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| Michel || £10 || N ||
| Michel || £10 || N ||
| Nottinghack || £740 || Y || N/A
| Nick Stevenson || £10 || N ||

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We already have a 3D printer in the space - a RepRap built by Pat. Inductions are available, simply post on the Google Group.

This pledge drive is to increase our current 3D printing capability. The plan is to have two printers:

  • Current RepRap - this will be changed to allow SD card upload of files, and hot-swap extruders to try different materials.
  • New Ultimaker Original+ - this will be bought and will be kept to only print with one material (PLA). This will reduce maintenance work required.

To buy the new printer and fund the changes on the existing RepRap, we need approximately £1,400. This will bring 3D printing in the space to a point where members can just print objects, but also allow interested members the chance to try out new extruder designs and experiment with materials (maybe even a 3D Chocolate printer? yum yum!)

To get the promotional offer on the Original+ the pledge drive will close on October 19th. As always, please don't pay your pledge until it is complete.

Who How Much Paid Method Paid
James H £50 Y 3DPrinterJH txfer 24/10/2014
Rob H £50 Y 3DPRINTERRH txfer 24/10/2014
Soph & Adam £50 N
Dominic £10 Y 3DPRINTERDM txfer 20/10/14
Vicki W £30 N
Gareth H £25 N
James F £50 N
Michael E £30 Y 3DPRINTERME txfer 19/10/14
Spencer £20 N
Kate £20 N
Adam F £20 N
Harry Wright £15 N
James C £15 N
Derek S £25 N
Pat M £35 N
Kaneda £5 N
Benjamin Crowe £10 N
Marcus E £20 N
Daniel £30 N
Matt Little £20 Y 3DPrinterMEL txfer 23/10/14
Dennis Furr £50 N
Richard Crumley £40 N
Martin Raynsford £10 Y 3DPRINTERMR txfer 20/10/14
Betty Ching £20 N
Michel £10 N
Nottinghack £740 Y N/A
Nick Stevenson £10 N

Photos & Video

Sample Prints

These are a few photos of some things I've printed on my Ultimaker Robert (talk) 14:36, 28 September 2014 (UTC)