2017-08-02 Transcript

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Matt Lloyd [8:03 PM] 
Meeting begins

Roll call: lots of people

Announcements: arudino workshop September, notts devops meeting Friday 17:30
still no date for team social yet

Actions: all out of date and done

Finance: https://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/wiki/Financials_July_2017

Team update; no email recieved

2.5: lots of painting done last night
Videos updates on main site

Fire safety and review: North Carolina hackspace went up in smoke the last week, and has restart fire safety discussions

fire safety doc to review in house with Safety Team and trustees
Safety team action still outstanding from last meeting re extinguishers and general audit

Safety team still to look at replacement loan worker alarm

Matt Lloyd [8:48 PM] 
Action: keep an eye on the parking

END of Meeting (edited)