expenses policy for board - done. Put on mailing list - not done.
20:07 Nachimir 7. Produce: This is hackspace video - cutaways still to do.
20:07 Nachimir 8. Get quotes for hackspace stickers - Kate and David C have got some. Don't know what they're looking for yet.
20:09 Nachimir (Discussion of sticker sizes and types)
20:10 Nachimir 9. Cost new shelves for members room - not done.
20:11 Nachimir Members room is now full, no more room for boxes. Matt Ll: Probably about £30.
20:11 Nachimir 10. Pay David C expenses for wood lathe
20:11 Nachimir 11. Talk to Wendy about wood lathe expenses. Both not done.
20:12 Nachimir 12. Email list regarding historic wood lathe pledges. Done
20:12 Nachimir David C to update wiki.
20:12 Nachimir 13. Review pillar drill pledge and assess suitable options. Joe D on it.
20:12 Nachimir 14. Buy more ear defenders - not done.
20:13 Nachimir 15. Buy mask and filters for spray booth. Not done, but full face mask has been dropped off with booth. Just needs filters.
20:13 Nachimir 16. Guidance for new members - half done.
20:14 Nachimir 17. Buy initial stock of fixings and new parts drawer. Not completed, some prep done.
20:15 Nachimir Radford road Maplin: Doing sets of drawers for electronic components. Told David to come back in the new year, called dibs on it.
20:15 Nachimir Reminder for Russell - said would sort out canister for gas welding.
20:16 Nachimir 18. Prep documentation for young hackers and send to list - most of way there, about to post to list.
20:16 Nachimir 3. Financial update
20:16 Nachimir No. Not ready.
20:16 Nachimir 4. Lone workers.
20:17 Nachimir What if someone has an accident in the space? Might not be discovered quickly. Don't want to have crazy proscriptive lone worker policy like some schools and workshops, but we should have some ability. Thoughts?
20:17 Nachimir Matt L: What's the difference between this and me working in my shed? Are we liable?
20:18 Nachimir Russell: I think it's the other way around, it's more about enabling a lone worker to be safe.
20:19 Nachimir Such as a push button for emergency calls.
20:21 Nachimir Lionel: Like mountaineering, someone knows you've gone. Dominic: No, that's just common sense. We're talking about a button you might give to someone. James, David: Common sense guidance might be the place to start. Dominic: Is that enough? Michael E: Yes. If that's given and people ignore it,t hat's on them.
20:22 Nachimir Dominic: Emergency response is a next step. Craig: At what point do we become responsible? If we offer a service and it doesn't work. Dominic: No, better to provide a thing rather than say "We didn't provide a thing because we were afraid it might fail".
20:24 Nachimir Michael E: Because its such a broad area of discussion with so many things in there, should we get some broad consensus on a range of policies. Most extreme: Not allowed at all. Next: Some tools are not allowed. Next: Some kind of notification system "I am working on dangerous tool 1" and if not notified that work has ceased in three hours, calling EMS. "I'm working on this tool, expect me to call you back within an hour".
20:24 Nachimir Dominic: There are people you can hire for those sort of notifications.
20:24 Nachimir Michael: We could just have a policy that's under continual review, and notification systems can be worked on later.
20:25 Nachimir Russell: Mentions push button alarms.
20:27 Nachimir Vote between physical system and guidance: 5 for, 2 abstentions.
20:27 Nachimir Matt L: Not for physical system, has seen them fail.
20:27 Nachimir We've had no guidance at all so far.
20:28 Nachimir Andy: People who want to ignore it can ignore it, people who want to use it can use it.
20:29 Nachimir David H: Points to guidance, people work out what works for them (text wife, friend etc.)
20:29 Nachimir James H: Costs £6 per month for a pendant device.
20:31 Nachimir Small pendant mobile phone, can call up to three numbers, five minutes of free calls.
20:31 Nachimir Gill: If it's made prominent, has a home in the space, people can crawl to it etc.
20:31 Nachimir Various people point out a pendant would be bad to use with the lathe.
20:32 RicBriney joined the chat room.
20:32 Nachimir Vote: About 2/3 for device. Dominic to research. (Action)
20:32 Nachimir 5. Hack the space
20:33 Nachimir David C: This Sunday is hack the space day. Yet again I find myself occupied for most of the afternoon. Things to do: Major sort of donations pile. Sort back end of workshop so that it can be a more productive space. Will be here from 10:00 on Sunday morning.
20:33 Nachimir David H: Is there a to do list? That way someone else could take charge for the afternoon. David C: Will print something up.
20:34 Nachimir Kate: coming in to clean oven.
