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2014-10-01 Minutes

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Minutes of meeting from 1st October 2014, generated using the Transcript.

You can find the agenda items here.

Chair: James Hayward
Minutes: Sophie Wilkinson

1. Roll Call:

Attendees: James H, Kate B, Sophie, Rob H, David C, Matt Lloyd, Daniel, Russel, Pat, Chris Kane, Matt Little, Lionel, Vicki, Andreas, Mouse

2. Announcements & Events:

Andreas is doing a PhD on Hacker culture.
Halloween party on October 31st
Pledge drive for 3D Printer

3. Actions List:

Meeting Date Action Point Actioned By Completed? Notes
2014-06-04 DM to organise election of new safety rep DM No

4. Finance Team, incl. Update:

No update

5. Tools Team Update:

nothing major purchased this month, but we are running short on stanley knives/small trimming knives.
Request: from Russell to get the oxypropane thing working.

6. Craft & Textiles Team Update:

No update.

7. Resources Team Update:

stocked up on nuts and bolts, rubber bands etc

8. Communications Team Update:

Newsletter went out on the 1st.
There are 640 people signed up to it now.

9. Software Team:

welcome to Rob - Rob & James are going to be working on cleaning up HMS

10. Membership Team:

Over 300 now. but we are in need of a member audit.

11. Safety Team:

No Update

12. Wiki Team:

No Update

Any Other Business

AOB: Kate wants to revamp the comfy area and buy new sofas, new shelving, new coffee tables and machine washable couch covers.
Includes: Carpet tiling (proposal from JH to re-lino the entire studio), 2 3 seater sofas, 3 possible armchairs, lots and lots of storage.
Also priced up for blackout curtains for the windows
Extra proposal: to purchase large curtains to cover the gap between the studio and comfy area
JH: full cost roughly £2,800
SRW: good idea but better over installments.
PMD: Could we do it via a lease?
JH: wouldn't be money efficient
ML: may need more discussion for the actual "plan"
RH: Proposal to hardboard entire floor
JH: agreed
Vote on proposal about whether we should move forward on this: 11 ayes, remainder abstention
AOB: ML: Hack the Space on Sunday

Actions can be chased up using the new Actions List.