2019-03-06 Transcript

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jamestaylor [8:07 PM]

Members meeting - 6 Mar 2019
Chair: Russel
Minutes: James T
Roll Call: Mike H, Ali, Dan, Bob W, Ian, Dan, Paul


smudge [8:09 PM]
joined #meetingminutes.

jamestaylor [8:09 PM]
Ali believes James A and Sophie R are planning Hack the Space weekend for 23rd March
Discussion of promotion of events/how public hear about events at space (Eventbrite and social media channels)
Worsening smell from doggy day care co-tenants
Ava got in touch with 'Ruffles' about this

Tool amnesty
James T to action social media post in comms

Russel discusses rent agreement status, negotiations nearing completion hopefully (potential £300/month increase)
Rent negotiations have been slow
Paul asking about what shortfall would be brought about by the increase
Details not finalised but expect to sign for ~5+ year lease

Bob W: Belt sander nearly fixed following worn flange on pulley causing slippage, possible alignment issue (expected may be fixed next week as additional parts required)
Andrew and BobW starting improved dust extraction project, coupling machines on existing ventilation

Craft team:
Craft/textiles has moved into old blue room and is being used actively

BobW: Starting to dispose (as of today) the materials stored in 2.5 from LPS clearout
Suggests selling materials and suitable date as next Hack the Space weekend
Wider issues of continuing to manage storage as well as of relocating boxes of consumables/electronics, etc. from shelving backing old electronics area (edited) 
BobW: suggests putting a 'breakfast bar'/central table through length of new electronics room (could recycle shelving units from upstairs)
Need someone to manage the materials that are stored there and consider what is/is not useful
Consideration that we may not be able to move PCB etching equipment downstairs due to suitability of sinks for etching chemicals (possibly not desirable to be downstairs regardless)
BobW: raising bike storage/sheet storage movement
Considerations of use of space/relocation of existing facilities is complicated and affects other planned movements, requires coordination
Paul: suggests use of old craft room for curing/drying resin projects
Limitations of spray booth for that purpose

2.5 Updates:
Steve and Matt have been continuing with electrics/cabling
Very limited number of volunteers at 2.5 Nights and sometimes challenging to allocate tasks to people who do come
Gatekeeper for 2.5 access - still uncertain of schedule, hopefully 'soon'...

dpslwk [8:34 PM]
rfid before the end of this month

jamestaylor [8:34 PM]
Long-term loan (CNC Mill)

dpslwk [8:35 PM]
@jamestaylor make sure my note in the trustees slack are seen

jamestaylor [8:35 PM]
Dan and Alex (donor) discussed donation terms with @jadams23 after last member's meetings
some running costs associated
spindle wear/maintenance, induction requirements to prevent excessive maintenance requirement
limited use without an enclosure
@dpslwk requested views from trustee channel to be raised
as follows -
RE the CNC, https://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/wiki/Talk:2019-03-06_Agenda#Alex.27s_CNC_Mill_-_Long_term_loan
> Machine will be bookable & pay-for-use like the laser
i dont see why this tool should be a pay for tool, induction and bookable sure, but not paid for, what the reason for this? where does the money go and what for?

>Some agreement on the amount of money available for the enclosure. Initial costings are around £200-£500 ish
NO form me, to start with when the tool was offered there was no mention of it needing money spent on it,
if it won’t work for us “as is” with out the space sinking money into it then its not acceptable as a Long Term Loan period (we are not paying to finish off someones personal project)
if this is for just an optional enclosure as suggested i’m still a no to using space money, the thing can go in the space as is and a pledge drive can be run to fund extras
Alex (donor) given comparable figures to @dpslwk's comments and prior discussions (£3-400) for enclosure using appropriate material (e.g. clear tarpaulin)
Alex (donor) has prepared some drawings for an enclosure

Additionally we would need to arrange transport to space if accepted
Alex/Dan S: if it was a pay-for-tool is would be to fund the consumables for the tool (spindle replacement and wear on parts)
discussion of how purchase of tooling would work and funding options we could consider
i.e need to pay for insert tooling which would effectively be a consumable (this could be paid for/the responsibility of the user of the tool)
damage risk - a user could crash the spindle and damage the bearings and potentially incur a ~£300 cost
Paul/Mike: asking how easy/hard it would be to put together an induction process and get members on the tool
#cnc Slack channel contains further discussion of members who are offering to run tools as well as workshops (Dan S)
further considerations e.g materials storage for cnc (sheet vending mentioned e.g. small/mid-sized aluminium sheet)
Russel: reasonable to expect users to be responsible for tooling as a consumable
Proposed location was in the metalworking area on the concrete floor, though Russel says this space is earmarked for welding
CNC does not need to be on concrete floor, needs to not be adjacent to welding
Russel: practicality of charging users via RFID/having RFID access for tool in short-term
additional challenges/considerations (swarf removal from cutting area)
appears general consensus from member's at meeting is approval for the tool to be donated
and appears majority approval from trustees though some trustees yet to respond
Alex (donor) to post current drawings for enclosure and costings to #cnc

jamestaylor [9:08 PM]
Drying area:
Consensus amongst those present to use shelving in the old craft room space on a trial basis to let members cure resin based projects as lack of other suitable space

Hack the Space weekend:
Needs greater planning for next time so volunteers/activities can be managed more effectively

Cupboard is bowed - excess of plates (get rid of some)

Financials: (@dpslwk)
Financials are up on the wiki,
February numbers are provisional as i don’t have the figures form the petty cash book
We’ve been spending a lot recently
~ £900 a month on 2.5
The floor in the studio cost £540
Our rent is about to go from £2,745.6 to £3000 an month and what ever back rent needs paying

Paul: Flooring appears in a dirty state considering recent installation and hardboard lifted a little - remedy probably required to prevent damage
Adhesive remover/cleaning, unsure how to remedy lifting - appears to be worsening
We have a small amount of vinyl spare should it be required

Meeting Closed (edited) 
^ Correction: Alex (cnc donor) was not listed on Roll Call

Meeting drawing by Mike Haber