2014-03-05 Minutes

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(20:00:47) Katemonkey: Roll call:
(20:00:51) Katemonkey: Dominic (chairing)
(20:01:05) Katemonkey: Martin
(20:01:07) Katemonkey: Rob
(20:01:11) Katemonkey: Kate (minuting)
(20:01:14) Katemonkey: Gareth
(20:01:20) Katemonkey: Richard
(20:01:23) Katemonkey: Russell
(20:01:24) Katemonkey: Lionel
(20:01:26) Katemonkey: Daniel
(20:01:37) Katemonkey: James
(20:01:44) Katemonkey: Andrew
(20:01:47) Katemonkey: Andy
(20:01:51) Katemonkey: Chris
(20:01:54) Katemonkey: David
(20:02:01) Katemonkey: Matt shows up after
(20:02:10) Katemonkey: Announcements & Events:
(20:02:35) Katemonkey: James: March 29th - we will be hosting an even for 
international Arduino day
(20:02:39) Katemonkey: Will be the 10th birthday
(20:02:44) Katemonkey: The eventbrite will be posted shortly
(20:02:48) Katemonkey: Show & tell, workshops, and party
(20:03:02) Katemonkey: with an arduino-shaped cake
(20:03:11) Katemonkey: dominic: and it's also international hackspace day
(20:03:18) Katemonkey: Matt: Science in the Park on the 15th March
(20:03:30) Katemonkey: We have volunteers, but more cheerfully accepted
(20:03:42) Katemonkey: We'll be running the Marble Maze again, so we need set up and take down
(20:03:58) Katemonkey: Dominic: Cleaning Tuesday on Tuesday evening
(20:04:28) Katemonkey: Gareth: We did Brit Scifi this weekend - went really well and we
collaborated with guys from Derby Makers as well.
(20:04:33) Katemonkey: Keith walks in
(20:04:58) Katemonkey: Dominic: In the same vein, I represented us at gaussfest, and leicester
hackspace had an open day as well
(20:05:28) Katemonkey: Chris: Saturday, the 8th, the power is going off.
(20:05:35) Katemonkey: Dominic: For the 3-phase and metal working area
(20:05:39) Katemonkey: And tidying up the odds and ends
(20:05:55) Katemonkey: James: On a related note, the light at the bottom of the stairs 
doesn't work
(20:06:09) Katemonkey: David: I've replaced the bulbs in a couple of places, but then 
that one died out.
(20:06:21) Katemonkey: Dominic: Action list - we agreed two meetings ago that we were 
never going to look at it again
(20:06:32) Katemonkey: James: We didn't agree, but we haven't edited it
(20:06:46) Katemonkey: Dominic: new actions - Cleanup and donations, Matt Little
(20:06:47) Katemonkey: Matt: Done
(20:07:21) Katemonkey: Dominic: Suggestions for policies on pledge drive, Mouse
(20:07:34) Katemonkey: James: Jake wants to bring it to a members' meeting
(20:07:42) Katemonkey: Dominic: Discussion meeting or members' meeting
(20:07:45) Katemonkey: James: bit of both, I think
(20:07:52) Katemonkey: Dominic: Electrics and metal-working area
(20:07:54) Katemonkey: Chris: Done.
(20:08:00) Katemonkey: Dominic: Laser cutter update, Andrew
(20:08:09) Katemonkey: Dominic: Andrew's not here, here is the update
(20:08:31) Katemonkey: Payments are in, a couple are outstanding, and Just Add Sharks 
has invoiced us for the lasercutter
(20:08:43) Katemonkey: We've placed the initial order and the machine should start 
being built shortly.
(20:08:50) Katemonkey: James: And if you still want to pledge, feel free
(20:08:56) Katemonkey: Dominic: Finance team, including update
(20:09:00) Katemonkey: Matt Lloyd is in Manchester.
(20:09:24) Katemonkey: James: We won't get a financial update, but Andrew Thorpe is to 
become our treasurer, taking over the role from Matt Lloyd.
(20:09:31) Katemonkey: Andrew is very keen, and just happens to be the son of our accountants.
(20:10:05) Katemonkey: He did our last set of accounts, and Andrew asked if he could do it, 
and per our constitution, the treasurer doesn't need to be a trustee, but just needs to 
be nominated by the trustees.
(20:10:08) Katemonkey: Dominic: From...?
