2019-12-03 AGM Proxy Votes

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If you cannot attend the AGM, you can register your vote with a proxy voter.
This person will submit your vote at the AGM.
There is no limit to the number of members voting by proxy that a member acting as proxy can have registered against them.

If you do not have someone that can be your proxy, email one of the addresses below - they will be happy to proxy you. You need to include how you want to vote on each of the items on the agenda

Proxy Votes

If you would like to volunteer to be a proxy voter please add your name below:

Name of Member Acting as Proxy Email Names of Members Voting Via Proxy
- Ryan Boughton-Shields (ryspi3.14@gmail.com)
Ian Dickinson ian.dickinson@nottinghack.org.uk Sam Dickinson
Happy to be proxy for others, please add your name here and drop me an email