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==Members Meeting 4th September==
'''Chair: ''' Samathy
'''Minutes: ''' Dan

'''Attending: ''' Andrew, Samathy, Bob W, Ian D, Dan S, David, Mike, Ali M, Matt L
Andrew A, Russell H, Dominic M

Gareth Howell 8:04 PM
Attending virtually!

DanS  8:04 PM
A little thin on the ground here but lots of people following along online, Make yourself known!
Helen D arrives

jymbob 8:05 PM

hashtagtimmy 8:05 PM
joined #meetingminutes.

jamesfowkes 8:05 PM
I exist

Edward Chester 8:05 PM
Following here
LeeHutchison 8:05 PM
I'm there in digital spirit
Chris attewell 8:05 PM
Mr. Flibble 8:06 PM

DanS  8:06 PM
William S arrives

'''Meeting Started'''

Chris Carter 8:06 PM
joined #meetingminutes.

DanS  8:06 PM
'''Roll Call:''' As above

===Announcements and Events===
- Election nomination window now closed
3 Nominees for One Position
@chickengrylls, @Andrew Armstrong & @Dominic marshall
Election starts on the 7th
James Fowkes will be the returning officer
Opavote will be used!
- Green Fest coming up
- We still need a van!
- Will need to take an event shelter and two large tables
- An estate car might be ok
- Will also need to take @moop's table football

Chris attewell 8:09 PM
When is the festival?

DanS  8:09 PM
Do we have anyone with a van?
Sunday 15th September

Edward Chester 8:10 PM
I can offer an estate car, has tow bar too but no trailer

DanS  8:10 PM
- Nick H potentially volunteered last month but unsure if he will be free

Chris attewell 8:10 PM
Iv got car and trailer 5x3ft but it needs a new lightbar
Gareth Howell 8:10 PM
I can try to get a van from work but can’t confirm until the Friday before.
I’ll ask tomorrow.

DanS  8:11 PM
Dan G & Matt Arrive

Charlie Cole 8:11 PM
joined #meetingminutes.

DanS  8:12 PM
- We need someone to organise this
- Possibly Eddie
- @Edward Podgorski as we know you are attending
- Second point: We need a speaker!
- We have a slot at greenfest for a 7 minute talk that will cover "How Green the Hackspace is"
- Eg.- One of our founding principles is that you can repair your stuff here
- @iandickinson mentions that the sustainability statement could be read
- @chickengrylls Will do it if no one else wants to
- @mike-haber Says "Using less stuff" is the theme

jymbob 8:15 PM
lots of reuse going on in the space

DanS  8:16 PM
- It seems that it will be a panel
- @chickengrylls will do it
- Thanks!

Samathy Barratt 8:17 PM
Green Fest speaker email
Dear friends,
Thank you again for agreeing to speak at the Green Festival. The purpose of
this e-mail is to explain the format we will be using, give directions and
ask you to confirm that you'll be coming.
Our chosen format is in depth discussion rather than Lecture or "Question
Time" formats. We envisage contributors will very briefly introduce their
topics - not more than 7 or so minutes for each speaker, followed up by a
facilitated democratic process for selecting questions of most interest from
the audience and  then discussion to follow up the issues raised in depth,
which can continue, in the adjoining marquee, for at least a further hour.
In this time of climate and ecological emergency, we hope that people will
go home  informed, inspired and empowered to take action on environmental
concerns and to continue the discussion with their friends, family and
There are 4 themed discussions at the festival.
Your session time and session facilitator are shown on the list below.
We would appreciate confirmation that you are coming and we look forward to
meeting you on the day.
Please come to:
Nottingham Arboretum
Waverley Street
The speakers' and discussion marquees will be in the Rose Garden and will be
Public access to the Arboretum is via a network of pedestrian walkways. The
park has four entrance points (Waverley Road, Arboretum Street, North
Sherwood Street and Addison Street.) Parking can be arranged for disabled
drivers by arrangement with the Parks and Open Spaces service on 0115 915
NET Trams run from Nottingham railway station, through the city centre and
along Waverley Street and stop close to the entrance. Tram tickets have to
be bought on the platform. Visit the tram website at: www.thetram.net.
Our very best,
Speaker's Committee
Nottingham Green Festival.
Speakers Area : Talks + Discussions
Join the discussion and plan making in the Rose Garden
1pm Land use in the crises Human activity has impacted the majority of land
and oceans. How can we use land in a less destructive way and still support
Chungui Lu - Professor in Sustainable Agriculture (NTU)
Paul Paine - permaculture expert
Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust - wildlife land use
Helen Mitchem - Frack Free Notts
2pm Using less stuff What will the economy of the future look like?  Is
continued economic growth inevitably tied to further environmental
Brian Davey - Ecological Economist on limits of growth
Tung Dao - PhD Research Student on product longevity
Nottinghamshire Campaign for Better Transport - public transport
Dr Daniel J Smith - Professor in Applied & Environmental Geology
Samathy Barratt - Nottingham Hackspace community workshop
Elizabeth Bonner - Victoria Repair Cafe Westbridgford
3pm What actions are required to avoid run away climate and ecological
breakdown? What effective political/ecological/economic/social changes are
needed? How do we make emergency declarations lead to actions.
Sally Longford - Nottingham city councillor, Labour
Greg Marshall - prospective labour candidate in Broxtowe
Natalie Bennett - Green party
Alan Simpson - Labour politician and environment adviser
Tom Barber - Extinction Rebellion
Leon Duveen - Green Lib Dems
4pm How do we create a mass social movement to change political will and
build a better society? Using non-violent protest & creating social-eco
organisations. How did Extinction Rebellion mobilise 10's of thousands of
non-violent direct activists in London in April?
Sam Harris - Youth Strike 4 Climate Justice, Extinction Rebellion
Etienne Stott - Olympic Canoeist and Extinction Rebellion member
Jeannie Thompson - Counsellor and Psychotherapist - from despair to
Monica Pallis - student of climate change communication
Louise Regan - Nottingham People's Assembly
Keri Howe - Unite union
Rachel Adams- LGBT rights
Topic Areas >>>
1pm Land use in the crises
Human activity has impacted the majority of land and oceans. How can we use
land in a less destructive way and still support everyone. Things to
consider include; biodiversity, animals, plants, insects, water, food
production, forestry, energy production, carbon sequestration etc.
Land is needed to grow food but there are competing uses such as carbon
sequestration. Photosynthesis by plants of CO2 in the atmosphere locks
carbon into plants and soils. This is an important way to reduce CO2 already
in the atmosphere. Can Regenerative Agriculture help?
2pm Using less stuff
What will the economy of the future look like? Is continued economic growth
inevitably tied to further environmental degradation? With reserves of
energy and resources dwindling, is degrowth inevitable anyway? Can we manage
degrowth within the necessary time frame? What does it mean for our everyday
life? Can we mimic nature's way and develop a circular, regenerative economy
that supplies all our needs?
On a local level what projects are needed to move to an economy that is less
environmentally destructive?
3pm What actions are required to avoid run away climate and ecological
The IPCC says we have until 2030 to avoid catastrophic climate change. What
are the necessary actions to take? How can we carry them out given the
limited time and resources available? What changes are needed to our
political, ecological, economic and social systems? How do we ensure the
changes are effective?
Both Nottingham Council and the Government have declared 'climate
emergencies'. How do we ensure these declarations lead to actions, and what
should those actions be? What policy changes and other measures are
4pm How to create a mass social movement & change political will for a
better society?
Research has shown the tipping point of social change is getting 3.5% of the
population's active and sustained participation. How did Extinction
Rebellion mobilise 10's of thousands of non violent direct activists on the
streets of London in April?
Hope, panic, fear, outrage; how do we manage these feelings? Can we draw on
deep resources within, to move from despair to empowerment? What is the
social psychology of transformation?
Beyond struggle what projects need to be developed by communities and
social-ecological entrepreneurs? How do we set up and run organisations for
an alternative energy economy?
Onwards .......

===Other announcements===
- Glass painting workshop this weekend!
- Crapathon coming up soon!
- Crapathon on the 28th, No tickets needed
-'''Action: #comms to add Crapathon to Facebook, eventbrite, twitter & insta'''
- Starts at high noon until 7pm,
- Optional breakfast at 10am GB Cafe, Sneinton Market before!

===Minutes & Actions from last meeting===
- Any issues with previous minutes? None in the room
- Actions on Trello -> Both cleared! Good work all
- Newsletter is coming along very well and will be sent out soon
- Send any articles to Comms team
DanS  8:22 PM
- @Edward Podgorski was going to ask @katemonkey about organizing a haloween party. Unsure if this happened

===Team Updates===
====3D Printing====
- SLA Printer is here!
- Currently in team storage, pending RFID reader and HMS integration
- Being worked on

- Newsletter, We have a draft ready
- 230 Members have replied saying they want to receive the newsletter
- We are going to post the link to sign up onto Google group
Hazel Arrives
- Trustees could also look into adding a sign up link into all emails that go out from the hackspace
- We could just print the newsletter also!

