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2021-04-07 Transcript

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Andrew Armstrong  7:53 PM
April 7th Members Meeting

Andrew Armstrong  8:02 PM
Andrew Armstrong
Gareth Howell
Matt Lloyd
James Spence
Andrew Walters
Betty Ching
Bob Wood
Ian Dickinson
Jason Alexander
Ali Maq

Announcements: Electrics will be done imminently, to be discussed later.

Andrew Armstrong  8:16 PM
Teams updates:
Comms: Gareth says Makers challenge on instagram. They're now the "comms team"!
Craft: Overlockers and Sewing Machines we got need some maintenance. Need to assess if we can keep the old ones - but likely at least get rid of the overlocker. Betty to contact a maintainer
Electronics: Discussion on point later.
Infrastructure: Electrics later.
Laser: A2 is going soon, Dominic is collecting. Ian will contact Dominic to check extraction. Note: A0 is not able to fully fit in the lift. Nozzle popped off laser, hopefully will be fixed else Ian will pop in.
Membership: Nothing
Metalworking: Cleanup needed.
Networking: Nothing
Safety: Workshop and metalworking.
Resourcing and Snackspace: Loo roll is in toilets - fitted holders will appear later! Snackspace is empty. To be filled before reopening.
Software: HMS has minor updates. Porting for Southhampton maker space. Card reader
Woodworking: Nothing - new vacuum though
Announcement missed by me: Next monthly makers challenge is on the 28th April and the theme is ‘set’. Anyone can take part or come and watch!
Hackspace 3.0:
Stairs: Next step is to figure out what ways forward are practical. Structural engineers are required to assess options still in the research phase. Trying to plan it all now to cover costs - can potentially do the work separately (door and stairs) once quotes are obtained.

Andrew Armstrong  8:24 PM
5 files 
01 Income.PNG

02 Expenditure.PNG

03 Income vs Expenditure.PNG

04 Expenditure, Income and Bank.PNG

05 Expenditure, Income and Bank.PNG

Andrew Armstrong  8:32 PM
Financials have noting a short month in February
Matt showed some longer term membership graphs - membership is shrinking (100 people since start of pandemic) but we do also have some members rejoining. March is notably higher since of the months January and February.
Laser usage is dropping off of course - usually £400-600 a month
Some grants are being spent now so bank balance will work
Woodworking needs to have a new Equals card (Matt L will check current cards)

Andrew Armstrong  8:49 PM
New toilets:
New toilets pictures shown, to do: hand dryers, putting up mirrors and toilet signage
Gareth raised a point of discussion on having a female only toilet - not discussed further in the meeting

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Andrew Armstrong  9:16 PM
Studio: Trolleys are for bins (although we have 2! get rid of one)
- Chairs need to be binned in the studio (likely will be skipped) - need to buy new ones however!
- Need to clean up the tables
Woodworking needs a big clean - mopping as well as vacuum (and wet clean - vacuum then wipe down)
Members and project storage will be reviewed closer to reopening so people can collect items
Wood storage needs moving for the electrical work
Metalworking area - Eddie specifically wants to clean this - will ask him
Solvents cabinet clearout SAFELY - take to tip if possible. Get company in if not.
Spray booth:
- Filters
- Paint with emulsion again
Big tools (eg: Bandsaws) - get some potentially smaller ones since the big one gets abused
Small tools - will discuss on #21space_cleanup options here - scissors, screwdrivers, drills etc.
Craft room - move new machines in, and review the loom and the architect board which is owned by Eddie (likely remove). Cutting table maybe?
Laser area - A2 laser will go can be reconfigured if needed
Trustees will do some emergency cleanup
Individual cleanup will be authorised still (although not much during electrical work)
A larger Hack the Space before the reopening of the space fully will be done as soon as electrics are sorted

Andrew Armstrong  9:41 PM
Discussion by Matt on the plans - see #infrastructure for some details on the plans.
All of upstairs will be rewired and new LED lights done in each room controlled by a server (and wall buttons). There will be no sockets in the ceiling but metal posts in the workshop to have sockets at standard heights.
The light switches will be labelled - and positioned for easy access. Tablets for specific lights would also be available.
Woodworking posts may need to be moved slightly - Bob discussed with Matt
Looking to start on the 19th of April (pending final plans) for up to 6 weeks
While work is underway the space will be fully CLOSED with no bookings allowed even at weekends
Electronic and Blue Room:

Andrew Armstrong  9:51 PM
James: Picture - north is on the top of the diagram
Plans been drawn up over a few years delayed due to pandemic. Move electronics to the Blue Room.
Storage - Large components on north wall. Small components at the end of the table in the middle (not marked on diagram)
PCs in middle table - for design and media - table is 600 wide
Test equipment on bench on the west and south wall
Printers left as-is
Design Space? Gareth - Co-working and design space would be shared in the middle. Matt suggests there is a lot of laptop space on the large table in the middle right now, takes up a lot of space moving the PCs from that area.
Matt: Blue room is easier to heat for a small meeting or co-working compared to the large studio or classroom. Also discussed the usage of the room in regards to how the room currently is; such as where PCs will go etc.
Old electronics area plan:
Expand the 3d Printing capacity
Resin printer needs working on as well with a dedicated bench

Andrew Armstrong  10:09 PM
Suggestion on the plans:
A better 3d Model knowing what the distances really are - hard to visualise
Thoughts on what moves: 3D printers moving out of the current area instead of the electronics moving out? They are easier to move. Design was talked about - resistance to having 3d Printers in the blue room space. Important to have the 3d printers out. There are benefits to the blue room - resin printer is nearer water for washing.
Thoughts on team storage: It is unlikely short or medium term we can clear it for use. We can't knock the wall down, due to unit sizes.
Thoughts on A2 laser cutter: could move the 3d Printers upstairs now the space is freed? (Electronics unlikely since it makes good use of storage downstairs)
Thoughts on moving Blue Room to the Electronics? Possibly to make more room for the relevant eletronics/CnC/3d printing stuff.
Noted that CnC, while dirty, needs to be kept separate. This is an important point since CnC is likely to expand.
Plans to be refined and brought to a future members meeting.

dpslwk  10:09 PM
HS 2.5 cable tray v14.step 
/* Generated by software containing ST-Developer
 * from STEP Tools, Inc. ( 
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@James Spence ^

Andrew Armstrong  10:12 PM
Multiple members boxes (ie more than 1): Setting in HMS to increase. Members meeting was fine with increasing this to 2 for everyone - to review in Trustee meeting / by Trustees and increase in HMS.
Meeting closed

Andrew Armstrong  10:47 PM
A later note: The graphs will be sorted next month - some of the maths on the spreadsheet was a little off, I'll explain in exciting detail next month. The graphs don't change that much to be worth posting again.
This is the main one that looks different, no more negative expenditure, the variable didn't contain the gas + cleaning so it was off by ~200 or something weird

income versus expenditure look the same, since totals were used there