2014-07-02 Minutes

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Minutes of meeting from 2nd July 2014, generated using the Transcript.

You can find the agenda items here.

Chair: Dominic Morrow
Minutes: Sophie Wilkinson

1. Roll Call:

Attendees: Dominic Morrow, Sophie Wilkinson, Matt Lloyd, Kate Bolin, Daniel Swann, Pat McDonald, Craig Place, Justin Stokes, Kirsty Lockheart, Alex Wills, Lionel
Apologies: Gareth Howell, Rob Hunt, David Clarke, Matt Little

2. Announcements & Events:

EMF Camp coming up, very big. 3 Ukulele nights, 1 Arduino night, 1 Arduino "day", 1 gaming sunday, 1 photography group
Issue brought up that the homepage isn't functioning correctly. ACTION: ML to raise homepage issue on GitHub.

3. Actions List:

Meeting Date Action Point Actioned By Completed?
2014-06-04 SRW to complete new Actions Page SRW Yes
2014-06-04 ML to chase missing Talk Talk bills JF Yes
2014-06-04 DM to organise Pecha Kucha talks DM Yes
2014-06-04 GH to check video settings for newsletters JF Yes
2014-06-04 DM to organise election of new safety rep DM No
2014-06-04 Board to purchase 2 EMF Camp tickets for draw below JF Yes
2014-06-04 Board to draw 2 tickets for subsidised space members JF Yes
2014-06-04 Board to elect Nottinghack Village Cook JF Yes

For info: Pecha Kucha talk organised for 19th September 2014, 4pm tp 6pm. More info closer to the time.
For info: ACTION: ML to keep eye on TalkTalk for next month.
For info: GH discovered a skin can be placed on videos which turns them into clickable images - issue resolved.
For info: No safety rep changes. Action carried over.
For info: Draw for EMF tickets will happen on the 16th July

4. Finance Team, incl. Update:

Quick summary
Start bank balance: £6173.28
Out: £2,734.66
In: £2,722.92
End: £6166.54
Charge cards balance: £600??
Paypal Start: £5.58
Paypal End: £5.58
Cash Start balance: £?
Cash In: £
Cash Out: £
Cash End: £?
Start: 248
New: 12
Ex: 1
End: 259
In/out Breakdown
BizSpace: £ 1,407.28
Talk talk: £
Insurance: £66.52
Other: £1,260.86
Membership dues: £2,372.92
Petty Cash Deposits: £
Workshops: £
Donations: £
Events: £
Pledges: £330

Action: ML to check we do get correctly billed by TalkTalk.

5. Tools Team Update:

DC has restocked drill bits, bought donkey saw blades, replaced large holesaw blade that had gone missing.
There is an email address (tools@nottinghack.org.uk) to use if you want to request tools.
Noted that a cordless drill & battery had gone missing. PMD checked it wasn't in broken tools - definitely not.
ACTION: DM & Board to chase missing drill

6. Craft & Textiles Team Update:

C&T team are discussing bringing in people from Craft Studios to run some talks. KB offered knitting contact, gratefully received.
C&T team are looking for more members.

7. Resources Team Update:

No update.

8. Communications Team Update:

Newsletter went out on 2nd July due to Internet issues. There are 570 subscribers.
GH passed on to DM that website update is going well.
ACTION: GH to show screenshots of new website design at August member's meeting.

9. Software Team:

Major Update from DS: tools booking is now online through HMS.
JH is in charge of cancellation - this won't happen soon but is in progress.

10. Membership Team:

TJ can now do RFID cards/access etc.
More people doing tours is a good thing.
Membership Team does need more active members.

11. Safety Team:

No update.

12. Wiki Team:

RH done a HUGE amount of work: fixed Flickr widget, fixed open Street Map, created pledge drive widget, categorised and sorted pledge drive.
SRW has set priorities for next few months.

Any Other Business

Matt little - would like to request to spend up to £400 on new tools as discussed on Google Group
DM & ML: authorised.
ACTION: ML to finalise authorisation.
DM: This Sunday is Hack the Space, run by DC. Please attend to help. Mostly will be moving things down to new storeroom.
DM: Tuesday 8th is Cleaning Tuesday, pizza provided afterwards.
KB: Member's Storage really needs an audit. This is actioned by DM & SRW who are doing it on Monday 7th.

Actions can be chased up using the new Actions List.