====Craft & Textiles====
- No update

- No update

- Toilet is broken. Seems to be overflowing
- @Andrew Walters Is going to fix the leak
- Use toilet number 3 (Furthest away)
- @William Shakour mentions there is a very bad smell on the back side of the wall near the ceramic sink when someone flushes
- @dpslwk will look into it

- We have a second laser on loan from @chickengrylls!
- Not currently commissioned
- But it is in the space
- Hinges on the large laser broke, the emergency hinges now are the main hinges as the main ones break so often
- Waiting on RFID boxes & such

- Slowed down a little
- But still plodding along, somebody comes along every week
- 704 Members currently
- @Dan Goldwater & @Stoo have joined the team which is awesome!

- New bin
- Metalworking area is looking phenominal
- Unsure who is cleaning it but possibly Viking Eddie. Thanks!

No update

- PPE cupboard is looking a little bare. Safety team can you investigate?
- Welding mask tightening strap is broken

- Snackspace was filled up this month
- Price increase:
- The trustees increased the prices to £1 which saw a lot of backlash

Chris attewell 8:37 PM
I can do a run this weekend if needed for snackspace

DanS  8:38 PM
- We have reduced the prices back somewhat
- The prices of cans are now split along branded/ unbranded lines

Mr. Flibble 8:39 PM
I would love Energy Drinks (500ml) £1-£1.50

Chris attewell 8:39 PM
Most energy drinks are price marked

DanS  8:40 PM
- Thanks go out to @Chris attewell & another member who works at Booker (Sorry I don't know their name)
- @chickengrylls is wondering why the trustees are setting prices at all

Gareth Howell 8:41 PM
James asked me a while ago about vegan options for snackspace, would it be ok for me to make some suggestions (away from these minutes)?

DanS  8:41 PM
- Can we delegate this out to the team?
- @Samathy Barratt was done because James A had been running snackspace for the last year
- We are holding less stock now
- @mike-haber mentions that there is only one Snackspace fairfx card. We need to get more if we want more volunteers going to booker
- @dpslwk & @Andrew Armstrong Are still a little unhappy about the prices.
- @Andrew Armstrong mentions the vending machines are a convenience for members, not meant to make lots of profit
'''Action: Trustees to discuss delegating price change authority to the snackspace team'''

- Stripe went live this month on HMS which means that members can donate one off sums
- We've had about £55 donations so far! Hopefully more people will start noticing this
@chickengrylls Has arranged an article that will go out into Leftlion in November. He would like there to be a publicly accessible donation button before the article goes live

- No update

- @Andrew Walters sent an update email which Samathy will add shortly to the slack
- The central dust collector has been fitted with blast gates
- There is also a sweep for the floor
- It is really important that users of the dusty area make sure the correct gate is open before starting work
- Wheels have been added to things
- Bandsaws seem to be being used very heavily. Please check blade guides before use

Samathy Barratt 8:52 PM
Wood Work update 
Dust collection.
The central dust collector for the table saw has been modified so it can be used with a configurable station for the Planner thicknesser, router table or the stand-alone yellow planer or thicknesser.
There is also a sweep port for floor-sweepings, An adapter pipe for the other machines hanging on the back wall, according to the port on the machine in use.
The suction can be directed via the blast gates on the end of the dust collector, make sure it is configured for the tool in use before operating, the default position should be the table saw.
accumulation of dust in the not-active ducts can be cleared by part opening all three gates at once
WIKI for this is WIP.
Make sure it is set correctly when using the table saw.
Room air cleaner.
Has just been obtained and is standing on the dust collector for the sander, It has a remote control and it has three settings, We are still to look into the various operation and timer modes to check they work, It is OK to use with instructions taped to the side, but switch off when you leave.
The intention is to fabricate a permanent elevated mounting for this and include it in the WIKI.
The yellow planner and thicknesser have been commissioned with a custom cart.
There are M8 studs which locate the two tools on the cart top, Hole patterns are drilled for both, The studs should drop in once the respective tools are positioned correctly. If you are hammering the studs in you are doing it wrong.
The yellow planer and thicknesser will be maintained to a lower standard WRT blade damage and can be used on reclaimed timber (no grit or nails though) and are induction tools.
WIKI is mostly done.
The large grey combined machine remains an induction tool for use with pre-processed or higher quality timber, the intention is to maintain the blades to a higher standard than the yellow one.
Bandsaws are both back in action, some metalwork fabrication was needed as parts are not easily obtainable for the blade guide (and for most other parts for both saws)
Please take care and don't use force when operating the tools, if some adjustment or setting is tight investigate why before using force,  Take care when setting blade guide hight on bandsaws, make sure the blade is sitting correctly in the guide. Wheeled  tools need the brakes off before moving, and will not go at speed over trailing cables and the like without the risk of losing a wheel (should have used some longer fasteners TBH, AW) 
DanS  8:52 PM
- We have an air filter for the dusty area now
- @bobw has been storing his share of money from woodworking inductions and is using it to buy some of the equipment

