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(19:58:41) The topic for #nottinghack is: Welcome to #Nottinghack, the official IRC channel for Nottingham Hackspace. Web- http://nottinghack.org.uk/ Wiki- http://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/ GoogleGroups- http://groups.google.com/group/nottinghack Channel May be Publicly Logged (19:58:41) sendak.freenode.net: (notice) [freenode-info] please register your nickname...don't forget to auto-identify! http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup (20:00:01) Katemonkey: Member's meeting time (20:00:05) Katemonkey: Jake is chairing (20:00:07) Katemonkey: Kate is minuting (20:00:16) Katemonkey: Rob H (20:00:19) Katemonkey: Gareth (20:00:22) Katemonkey: James H (20:00:23) Katemonkey: Dominic (20:00:26) Katemonkey: Andrew A (20:00:27) Katemonkey: David C (20:00:29) Katemonkey: Craig (20:00:35) Katemonkey: Daniel (20:00:36) Katemonkey: Matt L (20:00:37) Katemonkey: Pat (20:00:39) Katemonkey: Sophie (20:00:42) Katemonkey: Adam (20:00:48) Katemonkey: Matt B (20:02:06) Katemonkey: Jake: How is everyone today? (20:02:15) Katemonkey: James: Good, thank you. How are you? I'm very tired and I want to go home. (20:02:56) Katemonkey: Actions and events: (20:03:17) Katemonkey: Has anyone have any upcoming events? (20:03:25) Katemonkey: James: The little event called the Nottinghack AGM (20:03:43) Katemonkey: Jake: Can you discuss it? (20:04:00) Katemonkey: David: Before the AGM, there is the Open Day. It's the biggest event of the year, and it's 10 days away. (20:04:20) Katemonkey: Kate: I've done stuff. It's on the website, and it's in the newsletter. (20:04:29) Katemonkey: Dominic: There aren't any posters up, there needs to be a cleaning day (20:04:37) ds1111 left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 265 seconds). (20:04:41) Katemonkey: Jake: There needs to be projects all over the place too. If you have something you can talk about, please bring them in. (20:04:55) Katemonkey: You might have a project you don't think is very interesting, but someone walking through the door might think so. (20:05:04) Katemonkey: Any and all projects welcome (20:05:07) Katemonkey: Vic comes in (20:05:21) Katemonkey: James: Cleaning tuesday is the Tuesday before Open Day. (20:05:42) Katemonkey: Sophie: Tuesday the 13th (20:06:12) Katemonkey: Jake: If we say that that Tuesday is the day that we clean the most for the Open Day, that would be helpful. (20:06:22) Katemonkey: Dominic: If we have a cleaning day on Thursday then (20:06:40) Katemonkey: Jake: Thursday is the Arduino meeting (20:06:54) Katemonkey: Dominic: Cleaning on Friday followed by Bad Movie Night? (20:07:04) Katemonkey: Jake: Because it starts at 1, people might turn up earlier? (20:07:11) Katemonkey: James: No, people don't show up earlier. (20:07:23) Katemonkey: James: Friday the 16th would be good. (20:07:31) Katemonkey: Jake: Want to tell us about AGM? (20:08:11) Katemonkey: James: AGM is in a few days. The most important part of the hackspace calendar where we look at the financials and we vote on constitutional changes and we kickstart the election for new trustees (20:08:38) Katemonkey: We need 54 members to attend because then we will be quorate - we have to be that. If you can't be there, you could be a proxy vote, if you email the trustees. (20:09:06) Katemonkey: Dominic: I've been telling people about it, and they don't know about it. Could someone who does this sort of thing make posters and the like? (20:09:33) Katemonkey: Also, we don't say how long it's going to be - and people avoid things because they think it'll be too long. (20:09:52) Katemonkey: James: Okay, it'll be a couple of hours, then. (20:09:55) Katemonkey: Dominic: Really? (20:10:00) Katemonkey: James: There's always debate. (20:10:12) Katemonkey: Jake: Moving on - financial update? (20:10:16) Katemonkey: Matt: Not yet. Later (20:10:22) Katemonkey: Jake: Okay. Tools team? (20:10:30) Katemonkey: David raises his hand. (20:10:38) Katemonkey: Jake: Are you aware you were supposed to produce a scope/ (20:10:45) Katemonkey: David: No (20:10:52) Katemonkey: Jake: Anything else? (20:11:24) Katemonkey: David: We've acquired a welding trolley and the wiring's practically finished. We hope to get everything sorted by the Open Day, but there might be a few outstanding items. No small tool purchases I'm aware of, but we are keeping an eye on things. (20:11:32) Katemonkey: Jake: Resources Team? (20:11:41) Katemonkey: Dominic: We haven't done anything this month, particularly. (20:11:47) Katemonkey: Jake: Communications team? (20:11:58) Katemonkey: Kate: We sent a newsletter. We updated the website. (20:12:27) Katemonkey: Gareth: Jake and I met to discuss potential design options, including the new bookmarks we had for maker faire (20:12:54) Katemonkey: Jake: The posters done for AGM and upcoming events will be done in the same style, so if you want to have posters for your events, contact the comms team (20:13:56) Katemonkey: Pat: To add to the tools thing - last Hack the Space Day, James Fowkes oversaw the electronics test gear being sorted and cleared out the rubbish. What's there's now should work, and what's not there has been cleared out. (20:14:18) Katemonkey: Jake: Software Team update? (20:14:23) Katemonkey: Jake: Do you have a scope? (20:14:27) Katemonkey: James: Not yet. (20:14:44) Katemonkey: Jake: If you could have a scope and a good idea of feedback you need to give for each meeting, that would be good for the next meeting. (20:14:50) Katemonkey: Jake: membership team? (20:15:03) IanD [~IanD@cpc2-stap10-2-0-cust210.12-2.cable.virginm.net] entered the room. (20:16:20) Katemonkey: Kate: I've been working with David Hayward to get things more processed and organised. Right now, we have around 260 members in HMS. (20:16:50) Katemonkey: Andrew interrupts the meeting to make a poster about AGM in COMIC SANS HELL YES (20:17:20) Katemonkey: Jake: Safety team? (20:17:30) Katemonkey: Dominic: We do have a scope, I just don't know where to put it. (20:17:45) Katemonkey: Jake: You do have a very good Wiki page, so you could put it there. (20:18:11) Katemonkey: Dominic: I want to get the Safety team to have a proper accident reporting system. I can report, however, that no members have died in the Hackspace. (20:18:35) Katemonkey: Jake: Proposal - Launch Party (20:18:46) Katemonkey: Sophie: Can I interrupt? (20:18:51) Katemonkey: We have a Craft Team now. (20:19:09) Katemonkey: Jake: If you can come back to the next meeting with a scope and a page on the wiki (20:19:22) Katemonkey: Sophie: We got a lot cleared out last week, so we can go out and buy some things. (20:19:51) Katemonkey: Sophie: Early next week, we should have a good list of things we need. (20:20:33) Katemonkey: Jake: David, do you want to tell us about the Launch Party idea\/ (20:21:05) Katemonkey: David: There's a page on the wiki about it. Any major project funded by the hackspace or a pledge drive should have, as a requirement, to hold a launch party. (20:21:52) Katemonkey: A launch party is for the persons at the head of the pledge drive/project to show the members what the new project/tool is, if it needs training, and how it can be used. (20:22:43) Katemonkey: One of the things I think it will possibly avoid is that, as we grow larger, there will inevitably be people who will have absolutely no interest in these projects/investments, and there's a slight risk that they might look on them in a negative way. (20:22:55) Katemonkey: So there should be a requirement that this thing we spent money on is presented to the membership. (20:23:08) Katemonkey: A short introduction followed by discussion and workshops. (20:23:20) Katemonkey: Jake: Are we going to go to the point where we require it for pledge drives and the like? (20:23:55) Katemonkey: David: I think there will become a need for it to be a requirement. (20:24:27) Katemonkey: For example, we have the new oscilliscope. And I think it needs people to know that it can be used and how to use it. (20:24:54) Katemonkey: Jake: And actually then James said that he wanted to do a workshop. (20:25:03) Katemonkey: David: Which worked out very well. (20:25:18) Katemonkey: Jake: I think then we should vote on whether or not