2018-09-05 Transcript

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Member's Meeting 05/09/18 (edited)
Chair: James Adams
Minutes: James Taylor (on Ian's account)

Others Present -
Bob, Russel, Ian, Tom, Robert, Jack, Callum, Daniel, Hazel

Summary of EMF attendance - turnout was good and we could be more organized for 2020
FirePong and BarBot were missed though

Green festival coming up shortly
16th September - need more volunteers

Metalwork inductions - 22nd/23rd September

2.5 Re-planning meeting - 22nd September

Crapathon - 13th October

Apologies on behalf of James T and James A that minutes of last meeting were not adequately recorded

2.5 Meeting
Suggestions for agenda items, questions, etc that have been raised on Google Group will be included within discussion of meeting
Suggestions may also be emailed to trustees@ or raised here or with any trustee

Bob Wood - main task was to clear sheet storage area and re-organising storage area
Impacted by goods lift being broken
Was implied repairs to control panel could be made by Friday this week

229 hours usage
8 new members inducted
New PC - some files on old PC to be pulled across though laser users encouraged to save to network

Currently 624 members, net increase of 6 members in last month
Bob Wood - suggestion to send leaving emails/thanks to members who leave, this has been done where specific members have made us aware they are leaving but complicated by members leaving for short periods

Volume of sales is quite high recently
Estimated 2-3 weeks to install new drinks machine (though this will require the goods lift to bring upstairs)

As previously stated metalworking inductions due 22nd/23rd september
TIG welding back up and running - presents interference issues with laser cutter, extent of issue and how it might be mitigated to be solved

Newsletter has suffered various false starts
Ali has offered to have a go at this and especially recently there have been a lot of events we can share to members
Website similarly is in the process of being redesigned - currently being bug-tested

Possible changes to how member's meetings are run
Town hall style suggestion
Bob Wood expressed concern that this could limit the genuine engagement that members see at a meeting
Some members don't feel the meetings are open to them when they first join - meetings need more promoting
Posters in space about member's meeting, on door of blue room especially
Was also discussed whether changing frequency of meetings (or day/dates) could improve attendance, various views including opposition to reducing frequency

*Meeting closed* (edited)