(20:10:26) Katemonkey: James: He just needs to have a handover meeting with Matt Lloyd, 
so we're looking at May.
(20:10:29) Katemonkey: Dominic: Tool Team?
(20:10:40) Katemonkey: Dominic: They now have more than one member.
(20:10:43) Katemonkey: Dominic: Resources Team
(20:11:11) Katemonkey: Dominic: Shopping is difficult, but we had a meeting this month. We 
set up a form for requests and we have an email address for requests. At some point, there 
will be signage.
(20:11:18) Katemonkey: Requests will be through the form.
(20:11:38) Katemonkey: We're a bit behind with the shopping, but Lionel has a list. And 
Makro has issued us some new cards - named by company, so everyone can use them.
(20:11:45) Katemonkey: Dominic: Communications Team?
(20:11:51) Katemonkey: Kate: We got out the newsletter.
(20:12:09) Katemonkey: Gareth: And we made a submissions form for people to get stuff out to 
us easier.
(20:12:34) Katemonkey: Dominic: Anything you need in content right now?
(20:13:08) Katemonkey: Gareth: Basically, if you know that we're going out at the first of 
the month, then tell us before that. Like the International Arduino Day, we should have 
known about that.
(20:13:39) Katemonkey: Dominic: Software team?
(20:13:50) Katemonkey: James: Andrew and I have mainly been planning on working on HMS
(20:14:10) Katemonkey: I've also started working on the laser cutter booking system 
with Daniel.
(20:14:27) Katemonkey: Mouse walks in
(20:14:52) Katemonkey: James: and making some updates to the website that will have 
two-factor authentication
(20:15:22) Katemonkey: Two-factor authentication: Two things to log in. One of those 
will be known to you, a password, and the other will be a device that generates a 
number every 60 seconds, which will be an app on your smartphone.
(20:15:35) Katemonkey: Dominic: Membership Team?
(20:15:57) Katemonkey: We run pretty well, except for that the five or so members, one's 
moved away and the others don't come in on open nights for sorting out cards and the 
(20:16:08) Katemonkey: The call is out for members to join up to the membership team.
(20:16:49) Katemonkey: Generally, you need to be here for open nights, for getting new 
people to sign up to HMS, setting people up with RFID cards, and helping coordinate 
(20:16:55) Katemonkey: Don't forget - all members can give tours.
(20:17:00) Katemonkey: And generally be a point of contact.
(20:17:44) Katemonkey: Kate: Also, there are two printed out versions of the tour I 
wrote for the Wiki.  So you can use those.
(20:17:48) Katemonkey: Dominic: Safety Team?
(20:18:02) Katemonkey: Dominic: We've completed the lone worker emergency system - all 
in and running.
(20:18:06) Katemonkey: James: DO NOT TEST IT.
(20:18:42) Katemonkey: Dominic: If you set it off by accident, please just stay by it 
until it's answered.  Don't pull the wires, don't tinker with it, and just wait until 
it's answered and say it was a false alarm.
(20:19:38) Katemonkey: The onus should be on the individual lone working, making sure 
they have a mode of communication if they get into trouble, and that they don't use 
tools that are likely to be extra dangerous, and that they keep the lone worker alarm 
with them.
(20:19:47) Katemonkey: James: Because we have two fobs, we should have one of them near 
the big tools.
(20:19:53) Katemonkey: Can we get additional fobs?
(20:20:02) Katemonkey: Dominic: I'll take that under advisement.  I'll think about it.
(20:20:24) Katemonkey: We also have put out a Broken Tools Box, where Broken Tools go. 
We also have tags with cable tags to go on the bigger tools if they break.
(20:20:33) Katemonkey: Let the Tools Team know when you break tools.
(20:20:46) Katemonkey: Small tools go into the box. Big tools get unplugged and 
(20:20:58) Katemonkey: Matt: How are we going to get that information out to the members?
(20:21:11) Katemonkey: Dominic: It's on the wiki, and I'd rather have people talk to 
each other.
(20:21:23) Katemonkey: Mouse: It should be in the newsletter.
(20:22:34) Katemonkey: Dominic: My main worry with the lone worker system, is that if 
you're using the space properly, it's never going to work as it should. It's never 
going to get an ambulance here in time, and it's illegal for us to direct it to 999.
(20:22:52) Katemonkey: Dominic: If you don't know the address of the space, then 
look at the posters around the space.
