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2014-02-05 Minutes

Revision as of 21:15, 5 February 2014 by Kate (talk | contribs) (Created page with "(20:04:11) Katemonkey: OPEN MEMBERS' MEETING: (20:04:21) Katemonkey: James Hayward (20:04:25) Katemonkey: Dominic (20:04:26) Katemonkey: Daniel (20:04:27) Katemonkey: Andrew (...")
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(20:04:11) Katemonkey: OPEN MEMBERS' MEETING: (20:04:21) Katemonkey: James Hayward (20:04:25) Katemonkey: Dominic (20:04:26) Katemonkey: Daniel (20:04:27) Katemonkey: Andrew (20:04:30) Katemonkey: Michelle (20:04:33) Katemonkey: Gareth (20:04:38) Katemonkey: Matt Little (20:04:43) Katemonkey: Lionel (20:04:48) Katemonkey: Dawn Manners (20:04:53) Katemonkey: Andrew Martin (20:04:57) Katemonkey: Russell (20:04:59) Katemonkey: David Clarke (20:05:05) Katemonkey: Sam Glover (20:05:14) Katemonkey: Chris Kane (20:05:16) Katemonkey: Matt Lloyd (20:05:22) Katemonkey: and Kate Bolin is doing minutes (20:05:40) Katemonkey: "apologies to everyone, I am chairing today. Jake is in Manchester." (20:05:48) Katemonkey: 16 items on the agenda, but many of them are short. (20:05:56) Katemonkey: Checks first: Announcements and events: (20:06:06) Katemonkey: Only events we can think of - Science in the Park (20:06:13) Katemonkey: It's a separate agenda item (20:06:24) Katemonkey: Sewing group is starting up (20:06:37) Katemonkey: Arduino is starting up (20:06:42) Katemonkey: These will all be in the newsletter. (20:06:57) Katemonkey: Kate: The newsletter will be coming out soon, we're doing split-testing (20:07:02) Katemonkey: Matt: What's split testing? (20:07:28) Katemonkey: James H: When you try it on different days to find out when it works (20:07:35) Katemonkey: James H: Any other events? (20:07:41) Katemonkey: Andrew A: Light Night at the end of the month (20:07:54) Katemonkey: James H: Matt Little's starting a thread, pay attention (20:08:05) Katemonkey: Matt Little: Friday the 28th, from 6 o'clock (20:08:29) Katemonkey: Matt Little: It's focused this year on the castle. It's £4 to get in for the castle, but there is a SECRET CAVE YOUR (20:08:39) Katemonkey: Andrew M: It's £4 pre-booked, £5 on the gate (20:08:56) Katemonkey: Matt Little: Sneinton Market will have a roller derby setup, with stalls leading to Hockley (20:09:12) Katemonkey: Dawn: There'll also be pieces of neon artwork at Hopkinsons, brought up from London (20:09:23) Katemonkey: James H: Action list updates: (20:09:46) Katemonkey: Getting Matt Lloyd on the bank account - Matt's passport is on the way, and we will soon have access. (20:10:15) Katemonkey: Andrew A: Laser-cutter update (20:10:29) Katemonkey: Lots of people had opinions on the mailing list (20:10:52) Katemonkey: Everyone wants to go for the pledge drive and a pay-per-use rate. Maybe at £3, maybe at cost, maybe at £6 (like London does) (20:11:03) Katemonkey: When we get the laser, there could be another discussion for members (20:11:19) Katemonkey: What people mainly wanted was getting free usage of the laser if they contributed to the pledge drive. (20:11:43) Katemonkey: What I would like to see is that the pledge drive starts - not necessarily giving money right now, but agreeing to give money. (20:12:08) Katemonkey: In two weeks, I would like to see what we have. It can go longer, but we should have a limit. (20:12:21) Katemonkey: People won't have to pay now - we just need a guide to numbers. (20:12:38) Katemonkey: James H: I was impressed with the number of people who got involved in the discussion (20:12:47) Katemonkey: Lionel: What's the target? (20:13:02) Katemonkey: Andrew A: £5000 for the basic laser we were quoted, anything extra will cost more (20:13:11) Katemonkey: Spare parts, upfront things, special