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2020-12-02 AGM Agenda

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It will be chaired by the Trustees and will take place on Wednesday 2nd December, on Zoom. Meeting link will appear here nearer the time (and be sent out by email - please update your email on HMS if you do not receive them).

Zoom meeting room will open at 7:30pm with the meeting starting at 8:00pm

In order to achieve quorum, if you are unable to attend please register with a proxy on HMS under the section "Annual General Meetings".

# Item Notes
1 Roll call Since the meeting is on Zoom we will be checking people are members in the pre-start of meeting section to "sign in". Please attend from 7:30pm with a view for us to have enough attendees for an 8:00pm start.
2 State of the Hackspace The Trustees will present the past year in retrospective and a view of the upcoming year.
3 Financial Report 2019-2020
4 Voting on Constitutional Changes There will be limited time for questions about the proposals during the meeting, since they were available for viewing and prior to finalising. Therefore no changes will be made to the proposals during the AGM and all votes will be on a “aye”, “nay” and “abstain” process. Proposals which are not passed by a majority of present members and proxy votes can be brought to a further AGM in the future.

If you cannot attend please visit HMS to register a proxy to vote on your behalf.

4.1 Special Resolution, Constitution General Clean up and minor tweaks Proposed by Matt Lloyd. This Special Resolution is a round up of several minor tweaks and clean up’s to the Constitution wording and layout. It includes changes to the overall order and to the Definitions, Annual General Meetings, Board Meetings and Terminations sections.
4.2 Special Resolution, AGM Submissions clarification Proposed by Matt Lloyd. This Special Resolution aimed at improving section 2.3 to give better wording around the process of inviting AGM agenda submission
4.3 Special Resolution, Trustee resignation wording improvement Proposed by Matt Lloyd. This Special Resolution aimed at improving and clarifying wording around a Trustees standing down mid way through a term and the length of a normal term
4.4 Special Resolution, Elections clear up and improvement Proposed by Matt Lloyd. This Special Resolution aimed at improving and clearing up how elections are run
There will not be an AOB for this meeting

Proposed constitutional changes

All the proposed constitutional changes requiring votes were accepted. See Draft Constitutional Changes for any discussion or to raise questions in advance of the AGM.