2019-12-03 AGM Agenda

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Note Note: This page is protected. A formal request for agenda items will be sent out closer to the event in line with our Constitution.

It will be chaired by the Trustees and will take place on Tuesday 3rd December, at Antenna Nottingham. Doors open at 7:30pm with the meeting starting at 8:00pm

In order to achieve quorum, if you are unable to attend please register with a proxy here: 2019-12-03 AGM Proxy Votes

# Item Notes
1 Roll call
2 State of the Hackspace
3 Financial Report 2018-2019
4 Voting on Constitutional Changes
There will be a chance to ask questions about the proposals before voting takes place. If you can, please submit your questions beforehand to Trustees@nottinghack.org.uk

Proposed constitutional changes

Item Description
1 Add an item to the constitution that limits the number of members any single member can represent through proxy voting to 10.
2 Add a definition to the constitution of a non-voting member.

Non-voting member is any member who has not communicated their absence, is not known to have physically attended the Nottingham Hackspace or stated a voting preference in the last 6 months.

3 Change the wording related to the terms of Trusteeship.

Change: "1.3 Trustees are limited to two consecutive terms"To: "1.3 Trustees are limited to two consecutive full terms"