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|1||Roll call|| || All
|1||Roll call|| || All
|2||Announcements and Events|| Trustee Elections September 2020  
|2||Announcements and Events|| [[2020-09-09 Trustee Election|Trustee Elections September 2020]]
Show and Tell in 2 weeks - Gareth
Show and Tell in 2 weeks - Gareth
|| All
|| All

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  • When: 8pm
  • Where: Zoom Video Conference

If you would like to add anything to this agenda, please post in the Talk page.

Remember to sign any comments on the wiki talk page with four tildes (~~~~)

Actions List can be found here. A Transcript or minutes will be posted after the meeting has taken place.

In the meeting, it is normal for the Hackspace Teams to provide an update on their activities for the last month and any help needed in the next month. If you know that you have additional items for the discussion, please add them via the discussion tab above in advance.


  • In the Chair: Andrew
  • Taking Minutes: Steve (moop)
# Item Notes Owner
1 Roll call All
2 Announcements and Events Trustee Elections September 2020

Show and Tell in 2 weeks - Gareth

3 Actions & Minutes of Last Meeting 1st July - Members Meeting Trustees
4 Team updates Updates from teams around the Hackspace
  • 3D Printers team - We have 3D printers
  • Craft - We have 2 new machines
5 Hackspace 3.0 Trustees
6 Financial Update June 2020 Matt Lloyd (Treasurer)
7 Re-opening Nottinghack Update to members on the current re-opening progress Trustees
8 Any Other Business All
Note Note: Any Other Business. That is for items that are prompted by discussion during the meeting.