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Actions can be chased up using the new [[Action_List|Actions List]].
Actions can be chased up using the new [[Action_List|Actions List]].
[[Category:Member's Meetings|^Year 4^]]
[[Category:Member's Meetings|^Year 04^]]

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Minutes of meeting from 6th August 2014, generated using the Transcript.

You can find the agenda items here.

Chair: Dominic Morrow
Minutes: Sophie Wilkinson

1. Roll Call:

Attendees: Craig P, Pat McDonald, Rob Hunt, Vicki W, Gareth H, Adam C, James F, Rob M, Kate B, Michael E, Daniel S, Toby J, Dominic, Matt L, Sophie, David C, Lionel Apologies: None

2. Announcements & Events:

Pecha Kucha is happening at Nottinghack in September.
DM will be doing a talk at the next pecha kucha on 15th August - 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide about the Hackspace movement. There's a bbq and beer afterwards. It's at the contemporary art theatre.
BarBot fundraising event is on the 16th.
Jake is running an Instructables LED day on the 17th.
DM is organising a Sugru evening. Date TBC

3. Actions List:

Meeting Date Action Point Actioned By Completed? Notes
2014-06-04 DM to organise election of new safety rep DM No
2014-06-04 DM to ensure Pecha Kucha is in August & September newsletters DM Yes
2014-06-04 ML to ensure TalkTalk bill comes through ML Yes
2014-06-04 Board to chase missing cordless drill DM Yes
2014-06-04 ML to authorise Matt Little's Tools purchase ML Yes
2014-06-04 ML to raise KB's homepage issue in GitHub ML Yes Raised, fixed and closed --'RepRap' Matt 11:33, 3 July 2014 (UTC)

For info: The cordless drill is officially lost. ACTION: AA to place item on mailing list about discussing replacement.

Gareth: Showed an image of the new website. Discussed getting people involved in content creation/mapping.

4. Finance Team, incl. Update:

Start bank balance: £6166.54
Out: £2,225.54
In: £3,142.06
End: £7,083.02
Charge cards balance: £600??
Paypal Start: £5.58
Paypal End: £5.58
Cash Start balance: £?
Cash In: £
Cash Out: £
Cash End: £?
Start: 259
New: ??
Ex: ?
End: ??
In/out Breakdown
BizSpace: £ 1,418.84
Talk talk: £ 31.2
Insurance: £66.52
Other: £708.98
Membership dues: £2468.11~
Petty Cash Deposits: £251
Workshops: £147.95
Donations: £
Events: £
Pledges: £275~

5. Tools Team Update:

Little action this month. Small acquisition of dust control for the workshop. Drill bit sharpening jig, replacement mouse sander (Mouse: I wore out the old one)

6. Craft & Textiles Team Update:

No update.
ACTION: JF to chase JH about rotary tool for laser.

7. Resources Team Update:

Lionel - not had many requests come in, have gone through all the requests and we will be actioning on those that are feasible/sensible. You can email us, as well as make use of the wiki where you can see what has been purchased, and when.
Preferred Method of Contact is the online form.

8. Communications Team Update:

Newsletter went out on the 1st.
There are 590 people signed up to it now. getting a lot of clickthroughs to the articles which is good.

9. Software Team:

No update.

10. Membership Team:

SRW can now do RFID cards/access etc.
More people doing tours is a good thing.

11. Safety Team:

The lone worker alarm went off on Saturday by itself. Mouse rang DM and let him know it was a false alarm.

12. Wiki Team:

SRW & RH are starting the Tools Audit so you may see new QR code labels around the tools in the space.
We will start to make content as obsolete/delete.

Any Other Business

Rob Miles: the guys from the Mixed Reality lab who used the laser cutter - they love the hackspace and would like to support the space. They were wondering how best to do that. RM said become a member and pay.
ACTION: RM to sort out a visit to them by Nottinghack.
James Fowkes: there was someone on the group asking about membership, Andy something - he wants to bring a group of adults with learning disabilities to the space to run workshops. The trustees have invited him in for a chat about what he'd like to do etc etc.
Pat PcDonald: provisionally, got an outside instructor for giving inductions on the Myford Lathe (the manual, not the cnc/bridgport) - he has said he wanted to see the kit etc beforehand. But it's a possibility.
Mouse: Propose we buy some fans. Requested it gets asked on the mailing list.
ACTION: Mouse to ask on Mailing List about fans.
Mouse: We have prices for the BarBot Van. We're taking HackSpace infrastructure stuff for the village. options are: Short Wheel based - £185, Long Wheel based - £220. This is based on a weekly rental. Other quotes for a long wheel based, £262, £287. Decision made to go with larger van - vote called, 14 for, 2 abstain.
Craig: sizeable donation by a friend. Please do dig your way through if there's anything there you'd like. very cautious it could be getting in peoples way so i'd rather it got got rid of quite quickly.
Sophie: LPS - we would like to start a process where there is a 4 month tag on large projects. If a project has not been worked on in 4 months, the member will be emailed once. 4 weeks after this time, if the project has still not been worked on or touched, it will be removed to donations and be available for rehacking. The onus is ON the member. If something has to be removed because it's not been worked on for 16 weeks + 32 days, it will be still ON the member - the volunteer who removes the content is NOT at fault. ALL projects must have a NAME (identifiable), DATE and DO NOT HACK (not "PDNH") on it. It MUST be stored in the correct place.
Dominic: Would like to clarify processes for HackSpace expenditure:
1) scope for teams where they have an agreed scope where they must report to the meeting.
2) is that more than 50% of the trustees/directors agree the expenditure within those 7 people (so no 1 trustee can agre. It must be 4 of more).
3) that a member makes a proposal at this meeting and this becomes agreed, and then ratified after the meeting. and then the trustees also agree to take the money out of the bank to do it.
so - THE QUESTION OF THE VAN - this DID take place through action THREE. These funds were requested correctly.

Actions can be chased up using the new Actions List.