2017-12-12 AGM Proxy Votes

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If you cannot attend the AGM, you can register your vote with a proxy voter. This person will submit your vote at the AGM.

Proxy Votes

If you would like to volunteer to be a proxy voter please add your name below:

Name of member acting as Proxy Names of members voting via Proxy
Example Example
Member Name Member Name 1
Member Name 2
Someone Rebecca Todd
Arthur Moore
Mouse Toby Jackson
David Hayward
Rosie Hamilton
Tim Allman
Becky Beinart
Derek Stonall
Dylan Swift
Maja Likar
Ian Bartlett
Spencer Owen
Iain Sharp
Kai Pays
James Berry
Samaji Houghton
Tom Dixon
Nico Shattock
Dan Bebawi
Tom Grover
Kate Hebron
Alex Wells
Joe Naber
Matt Pritchard
Daniel Swann Michael Erskine
Kirsty Lockhart
Steve Barnett Ben White
Sean Power
James Fowkes
Robert Hunt
Michelle Strickland
Jon Woodcock
Leah Hunt