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There are 7 nominees for 4 open positions. Note one nominee (George Lock) has withdrawn their nomination.
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When I have been there I have helped other and fixed stuff like when the bathroom door was Brock and I fixed it when I was there. I also take as one tools in that I don't use anymore for others to use.
When I have been there I have helped other and fixed stuff like when the bathroom door was Brock and I fixed it when I was there. I also take as one tools in that I don't use anymore for others to use.
|[[File:George Lock 2022.jpg|125px]]<br />'''George Lock'''
If I am nominated to be a trustee I will bring the following to the role:
- Lack of experience
- Impulsive spending
- Possibly some crime
- A broken toaster
- A jar full of Allen keys and random other stuff from IKEA
(Please vote for someone else! I'm just nominating myself so the election is valid. This will prevent the Hackspace from being temporarily closed)
|[[File:Dominic Marshall 2022.jpg|125px]]<br />'''Dominic Marshall'''
|[[File:Dominic Marshall 2022.jpg|125px]]<br />'''Dominic Marshall'''

Latest revision as of 13:23, 6 June 2022

The election will start on the 16th June this year and it will run for 7 days. All members, no matter how remote, will be able to vote.

The election will take place electronically using OpaVote.

Our returning officer for this election is Ian Dickinson, who will set up and handle the OpaVote system for the election.

You will receive an individual voting email to your HMS registered email address.

There are four open positions.

Election Hustings and Voting

Once the nomination window closes, your details will be put on the Wiki before the voting period begins. The election voting will start on 25th of May and run for 7 days - keep an eye on your emails, the Google Group and future newsletters for more details.

We'd like candidates to attend an online public meeting and potentially an in-person event to let members ask them questions about their application. This will take place between the 2nd and the 15th of June before voting begins, likely replacing a Wednesday Open Night.


There are 7 nominees for 4 open positions. Note one nominee (George Lock) has withdrawn their nomination.

Photo Nominee
Andrew Armstrong

I'm Andrew Armstrong, and I've been a trustee for the past nearly 2 years, working actively to get the space back into normal operation during and after COVID. This has meant very little time during normal operations to actually do much else!

I am also helping organise this years EMF camp village, fixing Barbot up for use again, which is my main current endeavour.

As a current trustee I am also busy in the background figuring out the long term plans for the Hackspace with the other trustees. More recent events such as the Dusty Area Fire also has spurred on increasing Health and Safety measures and a look at our finances for long term sustainability, and how teams and areas are organised.

As a member I've spent my time doing craft, costume, laser cutting, woodworking and electronics work. I hope to eventually get some 3d printing and CnC under my belt too.

If I was re-elected I hope to progress all the good background work the Trustees are doing that might not be so visible, and work to get all areas of the space improved and better organised, look to get grants for things we simply can't afford but do want, and review tools and what is borrowed/lent and see if we can get our own to have no accidents or fire affect peoples own equipment.

Steve Barnett
I've been a member of Nottingham Hackspace since 2012. Since moving closer to Nottingham in 2016 I've become more and more involved with the Hackspace, culminating in becoming a trustee in 2020.

During the time I've been a trustee I have worked hard to keep the Hackspace going during the pandemic and to help kick things off again once we were able to reopen. This has required a lot of planning and navigation of complex issues to keep things running smoothly.

Before I was a trustee I designed and built housings for several Hackspace infrastructure projects such as the new style RFID reader boxes for the access control system, and the wall mounted tablet cases downstairs. During my term as a trustee I've continued this work, finishing off the controls for the upstairs lighting after the rewire project stalled, and working on several ongoing projects to improve access to the space which I hope to continue should I be re-elected.

I have a familiarity and experience with a broad cross section of tools in the Hackspace including the tools in electronics, metalworking, CNC, woodworking, the laser cutters, and various other tools in the space which I still believe puts me in a good position to understand the needs of users of the space.

I regularly create projects in and around the Hackspace which run the gamut from crochet and other craft projects through software and into custom tools for metalworking projects, and recently antweight combat robots.

Professionally I'm a video games developer working in Nottingham with a degree in computer science so I can bring my programming and general computing experience to bear should it be required.

Douglas Creek 2022.jpg
Douglas Creek
Hi, I’m Douglas Creek, and I'd like to run for the position of Trustee at Nottingham Hackspace.

I've been a member of the Hackspace since last September, after the new member inductions began after the easing of restrictions.

Since then, I've been privileged to be part of the Hackspace. It’s an amazing community and an amazing space. Like all of you, I have the desire to make, and I want to work for you to keep the Hackspace the best place to make, meet and share knowledge.

I’m very excited by the plans for the new metalworking area downstairs, and the rearranging of the space that will come with that. I have already worked as part of the CNC team to create a new CNC area upstairs, and I will continue to try and improve access to the most exciting tools; tools with incredible potential that just aren’t practical for most people to have at home.

