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=Meeting Closed=
=Meeting Closed=
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Members Meeting 6th May 2020

Roll Call

Gareth Howell, Ava Firth, Bob, Mark, Russell H, Dan Spencer, Andrew Armstrong, Emily, Julian Best, Dominic Morrow, Dr. C4arl3, Ian D, Jymbob, Mark, Steve Barnett, Tom Grover, James Spence


Announcements & Events

  • Pub Quiz that was run by @iandickinson and Sue was a big success!
  • @Gareth Howell is considering running a joint event with Nottingham Does Comics on the 19th May
  • Trustee nomination window opened last week!
  • We have four open positions and need five nominees
  • The nomination window closes on the 14th. We will publish information about the candidates on the 15th
  • Dominic & Russell H are coming to the ends of their terms
  • Ali & Eddie have also resigned during their terms
  • Nottinghack Comics making group will be continuing their meetups using zoom! Gareth sent out information in the newsletter

Minutes & Actions from last meeting

  • No issues raised

Team Updates


  • No update as the team haven't been to the space for obvious reasons
  • Bob points out that if any blades need buying, eg. Bandsaw blades, contact @bobw
  • Bob also mentions that some of our block planes have mysteriously disappeared. Dominic proposes we call them stolen. Bob states they could have been misplaced somewhere in the space.
  • Removing things from the space, hiding things or deliberately misplacing an item within the space is not ok.


  • @dpslwk has made some much appreciated updates to HMS to help the trustees manage access to the space during the lockdown


  • The trustees have approved a team expense for a hardware firewall box.

Laser Team

  • The lasers have seen lots of use this month for producing PPE!
  • A problem has been reported today with the chiller. It has been turned off pending a maintenance visit.
  • The machine will be out of order until someone gets to it

Craft, Textiles

  • No updates as they haven't seen any use for obvious reasons


3D Printing

  • Mark Goodwin mentions donating a multimaterial printer. @moop (3D Printing team) says it'll be useful


  • @russellh & @James Spence will write up a small regular maintenace list for the space

Finance Update

  • @Dominic Morrow is talking us through some graphs
  • March had a slightly higher than usual monthly membership income
  • We expect to see some change in the next month as the impact of lockdown reveals itself
  • Other income (Covering snackspace, laser cutter, etc) was slightly reduced in march

  • In january we were not billed for electricity, paid double in february, then returned to normality in march
  • Our discretionary spend in march was very low. (A discretionary spend) might cover things such as consumables

  • We had a healthy bank balance going into april

  • Our gofundme campaign and corresponding spend on the PPE project will appear as income in the april or may financial report

PPE Team Update

  • As of last week, NUH (Notts uni hospitals trust) told us they no longer require laser cut faceshields. Woo!
  • So for now, we've wound up production. We have a stock packed up and ready to go and stand ready to restart production
  • We have been asking round groups that may find them useful. We have delivered to 30-40 care homes in the area and are now looking to work with food banks locally.
  • @Betty is leading our efforts sewing fabric face masks
  • We have delivered several hundred already and are now looking for more volunteers
  • Details are available on our Facebook page and in #sewing_cv19_mask (Slack)
  • We did lots of development work to see if we could supply gowns too but ultimately decided it was unfeasable due to limitations sourcing materials and difficulty manufacturing en-masse


  • Bob asks if there has been any update on the bizspace electrical work. Currently, no; Its on hold

Meeting Closed