2017-12-12 AGM Proxy Votes

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If you cannot attend the AGM, you can register your vote with a proxy voter. This person will submit your vote at the AGM.

Proxy Votes

If you would like to volunteer to be a proxy voter please add your name below:

Name of member acting as Proxy Names of members voting via Proxy
Example Example
Member Name Member Name 1
Member Name 2
James Taylor Arthur Moore
Someone Rebecca Todd
Mouse Toby Jackson
David Hayward
Rosie Hamilton
Tim Allman
Becky Beinart
Derek Stonall
Daniel Swann Michael Erskine
Kirsty Lockhart
Steve Barnett (mooped@gmail.com, @moop on Slack) Ben White
Sean Power
James Fowkes
Robert Hunt
Michelle Strickland
Jon Woodcock