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== Minutes of meeting from 4th June 2014, generated using the [[Transcript_2014-06-04|Transcript]].<br /> ==
== Minutes of meeting from [[2014-07-02 Minutes|4th June 2014]], generated using the [[Transcript_2014-06-04|Transcript]].<br /> ==
<br />
<br />
You can find the [[2014-06-04_Agenda|agenda items here]].<br />
You can find the [[2014-06-04_Agenda|agenda items here]].<br />

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Minutes of meeting from 4th June 2014, generated using the Transcript.

You can find the agenda items here.

Chair: James Fowkes
Minutes: Sophie Wilkinson

1. Roll Call:

Attendees: James Fowkes, David Clarke, Mouse, Justin, Jon, Rob, Gareth, James H, Michael E, Matt Lloyd, Toby, Russell, Dominic, Lionel
Apologies: None

2. Announcements & Events:

Election resulted in re-election of David Clarke & Dominic Morrow, and election of James Fowkes.
Inspection by BizSpace Insurers via Jake Howe. Jake reported inspection went fine.
Inspections still required: Electrical testing, PAT testing.
Fire Extinguishers: 5 new extinguishers installed - thank you DC for installing on Hack the Space Day.

Newsletter went out on the 1st of the month.
Arduino event every Thursday.
Ukelele evening every week.
The new comic book evening starts next week.
Another Arduino Day; 19th July.
Bike Surgery: 21st June
Gaming Sunday: 22nd June - focus will be board games this month.
EMF Camp tickets are now on sale. All early bird tickets have gone.
Action: If you are a First Aider and willing to cover 3 patrolling shifts during EMF Camp you will receive your ticket for free.
You would need to provide evidence of your certification and undergo an enhanced disclosure, paid for by EMF.

3. Actions List:

DM called a vote on discarding the current Action List and starting from scratch.
Vote called. 11 say Aye, majority passed.
Action: SRW to create new actions page for this point forward.

4. Finance Team, incl. Update:

Start bank balance: £6121.63
Out: £2,460.35
In: £2,496.00
End: £6173.28
Charge cards balance: £600??
Paypal Start: £5.58
Paypal End: £5.58
Cash Start balance: £465.65
Cash In: £73.6
Cash Out: £64.94
Cash End: £474.31
Start: 243
New: 8
Ex: 3
End: 248
In/out Breakdown
BizSpace: 1331.69
Talk talk: £
Insurance: £66.52
Other: £1062.14
Membership dues: £2382
Petty Cash Deposits: £
Workshops: £55
Donations: £
Events: £
Pledges: £25

Discussion on why we haven't been billed by TalkTalk
Action: ML to chase.

5. Creative Quarter: September Pecha Kucha & Hosting at Hackspace

DM proposed we host the Pecha Kucha September talk
Voted on, all said Aye, proposal passed.
Action: DM to liaise with Pecha Kucha & Creative Quarter to discuss hosting

6. Tools Team Update:

Tools Team now have a scope, available on the Wiki.
There is another Wiki page which includes a current unpopulated page of tools that the team has bought under the scope.
There is an email address (tools@nottinghack.org.uk) to use if you want to request tools.

7. Craft & Textiles Team Update:

C&T Team now have a scope, available on the Wiki.
C&T team would like to develop further by having a monthly 'theme' where they focus on bringing in an expert in a field and perhaps holding an event for non members.
C&T team are looking for more members.

8. Resources Team Update:

DM is stepping down.
There is space on the Resources Team.
The current resources team process of requesting through a form is not fit for purpose.

9. Communications Team Update:

Newsletter went out on 1st June. There are 548 subscribers.
All said the videos looked great in the newsletter and worked well, clickthroughs were high.
Russell commented videos did not work for him.
Action: GH to check video settings.
Facebook page is also receiving increased hits/coverage.

10. Software Team:

Now have a scope, available on the Wiki.
Received first pull request on Wiki for a typo, now rectified.
Laser Cutter booking system is undergoing code review.
Laser Cutter login system is live.
Snackspace RFID pay system is now live and in Member's Storage room.

11. Membership Team:

DM is stepping down.
JH nominated TJ and Mouse to join team.
TJ agreed and him and ME were trained on assigning and marking up RFID cards
Membership Team does need more active members.

12. Safety Team:

DM is stepping down once a new safety representative has been elected.
Action: DM to instigate electing new safety representative.

Any Other Business

13. Discussion Item: Forum idea taken on by Comms Team

Discussion resulted in decision that No, it would not be.
Sophie stated she would create a new Wiki Team to improve the Wiki as a means of comms, no objections and general agreement.

14. Discussion Item: Funds from the Space to cover a van to EMF Camp

JH/DM authorised cost of a luton for the transport of BarBot and luggage/tents etc for people
All members voted on subsidy of 2 tickets to EMF Camp to be given away in a draw - £50 to each ticket.
DM proposed paying for the ticket for a cook to feed Nottinghack Village. All agreed.
Action: Board to buy three tickets and work out process for raffling tickets & electing cook.

Actions can be chased up using the new Actions List.