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Special Resolution, Trustee resignation wording improvement


This Special Resolution aimed at improving and clarifying wording around a Trustees standing down mid way through a term and the length of a normal term


1.2.1 Addition to section 1.2


1.2 A trustee’s term of office shall normally be approximately two years, from 1st June of election year, to 31st May 2 years later

Add in 1.2.1

1.2.1 A trustee remains in office until the completion of the election of their replacement.

This clears up confusion that a trustees normal two year term ended on 31st May, it does not end until successful elections have been completed.

Amendment Section 1.7.3

Amend 1.7.3

1.7.3 The departure of a Trustee must be announced publicly by the remaining Trustees first


1.7.3 The public announcement (to all Members) of a Trustees departure, must be made by the remaining Trustees first, and within 7 days of the notice

Reword to Clear up that the intention is to email all current members about the change affecting the running of the space and that it should be made within 7 days of when the notice arrived.

This is in line with 42 days in 1.7.1 which is calculated as the time it takes to run an election, plus 7 days beforehand.

The 7 days beforehand is to allow the remaining trustees time to prepare for the announcement email. Which will include announcement of the resignation and either an upcoming election or if 5.3.3 / 5.4 have been exercised.