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Roll Call

Board Members

This meeting was not quorate


Full Minutes

Time Name Minute
20:07 GeeksAreForLife Nottingham Hackspace member's meeting about to start, lovely Kate is chair
20:08 GeeksAreForLife Roll call:
20:09 GeeksAreForLife Trustees: Kate, James and Matt Lloyd
20:09 GeeksAreForLife Members: Daniel, Andrew, Joe, Russell, James F, Andy C, Lionel, Ian
20:09 GeeksAreForLife 2. Actions Update
20:09 GeeksAreForLife setup team for managing consumables:
20:10 GeeksAreForLife agenda item for consumables
20:10 GeeksAreForLife a rogue Matt Little appears
20:10 GeeksAreForLife Matt Lloyd to get access to bank account
20:10 GeeksAreForLife Dominic still hasn't setup meeting
20:10 GeeksAreForLife Kate: beat Dominic up
20:11 GeeksAreForLife Buy event shelter:
20:11 GeeksAreForLife Cancelling as we can use's Dominic's when we need to. Especially seeing as Kate has killed him from the previous action
20:12 GeeksAreForLife Liase with other hackspaces: in progress
20:12 GeeksAreForLife Cleaner quote: ?? David C and Dominic not there
20:14 GeeksAreForLife Monthly Hack the Space days: in progress
20:14 GeeksAreForLife Andrew: Should complete the action really
20:14 GeeksAreForLife Matt Little - this one is particularly important
20:14 GeeksAreForLife Matt L: space is manky
20:15 GeeksAreForLife Club Mate: Dominic is in Manchester, so we assume he'll be picking some up
20:15 GeeksAreForLife Sticker quote: Kate hasn't yet done, will do
20:16 GeeksAreForLife New Shelves: question about paying
20:16 GeeksAreForLife Welding Gas: No, still isn't done
20:19 GeeksAreForLife Young Hackers: can't remember if done
20:19 GeeksAreForLife James will check and update accordingly
20:19 GeeksAreForLife Skipping the rest of Dominic's actions...
20:19 GeeksAreForLife Pictures on Wall of Faces - Adam not here
20:19 GeeksAreForLife Wall of Faces to go up at the weekend
20:19 GeeksAreForLife Actions done
20:20 GeeksAreForLife 4. Consumables Group
20:23 GeeksAreForLife Gave talk page intro to everyone
20:26 GeeksAreForLife Credit card requested
20:27 GeeksAreForLife Joe suggested top up card - no actual credit
20:28 GeeksAreForLife Carried - Joe to pass details to James and set up
20:30 GeeksAreForLife now talking about mileage
20:30 GeeksAreForLife Russel - too low
20:30 GeeksAreForLife James - HRMC says 45p per mile, user must be covered under their insurance or Hackspace liable
20:31 GeeksAreForLife Matt Little - people shouldn't use cars too much
20:31 GeeksAreForLife James F - "If a member is using car for legit Hackspace use, CAN claim up to 45p per mile, up to some limit"??
20:32 GeeksAreForLife 3.5 miles to Makro and back
20:33 GeeksAreForLife Carried - trust system
20:34 GeeksAreForLife Budget
20:36 GeeksAreForLife Russel - shouldn;t we be thinking in terms of float, rather than budget?
20:37 GeeksAreForLife James - yes!
20:38 GeeksAreForLife Think this is what Michelle is actually thinking of
20:39 GeeksAreForLife Kate - looking at around �75 per month for Kitchen and Bathroom
20:40 GeeksAreForLife Kate - let's start on �200 for now, and see how we go
20:41 GeeksAreForLife Agreed, may have to defer one month depending on finances.
20:42 GeeksAreForLife "Scratch and Sniff penguins"?
20:42 GeeksAreForLife 5. Kitchen Equipment
20:42 GeeksAreForLife Fridge - James F made a start on clearing fridge
20:43 GeeksAreForLife James F - it's awful! Need some way for people to easily label their stuff
20:43 GeeksAreForLife Andrew - going to put labels and pen by the fridge
20:44 GeeksAreForLife Andrew - do we want induction hob and pans?
20:44 GeeksAreForLife Will hackspace pay, do I need to run pledge fund?
20:44 GeeksAreForLife Russel - why induction?
20:45 GeeksAreForLife Long discussion about pros and cons of various hob types, electrical systems, Amps, Gas, etc
20:46 GeeksAreForLife basically, bikeshedding
20:49 GeeksAreForLife Pledge drive agreed, Andrew to run it
20:49 GeeksAreForLife 6. Arduino Workshop
20:49 GeeksAreForLife James F - thanks Ian and Himself for awesome workshop running
20:49 LWK gmjhowe come back and chiar please!!! all is forgiven
20:50 GeeksAreForLife Invoice is here.
20:50 GeeksAreForLife James F will fill pro forma
20:50 GeeksAreForLife next workshop is June 4th
20:50 GeeksAreForLife Matt Little - Good
20:50 gmjhowe With 3 board members I would have been done 20 minutes ago.
20:50 GeeksAreForLife Ian - 8th of June
20:51 GeeksAreForLife James F - yes! 8th
20:51 GeeksAreForLife 7. Signage
20:51 GeeksAreForLife People don't use vacuums - need signs
20:51 GeeksAreForLife how to lock up, lights off, etc
20:54 GeeksAreForLife James to do report to see who's on what
20:55 GeeksAreForLife These questions should be on the mailing list
20:56 GeeksAreForLife 8. Open Day
20:56 GeeksAreForLife Kate - is going to run one end of May
20:56 GeeksAreForLife Daniel stabs Kate with logic
20:58 GeeksAreForLife Doing is on the 1st June - Kate to organise
20:59 GeeksAreForLife 9. AOB
20:59 GeeksAreForLife ?
20:59 GeeksAreForLife James F - Science in the Park didn't happen because of the snow!
20:59 GeeksAreForLife They had tables set up for us!
20:59 GeeksAreForLife They have asked if we want to be there next year, Kate has said yes
21:00 GeeksAreForLife Matt Little - there were issues with transport