2022-05-25 Trustee Election

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The election will start on the 25th May this year and it will run for 7 days. All members, no matter how remote, will be able to vote.

The election will take place electronically using OpaVote.

Our returning officer for this election is Ian Dickinson, who will set up and handle the OpaVote system for the election.

You will receive an individual voting email to your HMS registered email address.

There are four open positions.


If you are interested in standing as a current member, send your self nomination to trustees@nottinghack.org.uk between 00:01 on Tuesday 20th April, and 23:59 on Monday, 10th May as per this years schedule.

You must include your full name, a photo of yourself and a paragraph on what you feel you can bring to the role of trustee.

You may wish to include; your experience and interests, what you’ve already done for the Hackspace community, and why members might want to choose you for this important, people-focused role.

As per our constitution, we need at least five members to stand in order to run the election.

Trustee Role

The Trustee job role is a broad one, but it is one many of us have done in the many years Nottingham Hackspace has existed for.

You’ll be part of a group involved in decision making and strategy for the space, discussing policies, finances and plans. While also being involved in the very human aspect of the space, including listening to member’s problems, dealing with complaints and sometimes having difficult conversations to resolve disputes and achieve harmonious cooperation in our shared environment.

Good people skills are essential in this role where you’ll lead by example, by inspiring and by continuing the ideology and stories of our collective. You will be required to participate in and lead members and trustee meetings, empower others to get involved and represent the space in outreach, setting a visible example to all members and potential members.

Trustees meet at least twice a month, often more. However, workload is discussed and shared across the board. A good Trustee is skilled in discussion, debate and decision making, Trustees spend a lot of time debating to ensure that a decision is the right one for Nottingham Hackspace.

You can see information about our current and previous trustees and the job description on the Trustees Wiki Page. You can also contact us to discuss the role and what it entails by emailing us: trustees@nottinghack.org.uk or asking on Slack.

Election Hustings and Voting

Once the nomination window closes, your details will be put on the Wiki before the voting period begins. The election voting will start on 25th of May and run for 7 days - keep an eye on your emails, the Google Group and future newsletters for more details.

We'd like candidates to attend an online public meeting and potentially an in-person event to let members ask them questions about their application. This will take place between the 2nd and the 15th of June before voting begins, likely replacing a Wednesday Open Night.

Election Timeline

Item Time/Date Notes
Nomination Announcement 12th April
Nomination Window Starts 00:01 20th April This window helpfully covers the May members meeting for more publicity
Nomination Window Ends 23:59 10th May (21 days) (ends 11th May)
Publish Nominations 11th May daytime 1 day to publish nominations usually on the wiki. NOTE: we did NOT get enough nominations thus the rest of the table has been updated to fit.
2nd Nomination Window Starts 00:01 12th May
2nd Nomination Window Ends 23:59 1st June (21 days)
14 day gap window 00:01 2nd June - 23:59 15th June (14 days) Use this for hustings or other meeting nominees
Election Begins 00:01 16th June
Election Ends 23:59 22nd June (7 days)
Election Results Announced 23rd June