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This page is currently being written and is expected to be finished week ending 14/12/12.

A member will be considered to have left the space 4 months after no longer paying a membership fee by Standing Order.

At such times a notice to sell or dispose of abandoned goods should be sent via recorded delivery or registered letter. This is to meet legal requirements under the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977.

A sample notice is given below.

Dear [former members name]

Following your recent departure from NottingHack, we hereby serve you notice that your goods [list of goods which have been abandoned] are now due for collection. Goods must be collected within [14 days if member lives in Nottingham or 28 days if they live further away].

Goods which are not collected during this time will be disposed of by NottingHack. If any goods are deemed by us to have a monetary value they shall be sold, and expenses for arranging the sale, and any storage fees whilst the goods have been stored here since your membership lapsed will be deducted from any amount raised. Any sum remaining shall be forwarded to you.

Any goods which we believe the value of will not cover the costs of arranging for sale will be destroyed/disposed of.