2019-05-01 Transcript

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smudge [8:15 PM]
Meeting 1st May

Roll Call:
Mike, Steve, Matt, Russel, Ali, Bob, Ax, Eddie, Sarah


Nominations are open

We require a returning officer, Eddie is unable as he is standing.
Nominations close on the *16th May*
Week gap then voting.

GreenFest - September

Nothing from Action List

Rent Update: Has not been concluded as of yet
Finances (Matt):
Finances are on Wikki, currently not generating enough income, as fixed outgoings £4,800 approx, average member income £4674approx
Expenses have increase, loosing £605approx, a month before rent increases, have a current 12month window,
Ali: suggest doing more events to generate more income,
Matt: might need to look at getting people paying slightly more, however figures are fluid. CNC is a huge hit
along with the Arduino workshop.
Ax: Mentioned about starting a 3d printing workshops
Eddie: Questioned about the further training for the laser cutter rotory axis, which has had a large interest
but currently hasn't been arranged.
Ali: Is working on starting crafts workshops, a mix of different types.
Might prove popular as there are alot of crafty people.
Sarah: Interested in getting the photo exposure and screen printing.

Matt: Classroom downstairs should be done in a month or two. Which will provide another clean area for additional workshops, for coding, arduino etc..
Classroom ceiling arrives 2nd May, then leaves the floor, and more painting

Russel: Team updates
None pre-done 2.5 update above
Matt: Networking still arguing with virgin to sort out a faster internet connection, due to static IP issues. "headache"
costs only a couple of quid more

Long Term Storage: labels has been changed to blue

Matt: Additional 2.5 update, gatekeeper is going on the members storage door. It is progressing slowly with 3 - 4 people working regularly. Some work on metal working area.
Painting metalworking area colour to be white floating

DanS [8:33 PM]
CNC: New PC from pledge up and running, also Denford is up and running again :+1:

smudge [8:34 PM]
Eddie: has an idea about fund raising having an materials shop again. is aware of the issue with prevous unpaid for materials, issues with certain types of material giving off poisonous matterials.
Asks about getting on the wikki.

CNC: update from dan has been brought up to the meeting.

Ali: brought up reguarding snackspace, drinks like full fat ginger beer. Been joked around, mike's heathly drinks machine.
Mike: states that there is a snackspace order arriving on 4th May
Mike: is being aware that how many packets of sweets have to be sold reguards to making a profit.

Sarah: Is going to build a screen printing exposure box. so that the exposure lamp is currently under used, and collecting dust. Thinking of creating your own hackspace t-shirts, bags etc.
Alli: suggests that it could be a workshop.

Eddie: brings possibly creating a repair items workshops.
Seems Eddie has been volenteered for the task

Matt: Says that trustees don't need to organise these events and members can organise them

meeting ends 2040

chair: Russel.
Minutes: Steve

Meeting drawing by Mike Haber