this should be an actual requirement. (20:25:29) Katemonkey: For pledge drives. (20:25:50) Katemonkey: David: No, because I think that it should be for items that have only been purchased with additional hackspace funds. (20:25:58) Katemonkey: James: But it's still going be in the space. (20:26:16) Katemonkey: It's still going to be here and people are still going to need to be introduced to the tools. (20:26:50) Katemonkey: David: This isn't intended to be a training day where we unpack it and learn how to use it. (20:27:03) Katemonkey: James: I just think it should be all new tools in the space. (20:27:33) Katemonkey: David: You could argue that all large new tools in the space should have a launch party. (20:27:40) Katemonkey: Dominic: I disagree with this idea. (20:27:53) Katemonkey: We're at the point where no member should just bring in a tool - space and safety requirements. (20:28:11) Katemonkey: I'm against the launch party idea because I think it's another barrier to getting another item bought and done and put into the space. (20:28:34) Katemonkey: I don't see that it's necessary to have an additional event to introduce people to using it. (20:29:52) Katemonkey: Kate: I think that we should have retroactive launch parties - where we go through all the tools and introduce people to them. The toyotas, the band saw, etc. (20:30:59) Katemonkey: Pat: I think it's not a bad idea, but I don't think a party is the way to do it. A party is a social event that people have to be present at, but what you could do is a video presentation on existing and future tools to show off the tools. You don't need to have a lot of people around as a social event, but people can see the event and it gives people a chance to see a member helping out at the space. (20:31:13) Katemonkey: Jake: David didn't mention it, but it was a secondary thought we had when we discussed it. (20:32:04) Katemonkey: Pat: If we had a video record of people talking about the tools and how it was organised and how it works, it doesn't need the social aspect. (20:32:57) Katemonkey: Sophie: I sort of agree and disagree - coming from a crafty/sewing machine look, I personally wouldn't want to have to deal with a lot of people at once in a "I'll teach you how to sew" kind of way. But if it was something where I have to put information on the wiki, and provide some context, then I can see it more open and easier to do. (20:33:12) Katemonkey: Because I can see if there was forced group interaction, it would be very difficult. (20:34:10) Katemonkey: Adam: Just going on from what Pat said - if we had videos and the like, we could just slap QR codes on everything. (20:34:28) Katemonkey: Jake: David, do you have a response? (20:35:09) Katemonkey: David: Yeah, it's not a social event as such - it's just the people responsible for the project work out how to introduce the members to the tool, whether an event, whether a video, whether info on the wiki, etc. (20:35:15) Katemonkey: Dominic: But who does it? (20:36:00) Katemonkey: David: There are too many things that are going into the space without documentation. The people who initially benefit from the new items, we need them to arrange something and engage them in the development of the space. (20:36:17) Katemonkey: And every big project/pledge drive/whatever should try to engender some enthusiasm for the space. (20:36:38) Katemonkey: Dominic: Who does the work? The person who launched the pledge drive. What if they don't do it? (20:37:59) Katemonkey: David: It seems like there is a lot of enthusiasm for pledge drives, and then the space brings in money, and then there seems to be no enthusiasm to bring it back to the space - there's no information on the wiki, for example. (20:38:38) Katemonkey: David: So we go okay, 75% is pledge drives, 25% is from the hackspace, then it has to have a wiki page, it has to have a video, it has to have information (20:39:17) Katemonkey: Sophie: for example, the overlocker and the toyota, they have esoteric knowledge, and just having that little information on the wiki would help. (20:39:21) Katemonkey: Jake: James? (20:39:58) Katemonkey: James: There's always going to be a problem with who should do the work, and the people that pledged for it should be doing the work. I don't know what the consequence should be, but it should be there. (20:40:22) Katemonkey: They want this tool in the space. If we make it a requirement, then they have to do it to get that tool in the space. (20:41:47) Katemonkey: Andrew: About the sewing machine, it has documentation, and it's one of the most documented, but it still needs an induction-type thing. (20:42:02) Katemonkey: James: But if you think it needs an induction, does it say that? (20:42:29) Katemonkey: Sophie: We need more knowledge on those. (20:43:44) Katemonkey: Dominic: The sewing machine arrived at a time, and it is here. Now we're saying that Andrew should have done the documentation, because he knows how to do it. There's a bunch of stuff that has to be done, and a bunch of debate has been made, and I'm concerned that we might end up not getting tools because there are people who cannot document the tools to the point where people who do not know how to use them can use them. (20:44:46) Katemonkey: Jake: So let's turn the discussion into something that could be an action. (20:45:21) Katemonkey: There is definitely a scope about having launch parties - and the trustees could discuss it with when they discuss how much money they donate in and what the people who are running the pledge drive need to produce. (20:45:42) Katemonkey: I don't think there's any one solution, we just haven't enough people volunteering their time to make these tools all accessible (20:46:09) Katemonkey: We just have people volunteering their time slowly to show other people do it. (20:46:44) Katemonkey: I would suggest that we essentially vote or decide that the trustees include that as an active part of their pledge drive discussions or the other logistics on it. (20:46:58) Katemonkey: Dominic: Is the vote that we agree that the trustees should discuss it further? (20:47:31) Katemonkey: Jake: It is a vote on it being up to the trustees on a per case basis. (20:47:59) Katemonkey: Jake: A good way is that the trustees can discuss the new laser cutter and discuss how we want to launch that. (20:48:23) Katemonkey: Dominic: The trustees putting a proviso on people putting things into the space is a good thing. (20:48:55) Katemonkey: Jake: So votes as to allowing trustees permission to discuss per case basis on launch parties? (20:48:59) Katemonkey: Votes: Yes. (20:49:03) Katemonkey: Jake: Another other business? (20:50:00) Katemonkey: Pat: When the 3D printer becomes live, what money is needed for the induction/usage and how much of that goes to the space? (20:50:13) Katemonkey: Pat: And when someone runs a workshop? (20:50:40) LWK: Quick summary (20:50:40) LWK: Start bank balance: £6,542.68 (20:50:42) LWK: Out: £ 3628.56 (20:50:44) LWK: In: £3212.51 (20:50:46) LWK: End: £6,121.63 (20:50:48) LWK: Charge cards balance: £600?? (20:50:50) LWK: Paypal Start: £5.58 (20:50:52) LWK: Paypal End: £5.58 (20:50:54) LWK: Cash Start balance: £632.55 (20:50:56) LWK: Cash In: £313.1 (20:50:58) LWK: Cash Out: £563 (20:51:00) LWK: Cash End: £382.65 (20:51:02) LWK: [edit]Members (20:51:04) LWK: Start: ? (20:51:06) LWK: New: ? (20:51:08) LWK: Ex: ? (20:51:10) LWK: End: 235? (20:51:12) LWK: [edit]In/out Breakdown (20:51:14) LWK: [edit]Outgoings (20:51:16) LWK: BizSpace: £1,366.57 (20:51:18) LWK: Talk talk: £ (20:51:20) LWK: Insurance: £66.52 (20:51:22) LWK: Other: £2,195.47 (20:51:24) LWK: [edit]Income (20:51:26) LWK: Membership dues: £2,201.21 (20:51:28) LWK: Petty Cash Deposits: £563 (20:51:30) LWK: Workshops: £188.3 (20:51:32) LWK: Donations: £ (20:51:36) LWK: Events: £ (20:51:36) LWK: Pledges: £260 (20:51:46) Katemonkey: Jake: Any comments on the financials? (20:51:52) Katemonkey: James: Can we have it on the wiki? (20:52:00) Katemonkey: Dominic: Have we paid our phone bill this mont? (20:52:10) Katemonkey: Daniel: Yeah, we're working on Talk Talk. (20:52:13) Chris3DSmith left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection). (20:52:18) LWK: s/mont/month (20:52:33) Katemonkey: And we're done.