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moop  8:00 PM
October Members Meeting
Andrew A, Andrew W, Steve, Jason, Ali, Gareth, Bob, Ian, James S
Chair: Andrew Walters
Minutes: Steve

Trustee announcements and events
Complaint from Rollo about a hand sanitizer dispenser being knocked over outside out entrance, apparently by someone entering the space. Caused a slip hazard on the steps that was not cleaned up.
Likely an accident when someone was carrying something large into the space, or possibly someone else using the stairwell.
However, Andrew thinks it's worth reminding people to take care in that area. Suggests the Roden street entrance is easier for bringing large items into the space - wider corridors and stairways and parking.

moop  8:03 PM
Louise arrives.

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moop  8:04 PM
Bob thinks that encouraging people to make use of the back staircase might be good to add to the tour - apparently already part of Andrew's tour.
Emergency message from Bizspace about water coming into the downstairs dance school foyer. Andrew was able to call Bob who was kind enough to come in and shut off the water, and fix the leak the next day. Thanks Bob for saving our bacon!
Bob says it was a small leak that had likely been going on for a long time.
Andrew introduces new trustees and thanks the departing trustees (Russel and Dominic) for their contributions and the ongoing trustees for their warm welcome and efficient onboarding.

Onboarding meeting happened a few weeks ago and covered ongoing projects, finances and other topics.
Dominic who is loaning us the A2 has informed us that he needs to take it back. It will be removed when feasible with the current COVID and lift situation. Thanks to Dominic for the loan of the laser.

Finally, AGM planning has just started. There is a requirement to do it remotely this year so we are planning how we can work around the roadblocks. Current projection is very early first week of December.
Gareth: Quick announcement about show and tell and upcoming events on Wednesday evenings. Next week as part of online open night James Fowkes is doing a cryptic crossword workshop. Encourages people to thing of the Wednesday night Zoom calls as a good space for this sort of thing. The week after (21st) Ali and Steve are presenting at the show and tell. Anyone else interested in presenting, please drop Gareth a message on Slack.
Gareth: Keen to expand this online space as a way to keep in touch as we enter winter.

Andrew: Thanks Gareth for continuing to curate that event.
Actions & Minutes of Last Meeting
Discussion about reopening the space, but no actionable items.
Team Updates
Electronics - No updates (James S)
Infrastructure - Space is closed Sunday 18th for server and electronics update. Due to the booking system the space needs to be closed that day (Andrew)
Laser - Ian to post in Slack

iandickinson  8:15 PM
Laser team report
Maintenance was completed on Sept 27th. All is working well.
There have been no further reports of the jumping problem being seen since the travel speed between cuts was adjusted early August.
Following a meeting organised by Samathy, laser cutter inductions have resumed, with 2 completed to date. These have been carried out following the hackspace coronavirus guidelines with participants wearing face coverings, maintaining social distancing and only the inductee touching the A0 laser and PC. VNC has been installed on the laser PCs to allow screen sharing if needed.
The laser team have been advised this week that loan of the A2 laser cutter is coming to an end and will be leaving the space later this month. Thanks to Dominic for the loan for the past year. (edited) 

Membership team report
Membership at the start of October stood at 676 members. During September we gained 6 new members, but lost 15.
Andrew W, Lou and Ian D have been running individual tours by arrangement for people interested in joining. 20 tours have been run so far.
If anyone else on the membership team, or any other members, are available to give tours and set up cards, any help with these would be appreciated.
(However, I guess if Nottingham is locked down, then we will need to suspend new member tours temporarily.) (edited) 

moop  8:18 PM
Health and Safety - no update but planning to get feedback from members on this topic soon
Resources and Snackspace - Andrew to check loo roll and hand sanitizer levels
Tools - Suggestions of removing this as a team for now - no members in this team currently (edited) 
Woodworking - Bob: Louise tells me the yellow thicknesser is not working. Hoping to look at it tomorrow morning.
Hackspace 3.0
Ongoing project - ownership is transitioning to new trustees
Dominic taking a short break from it
Hoping to get something ready for the AGM

moop  8:28 PM
Financial Update
(Andrew A)
Income is down in August, probably not a surprise to anyone. Membership numbers have dropped a little. July figures were a few hundred pounds more. Other income was high in July (480 in events and tool usage) but low in August (130 in tool usage). Andrew wants to dig into July was so high.
Expenditure is not growing massively and is levelling off. Standing expense is rent so blue fixed line mostly static. Variable and discretionary spends in August have not been much at all, however this means not a lot got done (busy reopening the space).
Hoping to break Income/Expenditure/Bank graph down more to make it more useful, as grants are dominating the figures currently.
Income has been higher than expenditure but likely to be transient things (mask making, etc).
Membership fees just about covering the expenditure on the second expenditure, income, and bank graph, but again bank balance is crushing the rest of the graph making it hard to read.
Deadline of next April to get the bathroom done (with grant money) which is likely to make the expenditure pop up soon.
Ian: Good that the bank balance is still increasing each month.
Andrew A: Not paying for much is helping us somewhat - not a lot of need to restock resources.

Andrew Armstrong  8:30 PM
5 files 
2020-08 1. Income.PNG

2020-08 2. Expediture.PNG

2020-08 3. Income vs Expenditure.PNG

2020-08 4. Expenditure, Income and Bank Bar Charts.PNG

2020-08 5. Expenditure, Income, Bank.PNG

moop  8:31 PM
Re-opening Nottinghack
Andrew W: Potential of new lockdown soon. We will be staying at level 3 so members can book themselves into the space, but tweaking occupancy based on guidelines, local regulations, and social distancing. Unfortunately this likely precludes member tours and inductions that have just restarted.
Ian: Nothing has changed yet has it?
Andrew W: No, but news seems to be up in the air so worth considering at this point.
Ian: Asks about new members picking up cards and a laser booking on Friday.
Andrew W: Suggests we should keep an eye out for updates.
Andrew A: Reiterates that we don't want to close down to level 2 (needing permission to book) so existing booking should be kept. Not planning to close the space fully again unless lockdown is much more extreme than expected. However, hard to know until there is further guidance.
Andrew A: Should be an email when the occupancy numbers change and to make the intent clear.
Any Other Business
Ian: How is the lift work progressing
Andrew A/W: No information forthcoming from Bizspace.
Andrew A: Old lift has been removed however so there's zero chance of using it. We expect Bizspace to continue with it now they've made a start.
Andrew W: Some changes with the bins recently. Bizspace are changing the rules and the bins are currently locked.
James S: Enquires about rules regarding the new bins since apparently there have been issues with the use of the old ones.
Andrew W: Suggests we keep up the current rule of taking your offcuts etc home.
Bob: Suggests the trustees ask Bizspace for clear guidance on what can go in the bins. Apparently a large tin of floor paint, a gas cylinder, and a large speaker were found in one of them which is not acceptable (probably a studio from the building having a clearout). Currently the bins are locked.
Andrew A: We will email Joyce and ask for more information, try and hold them to the results.
Meeting closed