things, etc. (20:13:25) Katemonkey: We can always get a bigger laser, but we're planning. (20:13:31) Katemonkey: £4000 for an estimate at the moment. (20:13:51) Katemonkey: Wiki page will be made where people can put their names and the amount they want to pledge (20:14:31) Katemonkey: Matt Little: are we incentivising pledge makers for free laser time? (20:14:37) Katemonkey: andrew A: we might do (20:14:42) Katemonkey: Matt Little: That should be finalised (20:15:09) Katemonkey: Dominic: Here's an idea. Incentivising - you put in X amount, you then get time. Otherwise, you don't. (20:15:21) Katemonkey: Andrew A: I don't think it's a bad idea, but I don't want to faff about with it. (20:15:41) Katemonkey: Andrew A: we could do all sorts of things - free inductions, free materials, it's something to work out (20:15:54) Katemonkey: James H: Financial update: (20:16:11) Katemonkey: Dominic: "Don't be" (20:16:17) Katemonkey: everyone: *groans* (20:16:20) LWK: A breakdown of our finances for the month of January, 2014. (20:16:20) LWK: ==Quick summary== (20:16:22) LWK: Start bank balance: £6,927.97 (20:16:24) LWK: Out: £2,544.09 (20:16:26) LWK: In: £2,145.51 (20:16:28) LWK: End: £6,529.39 (20:16:30) LWK: Paypal Start: £5.58 (20:16:32) LWK: Paypal End: £5.58 (20:16:34) LWK: Cash Start balance: £- (20:16:36) LWK: Cash In: £- (20:16:38) LWK: Cash Out: £- (20:16:40) LWK: Cash End: £- (20:16:42) LWK: ==Members== (20:16:44) LWK: Start: ? (20:16:46) LWK: New: ? (20:16:48) LWK: Ex: ? (20:16:50) LWK: End: ? (20:16:52) LWK: ==In/out Breakdown== (20:16:54) LWK: ===Outgoings=== (20:16:58) LWK: BizSpace: £1,184.46 (20:16:59) LWK: Talk talk: £31..92 (20:17:01) LWK: Insurance: £66.70 (20:17:06) LWK: Other: £1184.46 (20:17:07) LWK: ===Income=== (20:17:09) LWK: Membership dues: £2,113.11 (20:17:10) LWK: Petty Cash Deposits: £ (20:17:11) LWK: Workshops: £32.4 (20:17:12) LWK: Donations: £ (20:17:14) LWK: Events: £ (20:17:16) LWK: Pledges: £ (20:17:18) LWK: (20:18:09) Katemonkey: Matt Llloyd: We've taken out a lot of money to fill up the charge cards (20:18:20) Katemonkey: Chris: What about the number of members? (20:18:27) Katemonkey: James H: That'll be a note from the membership team (20:18:41) Katemonkey: James H: Team Scope Time - if you have a report or information, that's fantastic (20:18:43) Katemonkey: Tools Team: (20:18:47) Katemonkey: Purchasing of small tools (20:18:59) Katemonkey: Replenishing tools (20:19:09) Katemonkey: Budget of £100 per month for updating small tools and bits (20:19:24) Katemonkey: James H: All scopes will go on the wiki as well. (20:19:29) Katemonkey: Email: (20:19:37) Katemonkey: Everyone: agrees on scope (20:19:48) Katemonkey: Resources Team (previously Consumables Team): (20:20:32) Katemonkey: Andrew A: Replenishment of essential and nonessential items on the space (20:20:41) Katemonkey: Creating a list on the wiki of needed items (20:21:12) Katemonkey: A core list will be agreed to buy on a regular basis, others will need to be requested (20:21:16) Katemonkey: Budget is £200 (20:21:33) Katemonkey: Not responsible for tools, shelving and capital (20:21:38) Katemonkey: James H: Comments? (20:21:44) Katemonkey: David Clarke: Does this include cleaning equipment? (20:21:50) Katemonkey: Andrew A: Yes. (20:22:06) Katemonkey: Dominic: We'll take the requests and pass it on as needed (like tools or everything) (20:22:43) Katemonkey: James H: About spreadsheets - using google doc spreadsheets is good (20:22:50) Katemonkey: James H: Next team, Communications: (20:23:18) Katemonkey: Gareth: Update - writing the scope and working out what we're going to do (20:23:35) Katemonkey: Newsletter - fortnightly at the moment, but we're going to try monthly and then adjust as needed. (20:23:46) Katemonkey: Using the Facebook page a lot more and