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Air Nailer
Air Nailer

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We have two air compressors in the Hackspace and a number of air-powered tools.

Direct Power Compressor

Generally lurks underneath the first bench in the workshop.

This is a modest unit, originally from Screwfix (possibly via Freecycle or eBay). The instruction booklet is in the file on top of the tool cabinet, and should be studied before using this tool.

The native connections are Schraeder quick-lock. Following the demise of the original socket-end on the hose, a replacement hose has been fitted (many thanks to the local Machine Mart counter staff for helping with this) which allows tools with 1/4"BSP connections to be used as well.

There are two outlets - the left-hand one is regulated, the right-hand one is always at full pressure. For most tools, only the regulated one should be used.


Always empty the reservoir after using this compressor - just pull the keyring out until the gauges register empty.

Paint Spraygun Compressor - Donated by Ged.

Includes a couple of paint sprays.

(More details to follow)

Air Tools We Have

Dusting Nozzle

Gravity-feed Spray Gun

Touch-Up Spray Gun

Tyre Inflator

Air Nailer