2021-12-01 AGM Transcript

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Andrew Armstrong  20:02
Meeting started 20:00. Quorum reached.
Reopened the Hackspace over the summer
Please carry on wearing masks when in proximity with other people
Snackspace refilled
Toilet replacement:
Louise sends her apologies but was the main person sorting the replacement by plumbers
Disabled access toilet, new wash basins, hand dryer, and new flooring
Electrical work:
Safer, and to code sockets
Switches for area-based LED lighting
Thanks to Matt Lloyd for doing this work
Hand dryers and craft room drop power
Some left to do - wiring in a few tools and some parts of the kitchen
Studio improvements:
Fabric chairs replaced with easily cleanable and comfortable chairs
Hackspace 3.0 / Stairs:
Working on these plans with the structural engineer for the downstairs doors and the stairs
No lift requirement anymore
Tour of basement downstairs to see what might need doing for the improvements
Slowly moving forwards and will be put to the membership
Bizspace Lift:
Now a suitable accessible human safe lift for access
Stairs plans no longer require a lift in the space itself
Stairlift on the stairs may be wanted still however
Craft room improvements:
Storage improvements - now in the space to be installed.
Domestic Overlocker donation.
Industrial machines going to be looked at
Embroidery machine - may need to be replaced. Not working properly
More welcoming with more chairs and better layout
Health and Safety:
PPE isn't the only thing but a big focus initially
Risk Assessment of the machines undergoing and PPE purchased in bulk
Storage boxes for the PPE - some are mounted now (thanks for the help Mouse) and some will be mounted later on
Should be a "just there" PPE availability
Safety reporting - looking at more than just the whiteboard
Looking at improvements of Health and Safety around large machines and the inductions and users of tools
Project Storage:
Deadline of marking items used / removing items is 20th December 2021
Will audit and dispose of items
Members storage:
Additional boxes procured for members to get boxes
New boxes are a little larger/different but fit in the same slots
Emailed everyone about their ex-member boxes (nb: tort process)
Hack the Space Day pre-opening:
Cleaning of the space was the major focus since it was filthy
Thanks to Michael for cleaning the table and Mike for steam cleaning
Quite a bit of waste materials and next hack the space day should be 9th of January 2022

Andrew Armstrong  20:23
Teams and Volunteers:
Thanks to all our Team member volunteers who operate the space
Membership: Bob, Howard, Mike have stepped up doing tours and Ali has organised people coming in. Could do with more volunteers still.
Not sure when the Open Nights will reopen but due for review
3D printing: Dave has been sorting 3D printers and attending events
Craft: Betty and Andrew working on that area
Electronics: James S sorting electronics
Laser Team: Working reasonably well, falling onto one or two heads however
Networking: Working OK
Trustees: Full quorum of trustees which is ok
Safety Team: Trustees overseeing this directly now, would have been Red but Joshua has done a lot.
Snackspace Team: No one doing this, hard work. Drives a bit of income and makes the space a lot nicer. Volunteers are very welcome.
Software Team: Working OK, down to one or two people however. HMS has been updated big thanks to software team for that.
Woodworking Team: Bob doing a standup job. A couple of tools need attention but might not be quick to repair. Planer thicknesser is out of action due to a cog being broken for instance.
Metalworking Inductions Process:
People are marked as inductors but the time involvement was significant
Cannot run the induction the same way for 50 members as 750
Reviewing options:
Credible knowledge on the machine and declaration can self-certify
Short video induction (controls, etc.) for each machine for machine specifics
Inductions by bringing in an external paid expert
All will be brought to the membership soon

Andrew Armstrong  20:32
Green Hustle was a hot summer event well attended by members thanks for all the help running it everyone who attended
Beeston Light Night see slack #light-night-beeston channel for information Ian Dickinson heading it up
EMF camp
No tickets available yet
Organisational meeting in January - hackspace village!
Virtual Open Hack Nights
Thanks to Gareth for running these throughout COVID and continuing them
Financial Report 2020-2021:
Turnover slightly down due to no income from workshops and laser/snackspace
Expenditure is spending on infrastructure - Toilets, Electrics and Chairs
Surplus for the year: is low, small profit due to the expenditure
Fixed assets:
Tangible assets: Slight changes, due to hand dryers and studio chairs
Stock: Snackspace refilled is why it is £191
Debtors: Rental deposit from Bizspace if we move out
Cash in bank: Cash at bank is £10k down but a lot in investments in the space. COVID grants topped it up though.
Tangible fixed assets:
Additions: £2.6K on new studio chairs from grant money 2 years ago. Also hand dryers.
Membership payments is down, not surprising 729 to 596 low point (up again now, 623 currently)
Snackspace obviously nothing in vending machines
Tools usage/inductions - down due to space closure
Donations: High last year due to the go fund me for PPE equipment so a one off spike
Member boxes: Not many collected or available

Andrew Armstrong  20:41
Usual notable items:
Electricity is much lower due to closures and limited usage, should be a bit lower due to new lighting
Infrastructure is the main grant spends (Toilets, Chairs) and Electrical rewiring
Hackspace 2.5: Architects for the stair and door plans
Membership loan repayments: Finished, all paid off.
Teams notable items:
Halloween prizes is the £96 on events
Network and Servers: is hosting and domain names etc.
Safety spend: the large one will be NEXT spend
Snackspace: Small top up just before end of financial year
Trustees misc: Slack, Zoom, LastPass, TV licence, Opa Vote, some once yearly big tickets (catch-all for some expenses)
End of financials
Meeting closing spiel:
Join us in the monthly virtual meetings and Gareths virtual open hack nights
Join us at the Hack the Space day on the 9th
Join us on Slack!

Jon W  20:43
joined #agmminutes.

Andrew Armstrong  20:46
Quick note thanks to Dan for getting the grants and Lou getting the toilets done.

Andrew Armstrong  20:51
Samathy: Is Slack now the only/best place to keep up to date with what is going on?
Tends to be the best place to do internal organisation and with teams
Not for very long term discussions (old messages get cleared)
Can we put the futuristic pictures back in the loos?
For now probably not since it is brand new and so clean! we want to spice up other areas for sure though like the workshop
Who is responsible for feedback to funders on post-project evalution reporting? Thanks to all trustees for their ongoing time and effort towards making Nottingham Hackspace such a great resourse.
Essentially the Trustees need to file the report saying what it was spent on
Meeting closed 20:52