2021-03-03 Agenda

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  • In the Chair:
  • Taking Minutes:
# Item Notes Owner
1 Roll call All
2 Announcements and Events All
3 Actions & Minutes of Last Meeting 3rd February - Members Meeting Trustees
4 Financial Update January 2021 Matt Lloyd (Treasurer)
5 Building Lift New lift in Roden House Trustees
6 Stairs Plans
  • Progress on plans but also changes in direction due to new lift
  • Start of new group to work on this
7 Re-opening

We will potentially be closing the space for a while to do this work which we need to get done:

  • Cleanliness of the space and especially workshop - all members
  • Safety - electrical wiring in workshop and metalworking area is a noted area to review
  • Reopening preparation - checks of machinery, tools and equipment from Teams
Note Note: Any Other Business. That is for items that are prompted by discussion during the meeting.