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2022-04-06 Agenda

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  • In the Chair: Andrew Armstrong
  • Taking Minutes: Steve Barnett
# Item Notes Owner
1 Roll call All
2 Fire and Health and Safety A statement on the state of the Fire, and Health and Safety plans Trustees
3 Hackspace 3.0 Additional updates on the Metalworking Area by Joshua Trustees
4 Announcements and Events Elections 2022

Hack the Space Weekend - 23rd of April

EMF still being planned on slack. Barbot cleaning and fixing day/night will continue in April.

Mini combat robots - planned for 30th April

5 Actions & Minutes of Last Meeting 2nd March - Members Meeting Trustees
6 Team updates Updates from teams around the Hackspace

CnC - Table installation

Craft - Embroidery Machine

7 Vending Machine Acrylic

I suggest that we sell small squares of acrylic from the vending machines. This will save members from having to buy, store & transport large sheets when they only need a little bit, will save emissions from frequent trips to Kitronik, and will generate income for the space.

I volunteer to order a selection of different colour and style acrylic sheets from Kitronik and cut it into 30cm, 20cm and 10cm squares. I'll produce a laser-cut plywood tray to neatly store the cut acrylic squares and monitor & replenish the stock (at least for a trial period to test whether the system is viable).

For vending machine prices, I suggest roughly 50p for 10cm squares, £1.50 for 20cm squares and £3.50 for 30cm squares. This would net a return of £24 on a £12.60 acrylic sheet (100cm*60cm). The member would purchase the size they want then pick the square from the storage tray (there wouldn't be any acrylic sheets actually inside the vending machines).

Rusty Duffer
8 Financial Update Financials 2022 February Matt Lloyd (Treasurer)
9 Any Other Business All
Note Note: Any Other Business. That is for items that are prompted by discussion during the meeting.