getting more events posted (20:24:06) Katemonkey: Also looking at where we go next with the website and how people navigate the site and view us (20:24:18) Katemonkey: Making things easier to navigate and more obvious (20:24:24) Katemonkey: Scope: (20:24:37) Katemonkey: Newsletter and sending that out (20:24:39) Katemonkey: Social media (20:25:07) Katemonkey: Andrew M: What about people who don't use the social media? (20:25:14) Katemonkey: Gareth: It'll be on the website and in the newsletter (20:25:23) Katemonkey: It's just different ways of accessing the same information (20:25:34) Katemonkey: Website - maintain and look at updating (20:25:52) Katemonkey: Making sure workshops and news are available (20:25:57) Katemonkey: Flickr updates as well (20:26:07) Katemonkey: making sure the eyefi card updates (20:26:17) Katemonkey: Things we don't look after: The wiki and also the google group (20:26:36) Katemonkey: Things that are specifically for members rather than the public. (20:27:14) Katemonkey: Also under our scope: leaflets, bookmarks, posters, etc. (20:27:42) Katemonkey: Gareth: And the new font for everything is Comic Sans. (20:27:46) Katemonkey: James H: YES (20:28:04) Katemonkey: James H: Everyone happy with the scope? (20:28:06) Katemonkey: Everyone: Yes. (20:28:15) Katemonkey: Software team: (20:28:26) Katemonkey: James H: responsible for: (20:28:28) Katemonkey: HMS (20:28:31) Katemonkey: Gatekeeper and other firmware (20:28:36) Katemonkey: Vending machine (20:28:40) Katemonkey: Instrumentation database and scripts (20:28:49) Katemonkey: Not responsible for server maintenance or any external server software (20:29:14) Katemonkey: Kate: So if Wordpress needs an update, y'all won't do that? (20:29:17) Katemonkey: James H: No, unfortunately. (20:29:34) Katemonkey: Updates: Software Team is currently having a discussion about the best way to update this meeting (20:29:40) Katemonkey: One idea: full GitHub log (20:29:53) Katemonkey: So far, 2 to 1 for. (20:30:10) Katemonkey: James H: But since I'm the one who talks, then, no. (20:30:49) Katemonkey: Membership team: (20:31:10) Katemonkey: First point of contact and orientation for members (20:31:19) Katemonkey: Answering emails, giving tours, liasing with the software team for HMS (20:31:49) Katemonkey: Setting new members up with access (20:32:15) Katemonkey: James H: The membership team needs to discuss it, but we're all good (20:32:27) Katemonkey: Update: 12 new members between January 15th and today (20:32:55) Katemonkey: Membership currently stands at 215 +/- 218 (20:33:58) Katemonkey: David Clarke: the Open day last Saturday - how many did we get? (20:34:04) Katemonkey: Dominic: 16 on the day (20:34:40) Katemonkey: Dominic: A lot of people saw it on Reddit (20:34:48) Katemonkey: Kate: I can't go on Reddit. I have two X chromosomes (20:34:58) Katemonkey: James H: Has she minuted that she's a bitch? (20:35:05) LWK: :) (20:35:07) Katemonkey: Safety Team: (20:35:12) Katemonkey: No scope for safety team (20:35:23) Katemonkey: James H: Do you think any new teams are required? (20:35:42) Katemonkey: James H: one I think is needed - a server team, for updating servers and software and making sure it's all running smoothly. (20:36:09) Katemonkey: Matt Little: I'd be concerned about making too many groups - couldn't it be the software team? (20:36:19) Katemonkey: James H: The software team doesn't want to deal with the server group (20:36:49) Katemonkey: Daniel: Couldn't we rename the software team? Because I don't mind doing infrastructure (20:37:10) Katemonkey: James H: At the end of the day, I don't mind having different teams, because in a large scale organisation, you wouldn't have a single team. (20:37:46) Katemonkey: Matt Little: Maybe instead of a server team, maybe we