20:35 Nachimir 3. Financial update
20:35 LWK Quick summary
20:35 LWK Start bank balance: £3,563.17
20:35 LWK Out: £2,172.31
20:35 LWK In: £1,681.04
20:35 LWK End: £3,071.90
20:35 LWK Paypal Start: £43.76
20:35 LWK Paypal End: £43.76
20:35 LWK Cash Start balance: £405.58
20:35 LWK Cash In: £??
20:35 LWK Cash Out: £??
20:35 LWK Cash End: £??
20:35 LWK Members
20:35 LWK Start: 135
20:35 LWK New: 5
20:35 LWK Ex: 3
20:35 LWK End: 137
20:35 LWK Average membership due: £12.61
20:35 LWK [edit
20:36 LWK In/out Breakdown
20:36 LWK [edit
20:36 LWK BizSpace: £ 1,226.74
20:36 LWK Talk talk: £28.74
20:36 LWK Insurance: £65.39
20:36 LWK Loan: £208.33
20:36 LWK Other: £643.11
20:36 LWK [edit
20:36 LWK Membership dues: £1,616.04
20:36 LWK Petty Cash Deposits: £
20:36 LWK Workshops: £
20:36 LWK Donations: £
20:36 LWK Events: £
20:36 LWK Pledges: £65.00
20:38 Nachimir (Mouse leaves, Michelle joins)
20:38 Nachimir (James F joins)
20:38 Nachimir Dominic: Discussion of member levels. Losing members; turnover healthy. Bigger we get, the more turnover there will be.
20:40 CongoJoe joined the chat room.
20:40 Nachimir 6. Donations: David C. Lots of junk "donated", old computers that are cluttering up donations pile, box room.
20:40 Nachimir David H: Do people actually use stuff from donations? Everyone: Yes.
20:40 Nachimir James: Sorting donations should be a regular hack the space to do.
20:41 Nachimir Dominic: Would like to get it down to the two boxes, and one will be thrown every month.
20:41 Nachimir 7. Snackspace
20:42 Nachimir David C: How do we as a group want to see snackspace work? Restocking is too erratic at the moment.
20:42 Nachimir Dominic: Until recently, I was doing it every fortnight. I stopped doing it when I was told to stop buying stuff.
20:42 Nachimir Dominic: Partly, I just don't like going out in the cold
20:43 Nachimir Dominic: I agree to do it before next Wednesday, and possibly regularly.
20:43 Nachimir James H: Was thinking about this earlier. Getting to point where we're spending £150 - £200 every couple of weeks. Quite a lot, maybe it's time we started spending more money each run to get more stock?
20:44 Nachimir (cont.) Happy to go with Dominic and get more stuff together.
20:45 Nachimir Dominic: Until recently, we were using just the proceed from hackspace, I mean Snackspace, to fund hackspace, er, snackspace.
20:45 Nachimir David: I'm going to minute that verbatim.
20:45 ral
20:46 Nachimir Dominic: Then we started using petty cash too. We need a better system.
20:47 Nachimir Michelle: If you do go to buy a month's worth in one go, where are you going to keep it? James: We already store two weeks of stuff under the kitchen cabinet. Michelle: Would a month's worth fit? James: Can would, might have a problem with snacks. Dominic: We have plans to redo the kitchen anyway. James, Kate: Plenty of space to store stuff.
20:51 Nachimir 8. Hackspace loan repayments.
20:53 Nachimir David H: An anoymous hackspace member offered us an interest free loan to pay surprise Bizspace bill last May. Given we've built up a surplus, it seems reasonable to pay that back at a higher rate than we've been doing. I know that member would appreciate it being paid back faster too.
20:54 Nachimir People suggest paying it off in four installments. Dominic: We potentially have more costs coming up. Action: Matt Lloyd to run numbers. General agreement from members.
20:54 Nachimir 9. CNC machine
20:55 Nachimir Currently on loan from Ashfaq. Intends to sell it, and asked what it's worth to the hackspace.
20:56 Nachimir James: How much is it worth to us?
20:56 Nachimir Dominic: I think the machine is worth £400. With spindle: £600.
20:57 Nachimir Kate: I think we could easily run a two day CAD/milling workshop that would pay for the spindle.
20:57 Nachimir Matt Little: I think £400 is a reasonable offer.
20:57 CongoJoe left the chat room. (Remote host closed the connection)
20:58 CongoJoe joined the chat room.
20:59 Nachimir David and Matt L: Could we do pledges and match funding? (General assent)
21:00 Nachimir James H: Asks David to talk to Ash (Action: Yes).
21:01 Nachimir 10. Company Memberships.
