2017-05-03 Agenda

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In the Chair: Rob Taking Minutes: ??

If you would like to add anything to this agenda, please post in the Talk page. Alternatively you can post on the Google group.

Remember to sign any comments on the talk page with four tildes (~~~~)

It will take place at 8pm in the Blue Room.

Actions List can be found here.

Now that teams have been set up and have budgets we will be starting to assume that all reporting is done via posted statements of what has been done / achieved / spent available on the Wiki / Google Group (or elsewhere, links to be added later). So the meeting itself will merely comment on which teams have not reported. Don't think you can get away un-criticised if no report is provided!

You can read about the different teams here - http://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/wiki/Volunteering

# Item Notes Owner
1 Roll call Rob
2 Announcements and Events Rob
3 Actions & Minutes of Last Meeting Action List Rob
4 Finance Team, incl Financial Update April 2017 Matt Lloyd
5 Team updates Team update emails Rob
6 Hackspace 2.5 Update This months update on the status of 2.5 Trustees
7 Any Other Business

N.B. Any Other Business. That is for items that are prompted by discussion during the meeting.

If you know that you have additional items for the discussion, please add them via the discussion tab above in advance.

Transcript and minutes will be posted after the meeting has taken place.