need an infrastructure team. (20:38:00) nh-holly: (notice) Door Opened by: bsimmonds (last seen 15d 00h 10m 25s ago) (20:38:04) Katemonkey: Dominic: Couldn't we not have a team and instead just have one person? (20:38:10) Katemonkey: Daniel: I'd want a second person just in case. (20:38:46) Katemonkey: David Clarke: So far, all these teams have email addresses that are points of contact for members (20:39:11) Katemonkey: The software/server teams are internal groupings of people that, in my mind, don't need to be publicly accessible in the same way (20:39:31) Katemonkey: James H: They don't have to be publicly accessible (20:39:47) Katemonkey: Dominc: "It feels like it's an argument of semantics, and I don't really care." (20:40:01) Katemonkey: James H: any comments? (20:40:16) Katemonkey: Gareth: Comms could take over the wordpress and stuff (20:40:27) Katemonkey: Matt Lloyd: There's a server move planned that'll make updates tricky. (20:41:25) Katemonkey: discussion about how where the server is hosted and who is doing it - sidetracking everyone (20:42:32) Katemonkey: James H: We will take it back to the software team and talk about it. The issue I have is that they're very different skill sets differently. The server team will be Matt & Daniel, and probably just them, but the software team will expand and need to expand. I don't want the software to overshadow the infrastructure (20:42:55) Katemonkey: When the infrastructure goes down, people get annoyed. We need to have people there to take care of that. I feel that it should be a distinct team. (20:43:23) Katemonkey: James H: I'm not worried about lots of teams if the work's getting done. I worry about people being on too many teams. (20:43:46) Katemonkey: Matt Little: I worry that these meetings are supposed to be where the teams report back, and with more teams, that means a longer meeting. (20:43:53) Katemonkey: Matt Lloyd: Not every t3eam (20:44:00) Katemonkey: Not every team needs to be reporting back every month (20:44:16) Katemonkey: Gareth: Events team (20:44:37) Katemonkey: A workshop and events team might be a good thing to do (20:44:51) WPyro [~WPyro@] entered the room. (20:44:52) Katemonkey: There are certain specific things we could do: (20:44:57) Katemonkey: Scope could be: (20:45:11) Katemonkey: Looking after hackspace events (here, science in the park, maker faires, etc.) (20:45:18) Katemonkey: Workshops in the space, setting up on eventbrite (20:45:27) Katemonkey: Events that hackspace goes to, like maker faire and the like (20:45:40) Katemonkey: event organising - the logistical stuff (20:45:54) Katemonkey: Making sure there's plenty of communication to the comms team and getting everyone involved (20:46:21) Katemonkey: People obviously organise their own things, and that's good, but if there was a small team that's contactable, then we can make sure everything's promoted and organised in the best way - even just making sure the space is open and tidy (20:46:31) Katemonkey: Some of it's logistical, some of it is applying, some of it is supporting (20:46:45) Katemonkey: James H: Do we have people who are interested in joining the team? (20:46:53) Katemonkey: Gareth: A lot of people said they were too busy! (20:47:07) Katemonkey: Gareth: Comms team can take over some of it (20:47:11) Katemonkey: Matt Little: I can join. (20:47:14) Katemonkey: James H: You will LEAD! (20:47:27) Katemonkey: Andrew Martin: It's okay, it'll be a little team (20:47:47) Katemonkey: Dominic: People wouldn't need to join it, but they'd liaise with the team to make sure things happen. (20:48:06) Katemonkey: James H: Anyone interested in helping? (20:48:13) Katemonkey: Dominic: I wouldn't help him if he was burning. (20:48:30) Katemonkey: Matt: Another team? Infrastructure? (20:48:37) Katemonkey: James H: what does that mean? (20:48:55) Katemonkey: Matt little: things like hack the space day, organising materials, sorting out the things that happen (20:49:06) Katemonkey: James H: All the things that David Clarke does, right? (20:49:17) Katemonkey: David Clarke: Teams do not mean a team of one (20:49:28) Katemonkey: Dominic: I think it might be too big for a team (20:49:36) Katemonkey: Russell: Really? (20:50:04) Katemonkey: Dominic: I think that all the teams need to get involved. I also think the trustees should be reviewed as well. (20:50:21) Katemonkey: James H: The trustees are looking at scope. (20:50:30) Katemonkey: The trustees would be responsible for two things (20:50:35) Katemonkey: The financial and legal requirements of the space (20:51:07) Katemonkey: New actions that are generated are either assigned to the relevant team or identify someone who can take the task on (20:51:57) Katemonkey: Matt Little: I've been a trustee of a charity (and this space) before, and we had to be very very firm with what we covered. Because we were NOT running the charity, we were there to make sure that the money was there, people were safe, and that the brand was managed properly. (20:52:04) Katemonkey: The trustees are there for safety, money, and brand. (20:52:44) Katemonkey: James H: I agree generally. I think we have a slightly different view, which was why I added the traffic management concept - making sure things move into the proper ways (20:53:33) Katemonkey: James H: I don't think the infrastructure sits with the trustees at all. I think major decisions should be included in the members' meetings all the time. (20:54:01) Katemonkey: But I think there should be an infrastructure team. David Clarke could lead it, but it'd be a very large team (20:54:22) Katemonkey: Dominic: but a lot of the infrastructure stuff are really projects - the laser, the three-phase, etc. (20:54:29) Katemonkey: Chris: Who does the tool maintenance and the like? (20:54:36) Katemonkey: DOminic: David C does most of it. (20:54:50) Katemonkey: james H: I don't think any of the tools should sit in the infrastructure team (20:55:04) Katemonkey: David Clarke: Maybe instead a housekeeping team (20:55:11) Katemonkey: Dominic: That's a much better thing (20:55:13) kimjonggill left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds). (20:55:27) Katemonkey: James H: that's a much better name for it. (20:55:59) Katemonkey: James H: any other teams (20:56:08) Katemonkey: Dominic: Maybe a team that could be the future-thinking (20:56:27) Katemonkey: Dominic: I've been doing it more like a thinktanky thing. (20:56:38) Katemonkey: Russell: That would be good - we would just need a point of contact and how to get involved. (20:56:48) Katemonkey: James H: I think Hackspace 3 should be more of a project than a regular team (20:57:17) Katemonkey: Dominic: We'd always have a server, housekeeping, consumables, comms team, but when we moved to hackspace 3, we wouldn't need a hackspace 3 team anymore (20:57:32) Katemonkey: james H: we said we would discuss project teams in the next meeting (20:57:56) Katemonkey: Dominic: I'm happy to be on the hackspace 3 team, but I'm also going to cut down (20:59:05) Katemonkey: James H: More items: (20:59:13) Katemonkey: Matt Little: Science in the park (20:59:17) Katemonkey: 15th March, 11-7 (20:59:24) Katemonkey: We'll be running the marble run (20:59:30) Katemonkey: Easy to go, but we need volunteers (20:59:52) Katemonkey: Kate: if it's not snowpocalypse again, I'll be there. (21:00:05) Katemonkey: Dominic: if it is snowpocalypse, I'll totally be there. (21:00:42) Katemonkey: Matt Little: also, I have a confession to make (21:00:59) Katemonkey: On Sunday, at the hack the space day, I needed a lot of