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[19:56:26] <GeeksAreForLife> Nottingham Hackspace members meeting will start in a few minutes [20:00:56] <GeeksAreForLife> Here we go... [20:02:14] <GeeksAreForLife> Roll call: James Hayward Michael Erskine, Kate Bolin, Michele Henry, James Fowkes, Spencer Owen, David Clarke, Lionel Goodwin, Vicky Winter, Matt Lloyd, Daniel Swann, Charlotte Clark [20:04:40] <GeeksAreForLife> Dance school dates are out and on the list [20:05:01] <GeeksAreForLife> David: Why not in newsletter? Kate: Wasn't sent [20:05:14] <GeeksAreForLife> David put it in on the form, Kate to investigate why it didn't work [20:05:16] <GeeksAreForLife> Events: [20:05:25] <GeeksAreForLife> Hack-o-ween [20:05:46] <GeeksAreForLife> Pechu Kucha soon. [20:06:23] <GeeksAreForLife> Branded event, organised by Dominic at the space [20:06:46] <GeeksAreForLife> Actions: Dominic to organise election for new safety rep. Update to appear in safety team [20:06:55] <GeeksAreForLife> Team updates: [20:07:00] <GeeksAreForLife> Finance - delayed [20:07:43] <GeeksAreForLife> Tools - bought knifes, and a few bits, nothing major. Replaced approx £50 of broken tools. Russel fixed Oxy-propane torch. [20:08:04] <GeeksAreForLife> Tools - about a fortnight ago, all the clamps disappeared. [20:08:13] <GeeksAreForLife> returned shortly, but two broken [20:08:23] <GeeksAreForLife> buying new clamps next month [20:09:27] <GeeksAreForLife> Craft and Textile - no update [20:10:38] <GeeksAreForLife> Resources - large bottle of acetone and isoproponol to replenish small daily use bottles. Arranging labels for small bottles. Big bottles in the flammable cupboard [20:12:02] <GeeksAreForLife> Also stocked tea,coffee, etc Other kitchen consumables have been requested and a trip to Makro in next few weeks to stock up before Christmas [20:14:43] <GeeksAreForLife> Talked about reforming of teams [20:15:44] <GeeksAreForLife> Comms - newsletter went our to 675 receipents. Still having hard time getting content. [20:16:01] <LWK> Kate get interuptied by eye liner [20:18:11] <GeeksAreForLife> Software - lots of work done on HMS, especially making it easier for new developers [20:18:43] <GeeksAreForLife> Membership - 341 members according to HMS [20:19:17] <GeeksAreForLife> Membership team meeting on Monday to reform. Hoping to do things like formalise tours, etc [20:20:12] <GeeksAreForLife> Safety team - by email: [20:21:36] <GeeksAreForLife> no activity this month / some time. Dominic has stood down as safety rep and a new team needs creating to look after safety. Dominic doesn't want to be primary contact for lone worker alarm. Happy to handover for lone worker alarm / safety [20:22:33] <GeeksAreForLife> Suggested that it handed over to the trustees for now [20:22:43] <GeeksAreForLife> Wiki team - no attendees [20:23:01] <GeeksAreForLife> Trustees update: [20:23:21] <GeeksAreForLife> Ordered 3d printer, on it's way to arrive end of november [20:23:58] <GeeksAreForLife> Daniel to fit RFID to 3d printer [20:24:23] <GeeksAreForLife> Studio tables have been ordered [20:26:27] <GeeksAreForLife> Yay! [20:26:40] <GeeksAreForLife> 2 red, 2 blue, 2 green and 2 yellow [20:26:59] <GeeksAreForLife> Pocess of moving bank accounts has started properly [20:27:31] <GeeksAreForLife> Lots of talking about how to make teams better [20:28:48] <GeeksAreForLife> Centre manager has been recontacted [20:29:52] <GeeksAreForLife> problems with bizspace have been re raised [20:31:00] -nh-holly- Door Opened by: georgie23 [20:31:06] -nh-holly- Door opened by: georgie23 (last seen 00h 00m 06s ago) [20:31:23] <GeeksAreForLife> noise complaint pushed under the door. [20:32:10] <GeeksAreForLife> Seems to be a general complaint. Questioned the manager and it seemed to be someone playing loud music in our workshop [20:35:19] <GeeksAreForLife> Comfy area plans - "we are fricking doing this" - Kate [20:35:27] <GeeksAreForLife> Daniel - what about the footstool? [20:35:31] <GeeksAreForLife> Kate explodes [20:35:49] <GeeksAreForLife> 3 stages - starting in January [20:36:02] <GeeksAreForLife> January = flooring and carpet and tiles [20:36:41] <GeeksAreForLife> Kate and James to discuss Feb and Mar, and splitting of payment [20:38:39] <GeeksAreForLife> global space balloon challenge - one meeting, already started looking at radio stuff, space centre promise to fund balloon. [20:38:59] <GeeksAreForLife> Just Michael and Gareth at the moment. others welcome [20:41:31] <GeeksAreForLife> especially people with radio ham experience [20:47:05] <LWK> https://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/wiki/Financials_October_2014 [20:47:19] <LWK> Quick summary[edit] [20:47:19] <LWK> Overall balance: £6,080.64 [20:47:19] <LWK> Overall change: -£1,724.44 [20:47:19] <LWK> Start bank balance: £5,854.64 [20:47:19] <LWK> Out: £4,889.25 [20:47:19] <LWK> In: £3,533.21 [20:47:19] <LWK> End: £4,498.60 [20:47:19] <LWK> Charge cards balance: £603.43 [20:47:19] <LWK> Paypal Start: £5.58 [20:47:19] <LWK> Paypal End: £5.58 [20:47:19] <LWK> Cash Start balance: £1,188.97 [20:47:19] <LWK> Cash In: £353 [20:47:19] <LWK> Cash Out: £568.94 [20:47:19] <LWK> Cash End: £973.03 [20:47:19] <LWK> Members[edit] [20:47:19] <LWK> Start: 285~ [20:47:19] <LWK> New: ?? [20:47:19] <LWK> Ex: ? [20:47:19] <LWK> End: 297~ [20:47:19] <LWK> In/out Breakdown[edit] [20:47:19] <LWK> Outgoings[edit] [20:47:19] <LWK> BizSpace: £ 2,039.42 [20:47:19] <LWK> Talk talk: £ 40.2 [20:47:19] <LWK> Insurance: £66.52 [20:47:19] <LWK> Other: £2,743.11 [20:47:19] <LWK> FairFX: £752.46 [20:47:19] <LWK> Income[edit] [20:47:19] <LWK> Membership dues: £2,638.21 [20:47:19] <LWK> Petty Cash Deposits: £560 [20:47:19] <LWK> Workshops: £ [20:47:19] <LWK> Donations: £ [20:47:19] <LWK> Events: £ [20:47:19] <LWK> Pledges: £315