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|4||Financial Update||||MLl
|4||Financial Update||||MLl
|5||Bank Accounts/Accounting||||GMJH
|5||Bank Accounts/Accounting||||JH
|6||Change next members meeting date?||||GMJH
|6||Change next members meeting date?||||GMJH

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It will be chaired by Jake and will take place at 8pm in the Blue Room.

# Item Notes Owner
1 Roll call GMJH
2 Announcements GMJH
3 Actions Update Action List GMJH
4 Financial Update MLl
5 Bank Accounts/Accounting JH
6 Change next members meeting date? GMJH
7 Snackspace Credit
8 Pledge Drives and Large purchases DC, AA, GMJH
9 Volunteer Coordination & Encouragement na
10 Metal Working Area/3 Phase ?
11 Large pile 'o' donations MLittle
12 Laser Cutter AA
13 How we run members meetings GMJH
X AOB na