containers. And I spent £160 on containers (21:01:18) Katemonkey: Because we needed to get it done to get things in the racks without them getting filled. (21:01:25) Katemonkey: That isn't how it should be, but I just wanted to get it done. (21:01:42) Katemonkey: James H: Anybody have a problem with that -- (21:01:49) Katemonkey: Matt Little: It was also taken from cash. (21:01:53) Katemonkey: James H: Seriously? (21:02:37) Katemonkey: Dominic: In all seriousness, we have around £5000 in the bank, we're a non-profit organisation, and £160 for parts storage is worth more than the money, because we have a lot of good intentions and very little results. (21:02:47) Katemonkey: Matt Little: On hack the space days, we have to be dynamic to get stuff done very quickly. (21:02:54) Katemonkey: James H: Hack the space day should have a budget (21:02:58) Katemonkey: Matt Lloyd: Seconded (21:03:02) Katemonkey: Dominic: Yes. (21:03:06) Katemonkey: James H: Let's agree a budget. (21:03:13) Katemonkey: Andrew A: £300 (21:03:18) Katemonkey: Andrew A: £200 (21:03:24) Katemonkey: James H: £300 (21:03:30) Katemonkey: Dominic: £200 with a scope for £300 (21:04:03) Katemonkey: James: every hack the space day has money available as needed. (21:05:34) Katemonkey: James H: Any objections? (21:05:58) Katemonkey: £200 budget for Hack The Space Day, and the housekeeping team is responsible, but not responsible for arranging the hack the space day (21:06:36) Katemonkey: For example, Matt Little wanted a day to organise the electronics bench, so he gets in touch with the housekeeping team, they sort it, and then we have the hack the space day (21:06:55) Katemonkey: matt Little: big donation update (21:07:12) Katemonkey: the big pile is going down, and now we have an easy way to sort the components and get it sorted (21:07:20) Katemonkey: electronics area needs work, but that's different (21:07:35) Katemonkey: plans for the electronics area - my vision is to make it just for electronics. (21:07:40) Katemonkey: the bench and the containers behind it. (21:08:01) Katemonkey: I would like to keep hardware (hinges, springs, etc) away from that area. We'll see how it goes, we need to figure out where the hardware goes (21:08:17) Katemonkey: I'd also like to resurface the electronics benches to get a new surface (21:08:24) Katemonkey: matt lloyd: it'd be more of a rebuild (21:08:33) Katemonkey: matt little: I asked Joe for a quote on the tables (21:08:45) Katemonkey: Also, it gets dirty very quickly, and it's quite difficult to clean (21:09:06) Katemonkey: I'd like to totally clear the bench, turn it into smaller bays with individual tools, and then people can take the bay and clean up better (21:09:22) Katemonkey: Getting rid of any little boxes and things (21:09:30) Katemonkey: I just wanted to raise that as an idea I am pushing forwards (21:09:45) Katemonkey: And if anyone has any questions, come see me. (21:09:49) Katemonkey: James H: Any other business? (21:09:58) Katemonkey: Andrew Martin: Meeting last year about the future of the space? (21:10:19) Katemonkey: James H: Oh, yes. It's entirely my fault. The list of stuff that we have from the strategy meeting. (21:10:33) Katemonkey: We now have a working system in HMS that we can use for the ideas that came up in the strategy meeting. (21:10:44) Katemonkey: We'll take the ideas from the strategy meeting, put them in the system, and then members can vote on them. (21:11:00) Katemonkey: I need to get that information from the meeting into the system, right now they're on paper. (21:11:08) Katemonkey: Once they're in, then members can vote on them. (21:11:22) Katemonkey: And I will take action to have it sorted by the next meeting. (21:11:25) Katemonkey: Any other business? (21:11:34) Katemonkey: Good. Meeting over.