(20:23:21) Katemonkey: James: If a lone worker is here, it doesn't matter how 
responsibly they're going to use the tools, they should take a fob, and have it 
with them.
(20:23:59) Katemonkey: James: I'm not saying everyone is going to use it, but we 
need to make sure everyone knows they should use it.
(20:24:13) Katemonkey: Dominic: I also go through this when I give out new RFID 
cards to members.
(20:24:16) Katemonkey: Dominic: Any other business?
(20:24:43) Katemonkey: Keith: Cleaning up the paints and solvents on Sunday, and because 
we have it open and wide with the metalworking area right next to it.
(20:24:56) Katemonkey: We can get a standard solvent cabinet that would prevent a fire 
(20:25:03) Katemonkey: Dominic: For paints?
(20:25:19) Katemonkey: Keith: For volatile flammables and then low-volatility flammables, 
like the paints.
(20:25:25) Katemonkey: Storing them separately would be good.
(20:25:51) Katemonkey: There's a post on the google group about what we should do to 
solve it.
(20:26:14) Katemonkey: James: It's basically buying a big metal door cabinet for the 
paints and a smaller metal door cabinet for the volatile equipment.
(20:26:21) Katemonkey: So it'd be around £200
(20:26:26) Katemonkey: Dominic: Should we get a vote on that?
(20:26:47) Katemonkey: Spending no more than £200 on cabinets for solvents?
(20:27:01) Katemonkey: Majority says yes.
(20:27:47) Katemonkey: James:  James Fowkes wants the space to match the money 
raised for new olliscopes
(20:28:07) Katemonkey: ollisiliscope?
(20:28:15) Katemonkey: Whatever.
(20:28:26) Katemonkey: Do we want to match the money for the olliscicopes?
(20:28:36) Katemonkey: Majority says yes.
(20:28:54) Katemonkey: James: Can we put a proviso that we get rid of the old 
(20:29:04) Katemonkey: Matt: We might keep some, but we're in the process of 
culling them.
(20:29:43) Katemonkey: Ossiloscope!
(20:30:07) Katemonkey: David Clarke: There was a message with the owner of the 
potter's wheel and kiln.  She offered to teach us, or take it back.
(20:30:26) Katemonkey: James: We're not setting up the kiln, and she says it's 
safe, but we made an agreement that we don't think it's safe enough.
(20:30:27) nh-holly: (notice) Door opened
(20:30:47) Katemonkey: Dominic: HSC guidance is a concrete base
(20:31:08) Katemonkey: James: I think saying thank you and having her take it 
back would be the best solution
(20:31:21) Katemonkey: Russell: I wanted to use it for heat-treating metal. 
It's just sorting out the safety aspect.
(20:31:31) Katemonkey: James: the guidelines on kilns was very large and 
(20:31:46) Katemonkey: Dominic: let's not get bogged down, what sort of 
conclusion are we going to do?
(20:32:06) Katemonkey: James: We already came to a conclusion, didn't we? 
We were going to give it back.
(20:32:14) Katemonkey: Russell: No, I don't know about that.
(20:32:30) Katemonkey: Dominic: when we discussed this on the list, there 
was enough of a strong discussion that made it seem like a bad idea.
(20:33:06) Katemonkey: Right now, letting the owner have the kiln back is 
the right answer, and if we want a kiln in the future, it's not difficult 
to acquire one, and we can then set it up properly.  This is a long-term 
loan, and we can get our own.
(20:33:13) Katemonkey: Russell: I would prefer it to be ours, to be honest.
(20:33:40) Katemonkey: Dominic: when the metal working area is done, and 
there's the space - we really need to clear down that stuff - and the 
potter's wheel and the kiln is part of that stuff.
(20:33:48) Katemonkey: Russell: Encourage her to set it up in her space.
(20:34:01) Katemonkey: James: When we finally get a kiln, we'll also have 
to think about where it's located and what it's used for.
(20:34:23) Katemonkey: The London hackspace has a kiln, which was used to 
cure Fimo, which released a fume that made some people dizzy, and completely 
corroded the lathe.
(20:34:37) Katemonkey: When we put ours in, we need to make sure we do 
it properly.
(20:35:10) Katemonkey: Dominic: So we'll go back to her and say that we'll 
get it sorted out and she can have it back.
(20:35:58) Katemonkey: Dominic: Meeting adjourned!