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2014-10-01 Agenda

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If you would like to add anything to this agenda, please post in the Talk page. Alternatively you can post on the google group.

Remember to sign any comments on the talk page with four tildes (~~~~)

It will be chaired by Dominic and will take place at 8pm in the Blue Room.

Actions List can be found here.

This months meeting will carry on with the new form. As the Hackspace gets bigger and more people get involved we have taken to separating task into different teams. As a result the members meeting will focus around feedback from those teams, with more decisions making and less discussion.

You can read about the different teams here -

# Item Notes Owner
1 Roll call ???
2 Announcements and Events ???
3 Actions & Minutes of Last Meeting Action List ???
4 Finance Team, incl Financial Update MLl
5 Tools Team update Tools Team
6 Craft & Textile Team update Craft Team
7 Resources Team update Resources Team
8 Communications Team update Communications Team
9 Software Team update Software Team
10 Membership Team update Membership Team
11 Safety Team update Safety Team
12 Wiki Team update Wiki Team
xx Any Other Business ???

You can find the Transcript of the meeting here.

You can find the Minutes of the meeting here.