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*'''In the Chair: Steve Barnett''' <br />
*'''In the Chair:''' Steve Barnett <br />
*'''Taking Minutes: Andrew Armstrong'''
*'''Taking Minutes:''' Andrew Armstrong
{| class="wikitable"
{| class="wikitable"

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  • In the Chair: Steve Barnett
  • Taking Minutes: Andrew Armstrong
# Item Notes Owner
1 Roll call All
2 Fire and Health and Safety A statement on the state of the Fire, and Health and Safety plans Trustees
3 Hackspace 3.0 Trustees
4 Announcements and Events Elections 2022

Hack the Space Weekend - 19th of June

EMF - this week

Green Festival 2022 - Ian heading up

5 Actions & Minutes of Last Meeting 4th May - Members Meeting Trustees
6 Team updates Updates from teams around the Hackspace

CnC - Updates from Douglas - Specifics are development of the Denford Lathe in terms of teaching resources, and the best ways to educate and train members on the CNC tools at the space. I will also show a dust shoe design that I'm working on for cutting wood on the CNC router, and discuss a CNC router enclosure option.

Laser - Purchasable samples progress (adding vending machine items?)

8 Any Other Business All
Note Note: Any Other Business. That is for items that are prompted by discussion during the meeting.