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Sean Riley
Sean Riley
Michael Erskine

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If you cannot attend the AGM, you can register your vote with a proxy voter. This person will submit your vote at the AGM. There is no limit to the number of members voting by proxy that a member acting as proxy can have registered against them.

If you do not have someone that can be your proxy, email one of the addresses below - they will be happy to proxy you. You need to include how you want to vote on each of the items on the agenda

Agenda: https://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/wiki/2019-01-24_AGM_Agenda

Proxy Votes

If you would like to volunteer to be a proxy voter please add your name below:

Name of Member Acting as Proxy Email, if willing Names of Members Voting Via Proxy

Sophie Wilkinson


Ryan Brucass

Ciarán Mooney

Ian Sabey

Ben White

Paul Hill

Jes Woodland

Andy Nevill

Dave Spence

Kevin Stevenson

Alexander Grosse-Honebrink

Andrew Walters

Andy Pelton

James Hayward


Andrew Manning

Arthur Moore

Kai Pays

Jack Thorp

Phil Knight

Kate Bolin

Robert Lawrence

Alex Mann

Tony Shannon

Paul Leivers

Karen Wilson

David Hayward

Iain Sharp

Matthew Walton

Nader Sharma

Jayen Pancholi

John Warman

Sean Riley

Michael Erskine

Matthew Little


Dominic Morrow

Ange Taggart

Michael Toryusen

Tom Dixon

Jack Howe

Mike Haber


Tomasz Glazer

Selina Mosinski

Ian Davis

Ben White

David Graham

Steve Barnett


Sean Power