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2021-03-03 Transcript

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mrflibble:speech_balloon:  8:01 PM
March 3rd Members' Meeting
Andrew A
Andrew W
Kate M
James Sp
Ian D
Lynn C
James T
Samathy (edited) 
24th March - Monthly Makers' Challenge "Here"
Prototype or make a project. Last month's was "Wind" and was great fun.
This is a nice way, a prompt, to get making again. (edited) 
It is also a year since Hackspace Online marks its year anniversary
We may also (on the Saturday 27th) do a quiz, we will confirm, but it's likely to go ahead.
If anybody can or wants to contribute an activity, [please contact Gareth by DM or post in Slack on  #open-nights
Andrew A:
Laser cutter currently out of action.
The outer door is being looked at by Bizspace as it has been damaged. The building is secure.
Matt uploaded some elec figures previously.

mrflibble:speech_balloon:  8:12 PM
(AA) Finances:
Income looks low for Jan, but as there are Bank Holidays, some figures can be skewed.
AA believes the drop is nothing to worry about so far. We have the usual dropoff of members, but we are not replenishing them, and we do have new members on a waiting list to become new members.
No real changes on the Expenditure from Dec to Jan. The difference is that digressionary spends are down, as the Space is closed.
Jan we still brought in more money than went out.
We do expect the next couple of months to have more expenditure as we prepare the Space to go open.
We still have a lot of money in the bank due to previous grants, and there have been more grants announced which we are applying for [and should get].
Membership payments in are still decent. We are going to be looking carefully at forecasts based on numbers, and we are going to announce and plan spends from previous grants and what's required to reopen. (edited) 
Roden House Lift
It is now installed and working (it replaced the "factory lift").
It is smaller, but will fit a pallet, we can share the dimensions in due course.
We are not 100% whether it will take our heavy machinery, for if we move them downstairs.
Sorry, we don't have any pictures for it.
Emily has used it, "nice pleasant ride" :roller_coaster:
To confirm, the lift is in the same place, it replaced the old one.
Steve & The Stairs
Before he was a Trustee, Dominic arranged some drawings to be done by an architect. They included a lift, because Bizspace now have sorted this, there's not such a need for us to have one.
We need Bizspace on board as we effectively need to cut through the floors to link upstairs and downstairs.
The issue Dominic faced was not a clear understanding of what we wanted, so the architect drew what they considered was to meet the project goal. Some objections came in from these plans [and Bizspace sorting the building's lift].
What we want is a group of Members to talk through options and how we want to proceed, before going to the architects again.
<Steve shares plans of previous drawings>
Matt's Plans shown - lots of comments [from the architects] which we can discuss in the group [Slack channel and meetings]
Architect Option A - Disabled WC under the stairs in the corner coming up to the Comfy Area. It will mean that the wall to the Classroom, will need to be modified.
Architect Option B - Disabled WC in current Downstairs Grinding Room. The Stairs coming up through the Studio.
All options will need amends and we would like to discuss them. Slack Channel announcement to follow [an email].
Any questions on this?
Andrew W & Reopening
State of the Space -
Social Areas are "as good as you'll ever see them". The toilets are remarkably clean!
The Workshop last weekend, AW went to clear out the extractor - the Dusty Area is untidy enough to not really being safe,
There has not been the general attendance from all members and clearing up, but, it's got quite untidy and not been cleared up.
A number of light fittings need batons replacing.
A really good tidy up is required.
We have had the rule of "take your waste home with you", and there is a lot of offcuts throughout the areas.
Metalworking area is just untidy, and needs tools putting away and in good order.
Lighting above the Bridgeport needs assessing, possibly replacing. One of the sockets is chipped.
The A0 Laser Cutter needs a repair (maintenance), there has been instances of offcuts being dumped here from time to time.
Panel Storage area is shocking, and the area to the left of it (to the upstairs main Bizspace entrance). :confused:
Workshop / Electronics / Blue Room, if anybody knows of things that need fixing/repairs, any small tools required - please speak up so we can plan on replenishing/sorting this.
We probably need to get a team together and sort the Space out pretty soon. Really could do with some volunteers to help out / clean up. We need to plan this. Can anybody volunteer.
Rules on access - we have had a look at gov rules - we will ensure we do this safely. The teams will be small, socially distanced, may need somebody taking some items [scrap] out of the space.
<Some images of the space shared>
Planer/thicknessers are out of action, we need parts. Struggling to find them, but will be looked at in greater detail.
<many signs and gasps at the state of the space and dumping>
The vacuum cleaners are in a bit of disarray. The Trustees authorised the purchase of another new cleaner, will be picked up tomorrow.
They need to be looked at an sorted too.
The Space may never have been the tidiest, but right now, Teams have not been able to go in. We are in a pandemic, and the Space is only accessible for essential access.
But we are where we are and it needs some cleaning and sorting.
Trip hazards in the woodworking area, and the "storage" near metalworking in major disarray.
Electrics need looking at, and likely the whole top floor needs redoing.

dpslwk  8:43 PM
yeah the whole Unit (F6) needs doing, have the start of plans for a refit and have been thinking about asking the trustees about getting in and doing the work before the fulluy reopen
workshop would be an almost fully rewire
and other side needs a good fixup


mrflibble:speech_balloon:  8:45 PM
Gareth/Bob believes the top floor's electrics will fail. Matt just responded above.

dpslwk  8:45 PM
there is no believe, i know it needs a rewire and this was already agreed that it would be done (edited) 

mrflibble:speech_balloon:  8:46 PM
Bob confirms that the Blue Hoover in the Dusty Area is dead.
It needs replacing, and would be good to replace it with the same, or bigger.
Bob: it is important that we have a Wet & Dry Vacuum.
We have a Screwfix Titan unit, to get started and assess it (It's £69.99)
Betty to AW: What are you asking for in terms of cleanup?
AW: Looking for volunteers to help with areas. It needs to be planned and we need to ensure we have working vacuums (and the lift to remove big piles of wood).
The whole space needs sorting.
There's some admin steps for the storage area.
This cleanup is work for the Space, and with careful social distancing, we should be able to work with the government's guidelines.
There's more work than just the untidiness caused by a few members.
A slack channel will be created for this.
We will likely use Wiki/Trello to help organise the plan, Slack will start things off.
AW will publish the channel name in general
For the Stairs/Plans discussions, a Slack group has been created #stairs
AA: Any questions on re-opening / tidying?
AA: Any AOB?
Bob: Last week there was serious roadworks on Roden Street (no parking available). It looks like they are starting to demolish that end warehouse. Disruption may get worse.
It also seems that many are back to work around that area, so parking is tricky. (edited) 
Lex: I think I've seen a poster stating there is no parking in the area for a month or so.
Parking notice posted to #general (edited) 
AW: The road was closed last weekend.
Bob: New bins are near the Spiral Staircase Entrance, and may only be unlocked in the mornings.
We do need a skip to get rid a lot of old stuff that's too much for us to take away, this is planned to happen before we reopen.
Betty vocal about being happy to volunteer. (Thanks!)
The group channel for the cleanup is #21space_cleanup
Meeting Closes