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The Trustees wish the membership to review 4 changes submitted this year for the AGM 2020.

Draft Editing

Changes to these can be tracked on this wiki and discussed on Slack on the #agm_draft_agenda channel. Please submit changes to the Talk pages or Slack and they will be agreed upon and altered as necessary (keeping to the intent of the submission).

Finalisation of Agenda Items

Once finalised for the agenda there will be no changes made up to or during the meeting itself and all voting will be for or against including the changes as finalised. The pages will be protected and any further discussion will be over aye or nay, not wording or content.

Items for Review

The changes for the AGM 2020 to be discussed are all Constitutional Changes as per below. Please review each on the Talk page or on Slack's #agm_draft_agenda channel.

Proposal Number Proposal Name and Link Submitter Brief Description
1 Special Resolution, Constitution General Clean up and minor tweaks Matt Lloyd This Special Resolution is a round up of several minor tweaks and clean up’s to the Constitution wording and layout. It includes changes to the overall order and to the Definitions, Annual General Meetings, Board Meetings and Terminations sections.
2 Special Resolution, AGM Submissions clarification Matt Lloyd This Special Resolution aimed at improving section 2.3 to give better wording around the process of inviting AGM agenda submission
3 Special Resolution, Trustee resignation wording improvement Matt Lloyd This Special Resolution aimed at improving and clarifying wording around a Trustees standing down mid way through a term and the length of a normal term
4 Special Resolution, Elections clear up and improvement Matt Lloyd This Special Resolution aimed at improving and clearing up how elections are run