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This is the combined action list from board meetings. It was started on 8th March 2012, but only current actions were added. This will eventually keep track of all current actions with updates.

ID Action Status Source Owner Due Date Updates
20120905-03 Get Matt Lloyd access to bank account Open BM Dominic, Matt Ll 03/10/12
20120905-08 Obtain Quote for cleaner Open BM Dominic & David C 03/10/12 Posted to ratedpeople no responses. Will take advisement.
20121003-01 Draft expenses policy for discussion on mailing list Open BM David H 07/11/12
20121003-04 Obtain quotes for stickers Ongoing BM Kate 5/12/12 Kate to take over (from 07/11/12 BM)
20121107-09 Guidance for new members regarding membership amount Open BM David H, Kate 05/12/12
20121205-02 Buy large gas canister for welding Open BM Russell 06/02/13 Please provide Dominic with details to collect gas. --Dominic (talk) 05:26, 4 December 2013 (EST)
20121205-03 Prepare documentation for Young Hackers and send to list Open BM James H, Kate B 02/01/13 Ready to post to list (02/01/13)
20130102-01 Research lone worker alarm device Open BM Dominic 06/02/13 Found this one that is £79.52
20131204-01 Arrange evening to sort/sell donations Ongoing BM Matt Little 4/1/14
20131204-02 Suggestion for a policies for pledge drives Ongoing BM Matthew G 4/1/14
20131204-03 Quote to complete Metal Working and 3 Phase Ongoing BM Matt Lloyd 4/1/14