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Time Name Minute
20:06 Nachimir Roll call: David H, James H, Lionel, Eddie P, Adam F, David C, Justin, Rob H, Daniel, Matt Ll, Dominic M
20:07 KateMonkey Do I count as being here?
20:07 Nachimir 2. Actions list.
20:07 Nachimir Setup consumables team: Done.
20:08 Nachimir Matt Lloyd, access to bank account. Not done yet.
20:08 Nachimir James: 23 days until AGM. Dominic: Could sort out after. James: Pretty wrong to have no board members with access to bank account.
20:09 Nachimir Draft expenses policy for list, David H: Draft done, not posted yet. David H: Probably ok to post now.
20:09 Nachimir KateMonkey: Any progress on quotes for stickers?
20:10 KateMonkey Haven't had a chance. But I'll sort it this month.
20:11 Nachimir Matt Lloyd got quotes for shelves. David C updated actions list. David H: Already resolved to pay for them a few meetings back. James H: Anyone want to take on building? David H: Max and I want to, but have not time until after May 10th. David C: Figure is £68.52 with 20% discount if we order this week. Happy to do order.
20:11 Nachimir Dominic: Quote for servicing knitting machines. Have been given contact, but he's not local. Can still look into.
20:12 Nachimir Adam F: Print pictures: Done, will appear tomorrow night.
20:12 Robh01 joined the chat room.
20:12 Nachimir 3. Financial update: Not ready tonight.
20:13 Nachimir 4. Quorum: Do we need 4 board members to make decisions?
20:13 Nachimir David H: Going by our constitution, yes.
20:13 Nachimir James: Does being on IRC count toward being quorate?
20:14 Nachimir Dominic: THings can be decided on pretty quickly.
20:14 Nachimir David H: I don't think IRC counts toward being quorate, because may be missing context.
20:15 Nachimir I do think members should be able to hold meetings without board members: Consumables group a good experiment in this regard, they have decision making power and a budget of their own.
20:15 Nachimir 5. A.O.B.
20:16 Nachimir 5a: Eddie P: People not cleaning up after themselves. Came in to use the laser, and it was in a state. Also see people using woodworking machinery, and not cleaning up their mess. What can we do about this?
20:16 Nachimir Dominic: What would you suggest?
20:17 Nachimir continues: No real answer to this. It's everyone's job, and it's everybody's job to make sure others clean up after themselves. We should feel empowered to challenge this kind of behaviour directly, and be able to face up to have our own behaviours challenged.
20:17 Nachimir James H: Kind of like living in a shared house, we're always going to have this problem to an extent.
20:18 Nachimir Dominic: I encounter other people's messes too, and I've sometimes left messes myself: Not because I'm trying to get away with it, but just because I got distracted by something. Also, people have different standards of tidy.
20:21 Nachimir David H: Might help to produce documentation, i.e. a lot of members don't know to empty the bins in the courtyard, or how to get there.
20:21 Nachimir Dominic: Yes, but doesn't solve whole problem. David C: People still leave wood shavings, etc.
20:22 Nachimir Dominic: It comes down to having to challenge that sort of behaviour.
20:23 Nachimir James: Any other A.O.B? No? Any takers? Anyone? No? Okay, meeting closed. Shortest board meeting ever.