DanS  8:54 PM
- Thanks go out to Bob and the woodworking team

====Hackspace 2.5====
- Bicycles have moved downstairs
- Wood storage has moved to where bikes used to be
- This is to allow space for the 2nd laser
- Bob is worried that the downstairs external door will be used by bicycle commuters
- Would like to see a decision from the trustees about usage of that door.
- The tenants of the dance studio downstairs have left Roden House and we are now wondering if we can arrange access for members through their door

LeeHutchison 8:58 PM
I thought that door was shared between ourselves and the dance studio

DanS  8:58 PM
- @LeeHutchison its got an RFID system that is incompatible with ours

jymbob 8:59 PM
are you talking about the same door?

DanS  8:59 PM
- We need to talk to Bizspace before the new tenant is established
- It's the flamenco dance studio
- Back to the grey metal fire door ->
- @bobw is worried that lots of people run past the door regularly and people may fling it open from the inside (edited) 

LeeHutchison 9:00 PM
That's the one i was thinking of.  I seem to remember somebody saying that it was shared between them and us, but we just didn't use it as HS2.5 wasn't yet open.  This was a while back.

DanS  9:02 PM
'''- Action: Sign needs to go up on that door + Trustees to discuss access'''

===Large Project Storage===
- No Update

===Financial Update===

dpslwk 9:03 PM

DanS  9:04 PM
- Financials are on the wiki
- £1,876.40 into profit this month
- There are several one off large sources of money this month that make this look better than it is
- We got paid by UoN for Mending the New Event
- 2 Members have kindly donated £250
- £253 Was spent on the SLA printer
- Membership payments are slightly less this month but that is almost definitely due to the date of the week the report was run on
- Stripe & Sumup are now reported seperately in the financial report
- NoteAcceptor saw less cash this month although it was out of action for a few week
- There is enough money in the bank to get us to the end of february

dpslwk 9:10 PM
| Date Run     | 04/09/2019 | 19/07/2019 | Difference |
| Total        |
| Count        | 702        | 694        | 8          |
| Total Income | £5,673.83  | £5,008.63  | £665.20    |
| Average      | £8.08      | £7.22      | £0.86      |
| Min          | £0.01      | £0.01      | £0.00      |
| Max          | £75.00     | £75.00     | £0.00      |
| Median       | £5.00      | £5.00      | £0.00      |
| Active       |
| Count        | 305        | 289        | 16         |
| Total Income | £3,199.57  | £2,611.99  | £587.58    |
| Average      | £10.49     | £9.10      | £1.39      |
| Min          | £1.00      | £1.00      | £0.00      |
| Max          | £75.00     | £75.00     | £0.00      |
| Median       | £10.00     | £10.00     | £0.00      |
| Inactive     |
| Count        | 397        | 405        | -8         |
| Total Income | £2,474.26  | £2,395.64  | £78.62     |
| Average      | £6.23      | £5.92      | £0.31      |
| Min          | £0.01      | £0.01      | £0.00      |
| Max          | £50.00     | £35.00     | £15.00     |
| Median       | £5.00      | £5.00      | £0.00      |

DanS  9:11 PM
- Since 19/7/19 membership dues have increased by £665.20
- Big thanks go out to everyone that has increased their payments
- Matt is showing a fancy graph

jymbob 9:14 PM
imagines rainbows

DanS  9:15 PM
2019-09-04 Members Meeting Graph.jpg
Gareth Howell 9:16 PM

DanS  9:16 PM
- Events are making some impact on the finances but their value isn't just monetary
- Events bring enthusiasm, excitement and community to the space
- This is all good news but its still not enough!
- We are still operating at a deficit
- We could be thriving, the ideal situation is that we should be look where we can spend money rather than save
- We are spending almost nothing currently
- General consensus is that we need to carry on with austerity for a while
- Agreement is that we must develop the downstairs area
- Lack of tables in the classroom is limiting its use
- Lack of toilets downstairs is also limiting the classroom's use
- Austerity is a real problem because it limits forward momentum