The laser cutter sees an awful lot of use, but the Hackspace has many other powerful tools that just aren’t as well documented, or well understood by the Hackspace community. I want to improve access and knowledge-sharing across the Hackspace by any means possible. Improved information on the wiki, events and community outreach are all important. I welcome developments in linking induction programs to local colleges to improve throughput, ease the strain on the limited number of Hackspace members that are already competent, and help Hackspace members become familiar with each other and share experience and knowledge.

As a Trustee, I will work to develop these induction programs, and devise optional inductions/documentation for other tools where members might not feel quite confident to use them yet.

I also want to focus on grant proposals for obtaining the very best tools, and the best value items for the space. But it’s not enough to just have these tools (or any tools for that matter). The Hackspace is also about the community that builds up around the use of the space, with the sharing of knowledge, interests and camaraderie.

I think I’m the ideal person for this role. I’m passionate, personable and approachable. I understand that being a Trustee involves solving problems and finding compromises. At the Hackspace, there will never be a decision that every single person agrees with; after all, everyone is unique and uses the space in their own way. The Trustees should aim to represent everyone, carefully considering how each and every decision affects the space and the members who use it. I’ve had prior experience in this area, having been on a society committee while at university, and it was inspiring to be able to shape the direction of the society and see my actions benefit others, working together in pursuit of a common goal.

I myself am invested in the Hackspace, and am a particularly avid user of the CNC mill. It’s been my pleasure to continue to develop the tool, building off the documentation and experiences of people before me. I would love to see this tool, and other CNC tools become more accessible for general users of the space, and look to continue to develop the tool, and begin classes on it in the future. For me, membership of the Hackspace is a journey to develop myself and my abilities, just as it is for everyone else.

As we come out of pandemic restrictions, and into a new era for the Hackspace, I want to put our best foot forward and take advantage of this amazing place.

I hope you will consider me for the position of Trustee.

Many thanks,

Douglas Creek

David Davidson 2022.JPG
David Davidson
My name is David Davidson

I have not been a member of Hackspace for a sort time, but I have 20 years’ experience running my own business and think that I have the skill to help the Hackspace community grow. I like to talk to people about problems and help solve them. I have a proactive attitude to the task I undertake and like to see them though to completion.

I like to tinker and make thinks, Hackspace allows me to do this with the large range of tools, materials and facilities, I would like members get the most from the space in a safe and organised way.

I am not a person that makes speeches, I am a person that makes things happen!

Thank you for taking the time to read my nomination.

Mike Haber 2022.jpeg
Mike Haber
My interests and skills are as much to do with people and organisations as physical hacking. Alongside making skills I'm interested in creative commons, drawings and people. You may already have seen the visual notes from member meetings that I made before the lockdown. As a Trustee I'd bring and share skills in team conflict resolution, information design, visualisation and bad cartoons. As the Hackspace runs on volunteers these can be important in our continued success.
Jamie Lee Kirman 2022.jpg
Jamie Lee Kirman
I would like to take part as a trustee as I have been using the space for over 6 year with different groups and people.

When I have been there I have helped other and fixed stuff like when the bathroom door was Brock and I fixed it when I was there. I also take as one tools in that I don't use anymore for others to use.

Dominic Marshall 2022.jpg
Dominic Marshall
I’ve been building, making, crafting, designing for over 25 years. I started out at Nottingham playhouse in props, making loads of stuff for stage and performance, worked creating themed interiors and large sculpted works for theme parks and have a National monument created 20 years ago. I run my small business which focuses on architecture design and build...won a few awards and always striving to do more and keep it varied and interesting. I am also a HPL lecture at NTU School of Architecture.

Running a small business requires many skills and without being able to sell my services, I couldn't exist! Interpersonal relationships are critical so I am very mindful and adaptive when working with others and clients which placing that in a box, being people focused is normal (whatever that is!).

As to becoming a trustee, until Im in that role and see how the inner workings are, I cant promise anything, but this I do know, as a passionate creative, my experience will be beneficial towards members and Hackspace as a whole.

Election Timeline

Item Time/Date Notes
Nomination Announcement 12th April
Nomination Window Starts 00:01 20th April This window helpfully covers the May members meeting for more publicity
Nomination Window Ends 23:59 10th May (21 days) (ends 11th May)
Publish Nominations 11th May daytime 1 day to publish nominations usually on the wiki. NOTE: we did NOT get enough nominations thus the rest of the table has been updated to fit.
2nd Nomination Window Starts 00:01 12th May
2nd Nomination Window Ends 23:59 1st June (21 days)
14 day gap window 00:01 2nd June - 23:59 15th June (14 days) Use this for hustings or other meeting nominees
Election Begins 00:01 16th June
Election Ends 23:59 22nd June (7 days)
Election Results Announced 23rd June