21:03 Nachimir Firstly, a few members pay from companies.could they get receipts? Secondly, larger companies want to pay for group memberships, i.e. Matt Trivett's suggestion of Broadway paying for memberships for visiting artists.
21:04 Nachimir Matt Ll: Receipts not VAT, but doable.
21:04 Nachimir James: Problem of us putting a specific value on membership.
21:04 Nachimir Dominic: I think we can put a value on a corporate membership card, with a named person using it for a month.
21:06 Nachimir James H: Action, David H and Dominic to draft corporate guidance.
21:07 Nachimir Kate: We do it on a company by company basis.
21:07 Nachimir Dominic: Suggest we do it with Broadway for a year on a trial basis.
21:08 Nachimir Matt L: Suggest we go back to broadway and ask "What do you think it's worth?", James F: As long as Broadway are involved in negotiation, then it's not us setting a elvel.
21:08 Nachimir Dominic: Yes, but probably some value for a company in effectively having a price list.
21:09 Nachimir We need to look at ways to approach these things.
21:09 Nachimir 11. Knitting machine
21:10 Nachimir Dominic: We have three knitting machines in various states of repair. Friend of Marcus, Matt and I works with sewing machines and a chap who fixes them. Would like to hire him in to look at repairing them.
21:10 Nachimir Kate: Think only one is broken, two are serviceable. Problem is that Gee can only come here every once in a while.
21:11 Nachimir Dominic: think we should have machines all serviced and put an ad out to get someone in to do a demonstration for us.
21:11 Nachimir James: So are you proposing to do it, or get a quote? Dominic: Get a quote.
21:11 Nachimir Kate: Can do better than ad in paper.
21:12 Nachimir Dominic: Want to go out and find people to bring activities in here that we're lacking. Pay people to do it.
21:12 Nachimir Kate: Problem is that most local groups aren't willing to do it outside of their own place.
21:13 Nachimir (Marcus joins).
21:13 Nachimir James: I think servicing the most important thing at this time.
21:13 Nachimir Action: Dominic to get quote.
21:13 Nachimir (Marcus leaves)
21:13 Nachimir 12. A.O.B.
21:13 Nachimir (Marcus joins).
21:14 Nachimir David C: What information to we have about members? Relates to clearing up the workshop, abandoned projects, etc.
21:15 CongoJoe Dont know if IRC people can join in bt
21:15 CongoJoe But can I ask about the Pilar drill?
21:15 Nachimir Contacted member, via email on mailing list, regarding something he thought was an abandoned hack. Reply, three weeks later: Uh, yes. Probably not going to do it, but have another idea. If not back to it by January, please use. But also said email was out of date.
21:16 CongoJoe If there are no other suggestions are the board happy for me to order it at the end of the week and settle up when I'm back?
21:17 Nachimir David C: What system do we have for making sure member details are up to date?
21:17 Nachimir Dominic: Issue is more that we need to make sure of a hack is left for too long, it can be trashed without asking.
21:18 Nachimir Time approaching where space is going to be more limited. Do Not Hack system is going to have to be fair, but tougher. Action: Dominic to post new guidance and get feedback on mailing list.
21:19 markphelan Is a hack log going to be too difficult to manage/maintain? ie register when a project is started/first stored and keep updated with progress and email the owner after a certain time to warn them it may be scrapped?
21:19 Nachimir AOB: Joe D asks: Are we happy for him to et the pillar drill? Answer: Yes.
21:19 CongoJoe Sweet, cheers
21:19 Nachimir Matt L: Actions: Could workshops 2013 go on the front page of the wiki?
21:20 Nachimir Mark: Probably best to raise that in the mailing list thread Dominic starts.
21:20 DPSLWk__ joined the chat room.
21:21 Nachimir Michael E: Could I get board approval for Festivus beer? I paid for it, got some pledges. Vote: Yes.
21:21 Nachimir Marcus: Keeping up to date with stuff. Have been struggling to do recently.
21:23 Nachimir Attempt to start wiki page called "significant recent changes", I can't keep up and am massively busy. Would like help with it. James: post about it on list. More than happy to run another "How to use the wiki" workshop. Dominic: Probably a good job for a new member that wants to be more involved.
21:24 LWK_win_ left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
21:26 Nachimir Suggestion from Marcus and James: Space account, allowing anonymous editing of wiki from within the space (general agreement that it's a good idea).
21:27 Nachimir James H: Next Nottingham Hackspace AGM will be Thursday the 23rd of May. Board members standing down will be David H, James H, Matt Ll. All can stand for reelection if they want. Returning officer will be selected two months before AGM.
21:27 Nachimir Meeting adjourned.