DanS  9:26 PM
- Tables will be considerably expensive, £400+ ish
- Action: Trustees to consider Matt's request to buy tables
- @chickengrylls Mentions that the downstairs space is costing us money every month that it isn't used
- @Andrew Walters Talks about how there are lots of things upstairs that need repairing that he would like to see fixing as a priority
- @bobw mentions that HS2.5 has provided lots of benefit by allowing expansion upstairs
- @chickengrylls mentions that we are not in the storage business! The space is there for members to use. 2.5 Shouldn't be a sunken cost

===Funding Emergency===
- Comms has been quiet. We need to send another email urgently
- @Andrew Armstrong would like to see a positive email. "We've been doing really well this month, lets continue"
- Trustees have an email drafted that will go out very shortly

dpslwk 9:36 PM
| Member Payment Change | Between 18th Jul & 29th Aug |
| Total Changes         | 75                          |
| Inc Change            | 68                          |
| Dec Change            | 7                           |
| Sum                   | £417.27                     |
| Average               | £5.56                       |
| Min                   | -£8.00                      |
| Mode                  | £5.00                       |
| Median                | £5.00                       |
| Max                   | £30.00                      |

DanS  9:37 PM
- Dominic would like to see a call to action that is a different narrative.
- "Make it work" vs "Make it better"
- We could have pledge drives for different things that are needed in the space
- E.g. Toilets, Tables, Stairs
- Tells a story of the Hackspace wanting to be a better resource for the members and for Nottingham
- COOP Grant Application
- Unfortunately we didn't get selected
- The government wants to offload a train

====Virtual Members Meeting====
- Discussion on slack today about streaming the members meeting out live
- Microphone on the table
- Opinion in the room is divided
- The technology to do it is easy but the question is, Should we?

Jon C 9:44 PM
joined #meetingminutes.

DanS  9:44 PM
- @Andrew Armstrong Asks if people who are interested in specific things should have more regular meetings

Mr. Flibble 9:44 PM
I have found these minutes enough for me to "chip in", but perhaps, there should be a way for these voices to be discussed.

DanS  9:45 PM
- If LOTS more people start attending the meeting it will be very difficult to manage

McMullet 9:45 PM
Problem is, @DanS, you're too good at typing for a mic to be needed...

DanS  9:46 PM
- @Andrew Walters mentions that we could have american style Town Hall meetings
- Problem with smaller meetings is publicizing them
- This can already happen
- The problem with this meeting is that as a new member it is hard to understand what is going on
- Benefits of audio:
- Casts the net wider
- People who want to be here but can't because they have other commitments
- Do we want to have 700 people in this meeting?
- The space is about the space and being here
- Members meeting as they are have are good because it allows for face to face communication with little drama and body language
- @William Shakour mentions that blender foundation started streaming project gooseberry meetings that worked well

Paul Egan 9:54 PM
700 members have the right to be there. The space has to be prepared to accommodate as many as turn up.

DanS  9:54 PM
- @chickengrylls Mentions that the "online" space has dominated

Paul Egan 9:54 PM
Even 40 would stretch the classroom, hence my audio stream suggestion

DanS  9:56 PM
@russellh mentions we haven't discussed full video streaming

McMullet 9:57 PM
Would more people attend by audio than text though? I would generally prefer to read the text. Certainly, listening in wouldn't make me more likely to attend.

DanS  9:57 PM
- @Dan Goldwater Mentions that meetings where half the audience is present and half are online is extremely difficult to manage as the way you interact and talk is different when interfacing with different groups
- @Andrew Armstrong mentions that with a one way audio stream we must consider invasion of privacy
- We have options of:
- Local meeting in the space only with minutes as we do now
- Local meeting with Audio out only
- Fully interactive with audio/ video

ryspi3.14 9:59 PM
joined #meetingminutes.

DanS  10:02 PM
- If we were a global company then a full interactive audio/ video would be appropriate
- This however is Nottingham Hackspace which is a physical space
- We need to use our online tools but be wary of what we are
- David mentions that each team could have their own meeting and feed them into this meeting
- This members meeting would then be a town hall where that is reported
- That was the intention when teams were set up
That's it folks, Thanks for coming and Following along

==Meeting Closed - 22:05==