2018-12-05 Transcript

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iandickinson [7:59 PM]
*Members Meeting - Dec 2018*

*Roll call: Russell, Bob W, James B, Matt Ll, Hazel, Stephen, Ali (chair), Ian D (minutes), Mark, Callum, Dan* (edited) 

*Annoucements & events:* 

AGM re-run on 24 Jan
We need all members to make sure other members attend or allocate a proxy!
Hazel mentions that it wasn't clear prior to the last AGM what we were voting on.
Bob W asked if there could be a better way to capture the way members wish their proxies to vote, e.g. by completing a form. However, Matt mentions that there can be changes on the day and proxies need to make their own judgements.
Stephen made a comment about the email links to the constitution and the changes being difficult to follow. Could there be simpler explanations? (edited) 
Dan asks if there could be a postal vote. Matt confirms this is not possible.
New email to all members about the new AGM date will be sent soon.

Gareth is running a comic making group on the first Thur of the month. 7pm - 9pm. New members welcome.

Matt is working on the accounts. Delay due to end of year finances and AGM.

*Woodwork team update*
Please let Bob know if any difficulties with any equipment.
A new router is needed. Russell has obtained one from the auction that may be suitable, otherwise may run pledge drive.
New dust area has been well received.

*2.5 update*
New cable trays are on order and should be here soon
Mesh welding has been done on metal door.

iandickinson [8:15 PM]
Need someone to take responsibility for the craft room.

iandickinson [8:16 PM]
Hardboard for the floor is on order.
More shelving is to be priced up for the 2.5 corridor
Also need Dexion to finish team storage
Job list for 2.5 is in a Google doc. Matt will re-post link.

dpslwk [8:18 PM]

iandickinson [8:19 PM]
Bob W forgot to mention a thank you to Malcom (recent member) who donated radial arm saw and thickneser and jointer.
We have also been offered a large cast iron wood turning lathe. Bob may visit to look at it tomorrow. Need to make sure will fit in lift. Would be good to have photos too.
The Myford needs a new motor, but there has been no request to the trustees.

We have a new inductor - Ali Maq
Maintenance continues to keep it going.
There has been some discussion about getting a second laser, but no decision has been made.

*Large project storage*
Has been lots of discussion on slack.
Book shelves in metalwork area need moving. Ian D to follow up.
Also a few items of furniture are being stored by one member. Trustees are following up.
Bob has put up a note about sheet storage being stored in old electronics area.
There will be a clear out of that area at Christmas. (edited) 
Bob asks about possibility of using new storage area in 2.5 for storing projects. However, not available yet.
Hazel asks what's happening with the old snackspace storage cupboard. Bob will arrange for it to be dismantled.

*Meeting closed*
Don't forget about AGM on 24 Jan!