2018-07-04 Transcript

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iandickinson [7:59 PM]
*Members Meeting - 4/7/18*
Chair: Andrew H
Minutes: Ian D
Roll call: Ali G, Daniel, Matt L, Russell, James B, Ali M, Kate, Andrew W, Bob W, Will

We've been accepted for the Green Festival in Sept
If any one has any projects to show or would like to help, let Ian / Kate know

Sheet storage. Andrew W volunteered to organise tidy up (clear out)

*Financial update:* 
Matt working on (edited)

dpslwk [8:07 PM]

iandickinson [8:08 PM]
Bizspace have changed accounting system and owe us a credit.
Hazel joined meeting
Bought new laser bed, lighting tubes and bandsaw
And a can vending machine
Will pay for itself in a few months

alexmann [8:09 PM]
And a PAT Tester

iandickinson [8:10 PM]
And a coin counter
Froggy joins meeting
Andrew asks about sustainability of finances.
Reserves are dropping slowly.
Dropped about £1000 since Jan

jadams23 [8:12 PM]
We also got a free coin mechanism when we picked up the vending machine

iandickinson [8:12 PM]
Still in negotiations with Bizspace over rent
Need more members and higher average payment!
Electricity usage: Base load is 3kW. LED tubes should help reduce running costs
The tubes have arrived, but not straight forward to fit

*Team updates*
Report from Andrew W:
Wood working team. (mainly it has to be said Bob)
Bench donations,
School woodworking desk has been retained and improved, sanding, replacement timber in the tool well, Vice lubricated,  some of the work by persons unknown, (thanks persons unknown), other bench looks useful but not right now as it compromises working space and is an odd hight.

4 Planer thicknesser inductions (which lost its height wheel but has since been fixed)
Planer blades have been replaced..
Yellow "bomber" band saw fixed with external mounted switching.
Incorporated the secondhand band saw obtained by Russell (thanks Russel), Startrite is still waiting for trustees / metalwork team to fix.( how long now?).
Also did work to partially remedy the Electrics in the Spray booth, still needs action.
Josh made some very useful tool donations which we have been sorted and put away. Thanks Josh.

Hearty welcome home to the third Bosch drill, missing since before I joined that hackspace (I am surprised we didn't get postcards frankly).

Electronics (i don't think we really have a team but some comments anyway AW.).
Area is being left in a mess and key tools vanishing, more than normal in my experience.
Please be more public spirited here electronics people.

iandickinson [8:21 PM]
Large sander and dust extractor are sharing a socket. Additional socket ideally needed
Once door access is set up downstairs, bike storage can be moved downstairs, and sheet storage can be located.
Door access is still waiting for some parts to be ordered.
Once accessible work can be done at other times too
The necessary parts for the access system are expected to be ordered in the next few days
Laser extraction: Andrew is contacting Bizspace about permission to put an extraction pipe on the outside of the building.
Once laser cutter moved, woodworking can move into the laser area.
Plan is for laser, 3D printer, CNC mill and Novaturn in same room downstairs.
Bob suggests alternative plans to put bicycle storage and donations downstairs. (edited)
Access to 2.5 will initially be at the lift, bins, Roden St end.
Ashley St door is a way out only.
Grill will be added to metal door so can check for pedestrians before opening
We may also add RFID to the back door to the first floor, but complicated by fire door push bar

*Comms team* 
Have set up social media manager for posting regular updates to social media sites (edited)
Please let comms team know of interesting projects, tool repairs, big snackspace shops, and any other items of interest

*Membership team:*
Now at 618 members

*Kates items:* 
EMF camp
Only 10 members going. They need to have a separate meeting to get themselves organised
Tool loans: Members shouldn't borrow tools from the space. May need reminder to members.
Cardboard cut out of policeman being discussed!

The door bell is not working. Daniel and Matt will look at it.
Broken tools (and door bells) can be reported on slack or Google Group
Comms team may have a "Content Hackathon" on updating the website later in the year

*Meeting closed*