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August Members Meeting
Gareth, Steve B, Jason, Bob Wood, Fahim, Julian, Samathy, James Spence
Chair: Andrew Armstrong

Announcements and Events
Trustee elections - coming up to the deadline for temporary measures pushing them back. Now is the time to apply. Need min. 5 people to apply.
Gareth asks for the deadline.
Mark should be sending out an email shortly (tonight?)
Voting starts Sep 1st. Deadline is Mon 31st of August.
Andrew encourages people to apply.
Alternative is we close the space, have an EGM, to sort the situation out.
Please ask the trustees if you don't know what is involved.
It's a great way to get more involved with the space and to help out.
Trustees are currently meeting remotely so there's no safety issue.
Gareth suggests we need more comms about it outside of the formal email about the deadlines.
Andrew suggests newsletter special and putting info on the blog.
Gareth mentions he'd forgotten about it, and likely many others have so we need to raise the profile around it.
Andrew suggests help would be appreciated around comms and 'marketing' the trustee position to people.
Gareth says show and tell is in two weeks and volunteers are needed to present the things they've made. There will be a bit more comms about it soon.
Me: I can probably do another show and tell talk.
Samathy: This is the first members meeting since we moved to level 3.
Actions and minutes of last meeting
Andrew: Is there anything anyone wants to raise from the last meeting.
No. Andrew will add the transcript later.
Team Updates
Andrew: We have the new sewing machines, waiting on maintenance. Oiling, new belts.
3D Printing
Andrew: New printers are in the space thanks to Dave S.
Bob wrote to the trustees about woodworking maintenance and has heard nothing back.
Andrew: Acknowledges that there's an issue with booking maintenance when you can only book one slot at the time. Trustees need to think about it. Asks Bob to send another email as a reminded and he'll get back.
Possibly less of an issue at Level 3.
Currently the only thing we book the entire space for is the cleaners.
A regular slot for maintenance shouldn't be too much of an issue now we have more slots available.
Andrew: Ian has done some maintenance.
Andrew: Doing tours again. Contact membership team if you know somebody who wants a tour. Limited numbers but it should be progressing.
Andrew: Got more toilet roll. Please make sure to let people know if we're short of anything - right now it's hard to track.
More HMS work.
Hackspace 3.0
Andrew: Dominic's not here to talk about it, but we're looking at options. A lot of work needs to go into it. Stairs are the big thing. Dominic is still working on it, hoping to continue working on it for continuity even if he stops being a trustee (September).
Contacting building management about the lifts so we have access between floors for disabled people even without the stairs. Architects and structural engineers take a while, which is slowing things down.

Samathy Barratt  8:17 PM
Finances for June
5 files 
Screenshot 2020-07-21 at 19.00.48.png

Screenshot 2020-07-21 at 19.00.31.png

Screenshot 2020-07-21 at 19.00.04.png

Screenshot 2020-07-21 at 18.59.46.png

Screenshot 2020-07-21 at 18.59.30.png

moop  8:20 PM
Andrew: Screensharing the slides.
Bank is looking very healthy but income for this month is down. Because of covid response and grants it is levelling off. Income from members is evidently down a bit but the bank is very healthy. Some money is earmarked for projects though, not to pay the rent.
Income higher than expenditure in June. Income has fallen but keeping on top of expenditure (closer than previous months though).
Summer months have been very lean on usage of the space.
Expenditure. Don't have exact figures but rent is vast majority of fixed expenditure. Discretionary has largely been outgoings for mask project, which has rolled up now so won't be as large in July.
Samathy: June discretionary included some laser maintenance (£500-600).
Andrew: Will try in the future to get a list of the individual costs from the treasurer to make more sense of the graphs.
Andrew: As you can see usage of the space is quite low at the moment so electricity bills are significantly lower which is helpful in a way, but membership is down.
Samathy: 680 members last time I checked.
Samathy: The thing to take away is we might be losing a few members but not in trouble.
Andrew: We should be fine, membership is just about beating the bills and we've lost a lot of income from events, workshops, pledge drives, etc. Will review that more next month.
Reopening Stages
Samathy: Last week we moved to level 3 which means members can book themselves in without approval via HMS. There are limits as to how many people can be in the space as a whole and in each area.
Limits recently went up (this week). Just book and if there are too many.
Numbers might change up or down as they are under continuous review.
If you are using any tools that have a calendar of their own you still need to make sure you book a slot for the Hackspace to have card access to the space.
Wearing a mask is required. If you cannot do that send an email to the trustees well before you make a booking and they will book the space out exclusively for you so everyone is safe.
This is the same rule whether you can't wear a mask for the whole visit or just a part of the visit (eg. you can't wear a mask after you've climbed the stairs). Please give enough notice for this so exclusive access can be arranged.
Things are opening up, if you have any questions or concerns let us know as always.
Andrew: Currently 6 people concurrent. Some areas can have more than one people (eg. woodworking has 2). No guests however. Please try it out and make sure masks are worn to keep people safe as more people are in the space.
Samathy: There are now hand sanitiser stations around the space!
Andrew: If they get low please let us know - we have refills.
Andrew: There's a load of other stuff we want to get in plus signage. Classroom is bookable now.
Any other business
Bob: It was said a while back that if we go out of the front door and back in, is that still the case. The reason I ask is because the red bins are at the bottom of the spiral staircase.
Andrew: We've actually got a load of rubbish downstairs from a big clean up which may be awkward for this. Bins are still tempermental and tend to disappear.
Andrew: We still need to know when people leave the space for track and trace and limited access. Hoping that Matt will be able to install a reader on front door for two way access which would then make it no longer a problem. Want to be careful about it.
Samathy: You can go out the spiral staircase door and come back in so long as your last exit for the session is out of one of the other doors
Andew + Samathy: Make sure you come back in to tap out!
Andrew: Trustees will get email reminders if you haven't signed out so make sure to do it.
Gareth: Is there a protocol for reporting if you do find you have covid?
Andrew: I think for now it's just email the trustees, but please make sure your contact details are up to date so we have a way to contact people
Samathy: We haven't yet had anyone tell us they've experienced covid symptoms. Hopefully means nobody has had it but might be nobody told us. If you have symptoms please let us know so we can respond appropriately.
Andrew: Reiterates that next meeting will be the middle of the elections. Please think about running for trustee or the space will have to legally close.
Fahim: Asks what exactly is a trustee:
Andrew: Trustees are people who are responsible for the space. The board.
Samathy: Trustees are directors of Nottingham Hackspace Limited and are responsible for the entire organisation (legally). Meet regularly and try to make decisions that affect the space in the long term. Deal with finances. Talk to architects downstairs. Make decisions about how to close/open Hackspace during a pandemic. Deal with complaints. Chair members meetings. Deal with the running of the company in the long term and big things to do with the Hackspace. Any member can be a trustee. Period of trusteeship is 2 years then you have to restand. 4 positions open requiring 5 people to nominate themselves. Please let us know if you want to stand!
Samathy + Andrew: Lists current trustees. There are 6 (or 5 + Andrew) but normally would be 7. Andrew is currently a non-voting trustee due to the departure of a previous trustee - basically helping out.
Samathy: Think of as not in charge but just a different team.
Andrew: Thanks for coming  Will try to get agenda ahead of time next time so there is more to discuss.
meeting closed

Samathy Barratt  8:36 PM
\o Thanks folks.

Andrew Armstrong  8:44 PM
Thanks @moop really great minutes. Sorry for talking so much! :smile: