2017-09-09 Transcript

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Adam Froggatt [8:05 PM] 
*Meeting on September 9th*

In attendance:
Froggy, Sarah, Kate, Ian, Toby, Emma, Daniel, Mouse, Russell, Michael E, Matt Lloyd, Tom, Ali, Bob

Also these https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHc288IPFzk
YouTube kevin237
Duck Army

Meeting starts

*Announcements and Events*

CRAPATHON - 21st October

Come along, make crap stuff for useless reasons

TEAM SOCIAL - 30th September

Come along and join a team! Find out how to help out at the hackspace!

GREEN FESTIVAL - 17th September

Come along and help out! See how many flyers from opposing groups you can collect, biggest gets a prize*

(*there is no prize)

NOTTS DEV WORKSHOPS - Tomorrow! (edited)

Talks about Alexa, learn how to make Alexa do the stuff


Matt Lloyd [8:10 PM] 

Adam Froggatt [8:10 PM] 
tl;dr finances - 
Current assets are ~£17,800
Bank at ~£11k (after rent)
Down tree fiddy last month (£347)

We got rid of most of the crap from people hoarding useless crap in the space. Please use the bins or take away old projects!

Currently at 541 members

Member 555 gets a timer

*Team Updates*

Matt Lloyd [8:13 PM] 
Safety Team Update:

First Aid Kits have been audited and replenished.  Also, new stocks ordered in. We’ll be doing a monthly audit from now on.

Risk assessments have been started, Fire Risk Assessment to be first

Michael E is going to Australia for work for a few months!

Laser Team Update:

Members Inducted: 3
Outstanding Inductions: 6 (all have been contacted)

Usage (August): 142 hours, 12 minutes and 19 seconds
Usage (Total): 4760 hours, 40 minutes and 35 seconds

Software Team Update:

Last month 17 pull requests were merged, this puts us on track to release version 2 of HMS by the end of the year.

We split the system into 9 major sections.  The completion % for each of these is shown below, but be aware that this % can go down if and when issues are discovered.

Base System: 91%
Membership: 70%
Boxes and Projects: 55%
PINs & RFID: 28%
Banking & Audit: 50%
Snackspace: 0%
Tools: 0%
Front End: 64%
Semi-Static Pages: 40%

Adam Froggatt [8:20 PM] 

James Hayward [8:21 PM] 
Those are some lovely updates.  Whoever wrote them deserves a medal

Adam Froggatt [8:21 PM] 
*Hackspace 2.5 Update*

Lots of filling and painting has been done!

Blue room half of the space is flying forward

Cable trays going into blueroom

insulation and such going in the front half

members storage room is moving forward now we have the wood

Classroom false ceiling being quoted

Structural engineers and such looking for quotations

Come along on Tuesdays and help out!

Bob - Concerns around the cost of the bigger items such as the staircase. How will this affect our bank balance? If it proves to be too expensive to do it now? (edited)

Matt - we're looking to get the rear half open as soon as we can, so the front end can then be carried on with

James Hayward [8:24 PM] 
We always planned to search for new grants once we priced the stairs

Adam Froggatt [8:24 PM] 
Toby - The stairs are a convenience, we can still get in

James Hayward [8:25 PM] 
Especially disabled-access focused ones

Adam Froggatt [8:25 PM] 
Will raise that James

James Hayward [8:25 PM] 

Adam Froggatt [8:28 PM] 
Current aim is to get new blue room and CNC area open in the next few months

Which also means movement of Craft room and related upstairs stuff can start happening too!

Matt Lloyd [8:35 PM] 


Alex Mann [8:36 PM] 
If now is the time to mention it, I'm going to speaking to jelly about helping out with inductions and maintenence for the planer thicknesser

new messages
Adam Froggatt [8:40 PM] 

Bikeshed session in the King Billy

*Meeting done*