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| Mouse Fad || unknown || Sebastian Price
| Mouse Fad || unknown || Sebastian Price
| [[User:Jon|Jon Hirst]] || - || Andrew Martin
|  <!-- name of proxy --> || <!-- email --> || <!--member/s voting via proxy -->

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If you cannot attend the AGM, you can register your vote with a proxy voter.

Responsibilities of a proxy voter

A Proxy Voter will:

  • Attend the AGM in person.
  • Submit the votes of people they are representing at the AGM.

Any member can act as a proxy voter for any other member.

Note Note: There is no limit to the number of members voting by proxy that a member acting as proxy can have registered against them.


  1. Find another member at the space who you trust to represent your views at the AGM.
  2. Send an email to the person you have chosen stating you would like them to act as your proxy voter. Include on the email you send.
    Once the agenda is confirmed, you should let your nominated person know how you want to vote on each of the items.
  3. Once the proxy vote is confirmed, please add to the table below. If you are struggling with editing the wiki please email the Trustees, or ask on Slack for support.

Note Note: If you do not have someone that can be your proxy, email one of the addresses listed below - they will be happy to help

Proxy Votes

Name of Member Acting as Proxy Email Names of Members Voting Via Proxy
Ian Dickinson
  • Arthur Moore
  • Emily Roe
  • Sam Dickinson
  • Kai Pays
  • Ava Firth
  • David King
  • Humu Choji
James Hayward
  • Ryan Boughton-Shields (
Gillian Zirmer
  • Emily Harwood
Gareth Howell
Mouse Fad unknown Sebastian Price
Jon Hirst - Andrew Martin

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